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If you are figuring out how to get traffic from twitter or how to get more targeted traffic from twitter then you have landed on the best page because here I am going to share how to get free traffic from twitter, Well twitter is one of the biggest social media sites on the internet and if you use twitter properly then you can drive lots of targeted traffic through twitter

Many beginner bloggers don’t know the importance of twitter and neglect twitter marketing strategy while promoting their blog while some even don’t consider twitter as effective marketing tool but let me tell you that if you are also in that category then please start using twitter because it can help you to drive more traffic to your blog or website for free

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Twitter has actively more than 500 million users and many pro bloggers and webmasters are using twitter heavily in their social media marketing strategy why? because it’s very effective and if you are smart enough then you can get free targeted traffic to your blog site from twitter So in this post we are going to see some of the best and effective practices to help you get free traffic from  twitter

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How To Drive More Free Targeted Traffic From Twitter To Your Blog or Website


1) Profile – No matter you are using twitter, Facebook or any other social media sites you must take sometime to make your profile look impressive and don’t just be in hurry to just put your website link in profile section to build backlinks and then skip other section

You must write detail information about yourself also like how your followers can get more information about you and how they can know more about you by this way they will come to know more about you can thus you can drive more traffic to your website from twitter also don’t forget to put original high quality photo of yourself

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2) Call To Action – This is a create trick to get traffic from twitter to your blog or website, I am sure that you must be using some type of call to action on your blog either to capture your visitors email address, click on ads, buy your products or services then don’t just keep this limited to your blog sites only instead apply the same strategy to twitter also like when you do a tweet then don’t forget to trigger call to action like please retweet and this can definitely help to boost your blog traffic how?

Suppose if someone likes your tweet and retweets then you tweet will be feeded into his twitter so that his followers will look at it and if that person who re tweeted your tweet has thousands of followers then you can easily get free traffic from twitter instantly So don’t hesitate to ask your followers to re tweet your posts

3) Hastags – Hashtags are very important to give more exposure to your blog posts and reach a wider audience So try to include one or two relevant hashtags with your tweet so that when people search for particular topics then the chances are that they will find you and you can easily boost your traffic as well as followers, If you don’t know where to find the hashtags then you can visit a website to find what’s is more popular in your niche

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4) Increase Followers – The more followers you have the more people will click on your tweets and will get directly to your blog or website, it’s like building a huge massive followers list, Just imagine that a blogger with 10K followers how much free traffic he can get from twitter to his website

But be careful that you cannot just go and follow 500 people which are not related to your niche instead you must focus on get more targeted followers and this is where many newbie blogger do mistakes is they simply start following as many followers as possible but what the point of it if they are really not interested in visiting your blog So focus more on increasing targeted followers

5) Post Memes – Memes are great and they resemble more than just an image you can generate free memes online and there are many websites which are provides these services for free, You can see on many big social media sites that often images which are more appealing and sparking some messages are tends to get more retweets

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6) Right Username – Now if you are really into a business like webdesign then prefer username which describes your brand and services both like for example my blog is in the niche of blogging so I will pick a username is includes keywords like blog, blogging, blogger, blogging tips etc so that when people are searching for who to follow they might get to see you and this will drastically increase your followers

7) Retweets Love – Don’t just be selfish and only promote your own blog posts only on twitter in fact you must regularly re tweet other bloggers blog posts in your niche and you followers will respect that you are indeed here to provide them value and more useful information

8) Twitter Gadgets – There are many twitter gadgets which you can all to your blog or website which will show you latest tweets from your twitter account and this will definitely help you to increase your twitter followers instantly

you must be receiving lots of traffic from organic searches many times those readers are first time visitors so why not to drive their attention to your twitter so that they can follow you can later you can drive lots of targeted traffic from traffic to your blog site for free

9) Tweet Quotes – Famous quotes can really go viral if you are tweeting quotes of famous people so you can get more retweets as well as get more exposure to your blog or alternatives you can make your own quotes which are unique and share it on twitter and this can drastically get some attention

10) Tweeting Schedule – In order to get traffic from twitter you must tweet your blog posts and articles when people are most active as this will ensure that you tweets get maximum visibility and click through rates and many pro bloggers have claimed that tweeting time also plays a very important role on how much traffic you can get through twitter to you websites

So friends these are 10 tips on how to get traffic from twitter to your blog or website, if you know any other strategy then do share with me below also I would recommend to all the newbie bloggers who are not using twitter in their blog promotion strategy then wake up now and start using the true power of twitter to get massive free traffic from twitter! Enjoy and keep coming back for more blogging tips and tricks



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