How To Get Approved BuySellAds Tips & Tricks


To get approved Buysellads account you have to do some serious work and blogging because buysellads is one of the best direct advertising ad network for bloggers which pays handsome amount of money to their publishers. If you don’t know much about buysellads then let me tell you that buysellads is premium marketplace for publishers and bloggers to sell ad space on their blogs and websites and advertisers can buy ads to get more business, leads and exposure.

How To Get Approved Buysellads Tips Tricks

Get Approved BuySellAds

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There are many beginner bloggers who frequently ask tips and tricks to get buysellads approval So in this post I am going to share few tricks to get accepted by buysellads ad network. Why many bloggers are striving hard to get buysellads approval is that once you get accepted in their network you blog will be explored in their marketplace which is seen by many advertisers to advertise their products and services and thus you can make good amount of money.

Also few consider buysellads as the best alternative to google adsense and specially for internet marketing niche it is because in this niche you not going to make much money from google adsense.  So it’s worth to get accepted in their network.

BuySellAds Approval Tips & Tricks –

Buysellads account approval requirements

Below are few tips and tricks by which you can easily get accepted by buysellads ad network

1) First of all you must own a custom top level domain like .com,.net,.org etc to get accepted by buysellads so if you are using or then first buy a top level domain and then apply for buysellads as they don’t accept blog which are using subdomains.

2) Your blog design must be neat, clean and should not look cluttered so it’s best to stay with simple design and layout.

3) Update your blog regularly to get approved by buysellads as they prefer blogs which are frequently updated. so try to be more consistent with your blogging as you will get more traffic and it will increase the chances to get buysellads approval pretty fast.

4) If you are using adsense or any other ads on your blog then before applying for it you must make sure that your blog don’t look overloaded with ads this will reduce the chances to get approved buysell account. The best trick here is to remove all the ads while applying once you get accepted by buysellads then afterwards you can put few ads of your choices as well.

5) Your blog or website must have good amount of traffic like minimum of 50,000 pageviews per month, So if your blog is fairly new then first concentrate to increase your blog traffic and then apply for it otherwise you will get rejected by them. Also don’t buy traffic to your blog because they are useless and this will not help to get buysellads approval.

6) Your blog must be free from any errors like page not found, under construction etc So before applying for it make sure that your blog is error free.

7) Make sure that your blog is reachable through www and non www version also make sure that it’s up during the time of submission as they don’t approve blog or websites which are not accessable.

8) Your blog must be in the niche like technology, web desing or web development as they approve blog or websites which are in this niche as they are in great demand and advertisers frequently look to advertise on these blog niches.

9) Your blog must not promote any adult, hacking stuffs or unauthorized content and it must be original and not copied from other sources.

If you are being rejected by buysellads approval team this does not mean that you cannot apply in future sure you can but before applying make sure that you meet all their requirements.

So these are few requirements to get accepted by buysellads, I am sure that there are many bloggers who desperately want’s to get buysellads approval and these tips and tricks will definitely help you to get approved buysellads account if you will meet all the above mentioned requirements. Also below is the official video of buysellads which will help you to know more about buysellads.

So hope you liked this post of how to get approved buysellads account, what is your experience with buysellads do let me know through comments and also share few tips and tricks which helped your to get accepted by buysellads! Keep Blogging.


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