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If you looking for how to build links for niche sites or link building for niche sites then in this post I am going to share few tips, tricks and link building strategies for niche sites  which will enable you to rank your niche sites very easily in Google. Niche sites are one of the best ways to make money online but most beginner bloggers and webmasters don’t really know how to really approach niche site building and they usually get excited by other blogger’s story about how they are making 1000$ per day from their niche sites.

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However you are certainly make good amount of money with niche sites but the main point is how to increase their ranking in Google and most importantly to increase their google ranking one must know how to build links to niche sites safely so that they don’t get penalized by Google algorithms. So in this post I am going to share good but effective link building tips for niche sites which you definitely help you to rank your new niches sites quickly in Google. So without wasting much time lets see how we can achieve this and avoid google penalty at the same time.

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How to Build Links for Niche Sites –  Link Building strategy for Niche sites

1) I you have just started you niche site and wondering how to build link to it then you must be careful in build backlinks now because Google has become very smart and they will decrease your google ranking if they find any blackhat SEO techniques you are using to rank your niche sites. I have seen many bloggers who are doing this mistake and suddenly find their sites nowhere in the search results.

However there are many probloggers also who managed to rank their niche sites very quickly in Google but not for long until they are caught and penalized by Google. So don’t be in hurry and don’t think that you will be able to get away by cheating Google and I am sure you will not.

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2) If you want to build links for niche sites then build it slowly and maintain that link building frequency I have seen many bloggers who are building links to their niche sites during the first few weeks and suddenly stop building links and this will drastically impact your Google ranking. Google will smell that something is wrong and why the niche sites has gained link in first few weeks and why not now and this will surely make Google think that you are not getting your backlinks naturally and you are artificially building links to your niche sites. So please avoid this friends to keep your sites safe from google penalty.

3) Contrary to above point there are many bloggers who are more aggressive in building links to their niche sites and they think that more links in short span of time is better and they can rank on the first page of Google in 24 hours but this is not possible it takes time to gain good ranking in Google as well as if you website is authority sites then it’s ok to get flurry of backlinks if you right awesome and detailed post but for new site which is only a 1 or 2 days old to get 100’s of backlinks look a bit odd and sneaky.

So the best link building strategy for niche sites is to neither be very aggressive nor completely stop building backlinks but take middle path and stick to it and I am dam sure that you niche sites will be ranking well in Google.

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4) Building niche sites and ranking them is much difficult as compared to authority sites because generally authority sites gain links naturally because of the higwh quality content but niche sites are more prone to get struck by penalties because many internet marketers and online money making gurus has abused niche sites by using various black hat techniques and Google is aware of this So they always keep an eye on new sites which ranks quickly on the first page of Google in short span of time.

Link Building for Niche sites  –  Safe Strategy and tips that works


1) Keyword rich anchor text is one of the most important in building links for niche sites and this can greatly improve your google ranking if done properly So what is this let me explain

Say you want to build a website that target the keyword “workout routines” and you want to rank for this but as soon as you head to your google keyword research tool you will find that ranking for this particular keyword is not at all easy this keyword gets around 50k global monthly search and nearly all the website which are ranking on the first page of Google are big websites like but if you are smart enough you can choose keywords which are less competitive and easy to rank like ” workout routines for men” which get’s around 5k Global visits per month.

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2) So to complete the point number one is that whatsoever keyword you are trying to rank for don’t build more than 10% of your backlinks using keyword rich anchor text instead try to build natural backlinks for your niche sites So to break it down below is the best and proven link building strategy which you can use

exact match keyword – 10%

partial match keyword – 10%

brand name – 30%

exact url backlinks- 20%

keyword + suffix ( relevant terms ) – 15 %

prefix ( relevant terms )+ keyword – 15 %

So this is the best way to build links for niche sites and it’s very safe and also make your backlink profile look natural

4) If you have been blogging for a while or already have niche sites you must be knowing that how hard is to get high quality backlinks and specially to get dofollow backlinks and the instant we find any opportunity to build backlinks most newbie bloggers become greedy and they link back to their niche sites with exact match keywords which they are trying to rank for and in most cases they used that same keyword for link building. But this is not at all safe by any means and your backlink profile will not look natural and you will most probably get penalized by Google. So to be safe use the above mentioned backlinks ratio to build links for your niche sites.

5) Another cool way to improve keyword ranking in Google for your target keyword is to use LSI keywords which will help your niche sites to rank for other relevant terms which you users might be searching in Google and this can bring in additional traffic and Google loves and give important to LSI keywords to know exactly what the website is for. Example lets say that you want to rank for ” buy nike shoes” then the LSI keywords might be ” buy jogging shoes ” ” buy shoes for men” etc and this will help your niche sites to rank for multiple related keywords

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So friends this are some of the best tips on how to build links for niche sites and I am sure that if you will use the above mentioned link building strategy for niche sites then surely you will be able to rank high in Google and other search engines safely and quickly. And please don’t forget to tell me how you build links for your niche sites via comments and feel free to ask any doubts and questions! Best of luck friends


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