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If you want to know how to get traffic from stumbleupon then in this post I am going to share how to drive traffic from stumbleupon, many bloggers and webmasters always want to know best sources of free traffic to their blog or website and Stumbleupon is the best free sources to get traffic from,You must have heard about stumbleupon a very popular social media bookmarking site which discovers interesting webpages and allow it users to easily share with their followers and friends and you can get lots of free traffic through stumbleupon

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Even myself also never used stumbleupon but lately I came across the fact that stumbleupon can get huge traffic for your blog within short amount of time just you have to submit your blog post to stumble upon
Just go to stumbleupon and register yourself and see the magic of stumbleupon to get free traffic to your website or blog

I was believing that 2 social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are best traffic sources for getting free traffic but let me tell you the secret you you can get much more traffic then these 2 social media websites through Stumbleupon So exactly what one needs to do to get more traffic from stumbleupon which we are going to see in this post

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Literally you can see the results as soon as you share your blog post on stumbleupon withing a fraction of 5 minutes so its must read blog post for all who want to drive traffic to their blog or website from stumbleupon

How To Drive Traffic From Stumbleupon To Your Blog or Website

1) Great Content –  First of all to get more traffic from stumbleupon or from any other social media sites you have to write great quality content which will draw attention from Stumbleupon users to stumble it or share it with their friends and followers without great content you will not be able to drive web traffic from stumbleupon to your blog or website because if you content is not worthy to share you are not going to drive decent amount of traffic to your website So always try to write useful and quality content and share it on Stumbleupon and I am sure that you can see massive spikes in your traffic stats instantly

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2) Paid Discovery –  If you are not getting the result by using free Stumbleupon service you can opt for paid discovery where you are guaranteed to get targeted traffic to your blog or website you can choose from Light, Standard and Premium plan according to your choice and budget you have

By using Paid discovery, Stumbleupon directly sends the traffic straight to your blog site this is what I like the most of Stumbleupon paid feature unlike facebook which shows your ads somewhere in corners and waits for someone to click and get onto your blog or website Here Stumbleupon redirects traffic to your blog rather than having visitors to click on certain ads to reach your blog

3) Share Content –  To get more traffic from Stumbleupon you must not only share your own blog posts or articles but take out some time to share other stumbleupon users content this will develop relationship and build credibility among Stumbleupon users and thus you can drive more traffic from Stumbleupon, Many beginner bloggers make this mistake and they only share only their blog posts and never consider to share other people contents and I recommend you to change this don’t think about other bloggers think about your followers and how other articles can help your followers to learn more about the niche
4) Build Relationship –  Try to find relevant people in your niche and start following them or sharing their content and try to participate in discussion by this way you will create a platform for yourself and will get the chance to explore yourself among hundreds of thousands of new stumblers to share your content and start following you, I am sure that you must be using this strategy on twitter so I would recommend you to use the same strategy here also to drive traffic to your blog from stumbleupon

5) Follow others – Well you must be knowing many popular websites and blogs in your niche and I am sure that they must be using stumbleupon so try to find them and start following them because generally big bloggers and website owners have Hugh followers list so if you start following them then whenever you share your blog post then your blog post will be available to those users to share so by this way you will drive more traffic through Stumbleupon

6) Get Stumbleupon Badges – What you can do is let your blog readers share your blog post by putting a Stumbleupon share badge on your blog or website which will enable your readers to quickly share your blog posts and articles, you can get this badge from Stumbleupon badges page for free Just copy and paste the code on your blog site and you are good to go now when you readers like your articles then they can easily share it on stumbleupon which in turn can drive more traffic
7) Extensions And Toolbars – To get maximum traffic and ease to use Stumbleupon you can install firefox or chrome stumbleupon extensions form stumbleupon download page , So by installing extensions you can simply click on stumbleupon icon and start sharing yours and other interesting webpages which you think might be great for your stumbleupon users to discover, Many times when I am finding any blog articles interesting which I want to share I simply click on the toolbar and it’s directly get shared on my stumble upon traffic
So friends these was how to get traffic from stumbleupon and if you like this post please share and tell me how you are using stumbleupon to drive traffic to your blog or website, share your thoughts in comments sections So if you are not using stumbleupon in your social media marketing strategy then you must straight away start using it because it will really help you to increase your blog  traffic and get you free readers! Enjoy


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