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So you want to be successful in Affiliate Marketing and make more money blogging that’s great if you have made your mind to become a successful affiliate marketer. Affiliate Marketing is probably one of the best ways to make money online and the investment is really low as compared to other business.

Many bloggers are stepping their way in Affiliate Marketing everyday but only few get success and make live the life freely. So if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing then this post is for you and only you.

Becuase here I am going to share the top affiliate marketing tips and tricks so that you can become a successful affiliate marketer.

If you are  not making money from your blog then don’t worry you are not alone there are many bloggers who are in the same pond. But if you will genuenily try and do smart blogging then you will definitely become successful.

I have seen bloggers and I know them personally have quit blogging because they were unable to make decent amount of money.

Another reason for this is they don’t make enough money with adsense and desperately try to do all the tricks to increase their adsense earnings and ultimately get banned.

Many beginners have think this mind set that Google adsense is the only way to monetize your blog and after getting banned they just lose all the motivation and enthusiasm to continue blogging.

Especially, if your in other niche aside from make money online or internet marketing niche because Google adsense really pays wells in these niches and you can make handsome amount of money.

But what about other bloggers who are in make money online niche, If you are in this category then you know that how less are the earnings. In fact you might feel ashamed to share with your readers.

This is where Afffiliate marketing comes is really profitable, not only for make money online niche but in all the niche Affiliate Marketing really works. You can see the below article to know more about this.

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So, to cut short if you want to make money blogging then you must start affiliate marketing right away but make sure that you have handy amount of traffic coming to your blog or website.

If you are determined enough to jump into Affiliate Marketing then that is great and I will help you along the way. So below are the best tips and tricks to become a successful affiliate marketer.

How To Be A Successful Affiliate Marketer Step by Step Strategy


Below I will mentioned the step by step strategy and the way to start affiliate marketing so that you know what are the most important thing you need to keep in your mind before promoting any product on your blog or website.

And this is most crucial if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, the foundation has to be solid and you got the know what will make your a successful affiliate marketer.

So this is the post where I will jot down the main and very vital affiliate marketing tips for you which will definitely give you the positive results.

So without much ado let’s start Now ?

 Best Tips To Become Successful In Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Guy’s I am not go to share any stale affiliate marketing tips which you can find somewhere else on other blogs what I am going to share is the best tricks to make more money as a affiliate marketer.

I am going to share few points only but these techniques are most valuable and will make your affiliate marketing career. Do you remember ” Quality over Quantity” ?

#1 Select Profitable Niche

Other bloggers say that you have to follow your passion yes that is right I am having the passion of playing marbles so shall I choose this topic for my blog especially if my planning is to make money with affiliate marketing no not at all.

Yes, Passion will drive you forward during your initial blogging career but you have to find the right balance between your blogging niche and the profitablity.

Just to give you an example if my hobbies are biking, doing workouts then I can choose fitness as my blogging niche because the benefits are two folded.

  • You can make more money with Google adsense becuase the readers to this niche are non techy people and they don’t know what is google adsense. So you will get more clicks on your adsense ads
  • There are many affiliate products like weight loss ebooks, weight loss programs, muscle building programs etc and you can literally make money both ways.

#2 Be A Smart Blogger

Blogging like a dum guy is not going to work you have to rattle your brain nerves and make the proper affiliate marketing strategy to outrank your competitors and get more sales.

What I basically mean here is don’t just give away free information to your reader make them do something, put some offers for them, give them discount in short pitich your products and services which you are promoting and see your affilate earnings will surely increase.

#3 Don’t Go Over Board

This is the mistake most beginners do, they really want to kick start their affiliate marketing journey and want to see some quick sales. But the mistake they do here is they go overboard and lose their creditibility.

Make a proper content writing strategy and publish blog posts in a way that you don’t look greedy. Follow the posting rule of 3:1, you must publish 3 informational posts and 1 affilate product promotion article.

By opting this strategy you will make your readers regularly visit your blog and this will not piss them off putting the wrong impression about you.

I have seen bloggers but I don’t want to take the name here I used to visit his blog daily but lately he is only concentrating affiliate product promotion but I really don’t like and simply click the back button.

Don’t do this friends, your readers are there to get some valuable information so provide them that and if you will follow this 1:3 affilaite technique then surely you will become successful in affiliate marketing.

#4 Don’t be Lazy Blogger

I know this might sound weird to you but there are many newbie bloggers who really don’t care to notice what other bloggers in their niche are doing, what products they are promoting, which affliate products pays the more etc.

If you want to be a successful affilate marketer then you cannot sit ideal you have to stay ahead from yoru competitors and be productive and take actions.

#5 Leverage The Power of Social Media

If you are beginner then this is the trick guys since you might not be getting more traffic from Google so you can use social media sites like facebook, twitter and google plus by promoting your blog post over there.

This is the best way to increase traffic to your blog for free and you can make some early sales in your affiliate marketing career.

Below are some of articles which will help you tremendously ( Guys forgive me about the formatting of the below blog post as I recently more this blog from blogger to wordpress)

How to get traffic from Twitter

How to drive referral traffic to your blog

How to get traffic from Stumbleupon

How to get traffic from Pinterest

#6 Find the Hot Selling Product

If you really want to make more money from affiliate marketing then you must use this technique to easily get more sales.

You have to find the products which are in demand right now and start promoting them. You cannot expect to make hugh money by promoting products which are no more in demand this will be a really time and effort waster for you.

To give you an example like Semrush is in the spotlight right now go and find any blog in internet marketing niche and you will see that they are promoting this produce.

So promote products which are selling like a hot cake and eat your pie.

#7 Solve your Readers Problems

If you want to be successful in affliate marketing then you cannot ignore this, you must definitely find what your readers struggling with and how you can solve their problems and take the headache away.

What you can do here is find that problem solving product and promote them on your blog. This trick really work guys many top affiliate marketers who are earning more then 60K  per month are using this technique.

Believe me this will do wonders if you have just stared affilaite marketing because readers are desperate to get rid of their problems and find their way to success you have to be that guide, the tutor to take them through by promoting useful affiliate products.

#8 Keep Trying Different Products

If one product is not doing well then there is no reason to stick to that, do the switch choose different product which is in demand.

Even if you are making good money with few products it’s not the time to go for 6 month vacation and forget about your blog.

What will happen if that product suddenly get down, you never know this can happen and has happened in the past Guys.

To give you an example, there was a time when thesis themes were all over the place every affilate marketer were vouching about this product but suddenly it disspeared.

So, never think that if you are making good money from one product then the job is done and you wil make money forever. You have to constantly look for new products in your niche.

#9 Write Honest Reviews

The best way to promote affiliate products is writing unbaised product reviews on your blog. This will definitely give you quick sales.

People also look for other customer reviews online before buying any product or service to make their desicison and clear up their doubts.

You can be that mentor to tell them about pro’s and con’s about the affiliate product and whether it’s worth their money.

Never write hyped reviews this will 100% result to failure, people are smart and they can judge your intention.

Be honest and tell them how the product can solve their problems and I am sure that it will work most of the time for you.

If you want to take a look I have written a honest review about Grammarly 

#10 No Hard Selling

Hard selling does not work here especially if you are in make money online niche. You will get more success by recommending affilate products to your readers rather than doing hard core selling.

If you truly care about your readers and promote the right products then there is  no need for hard selling. Just recommend the products and tell them how it worked for  you to solve XYZ and how it can be useful for you and see the results.

So, Guys these were my best tips and tricks on how to be successful in affiliate marketing and if you will follow all the above mentioned techniques then there is no one that can stop you from becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

I am sure that you definitely loved this post, if yes then please share with others on social media sites who are struggling to make money via affilate marketing.

I want to know what are your affiliate marketing strategies and I am sure that many of you might be already on their way to become successful marketer, I would love to know your successful affiliate marketing tips.

What works for you and want not, please tell me in the below comments. Share and Subscribe Buy ?


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