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So friends you are looking how students can make money online free or ways college students can earn money online fast no matter what you are thinking but I want to say you that you have landed on the best post because here I am going to share the best ways students can make money online including both school and college students.

I remember when I use to study I was wondering how to manage my daily expenses when I go outside with my friends and to be honest my mother was very strict and she use to give me daily pocket money which was only enough to earn 1 time lunch or dinner and I think that there are many similar students who are studying and want to earn money online at the same time so that they can enjoy with their friends and don’t have to borrow money from their parents for their daily expenditures

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So don’t worry at all I have been in the same situation in which you are because we know how good it feels to have the money always in our pocket  isn’t it So let see how you can make money online free and fast using the below mentioned ways and you have to select the way which you are comfortable doing so without wasting much time lets see the best ways students can earn money online

There are many people and students from all over the world like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and rest of the world are making money without any investment.

Best Ways Students Can Make Money Online Fast & Free – For Both College and School Students


Guys this post is going to be long so it’s better to grab a coffee and keep on reading this and I think that you will enjoy this post but I will focus more on 1 topic which is blogging and why you will come to know when you read this post further also I will share some other best ways to make money online but I think that blogging is the ultimate way if you want to make decent money consistently in long run So lets see them one by one

1)  Blogging :

Blogging is considered as one of the best ways students can make money online because it pays really good income and to be honest many are making full time living just by blogging. You only need to stat a blog either on wordpress or free blogger platform and you are good to go. But let me remind you that blogging is not get rich quick scheme and you need to really work hard for at least initial 5 to 6 months to see the returns and once you are able to get the traffic then money will come and there are various ways by which you can earn money by blogging below are some of the best ways

  • Affiliate Marketing ( Best way as proven and tested by many pro bloggers )
  • Google Adsense
  • Sponsored posts
  • Sponsored reviews
  • Direct Advertising
  • Blog Consulting
  • Offering Services etc

These are some of the ways by which you can make money online and believe me if you are thinking for long run then this is the best way students can make money online including college and school students.

I just wonder why I didn’t stated blogging when I was in school or in college otherwise I would not been required to do the job during the initial days but I am glad that I have started this 3 years back and I am having 3 to 4 blogs all managed by myself alone and I can’t tell you it really pays

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So let me tell you that if you are student or college student you have plenty of time and I am sure that you guys are spending lot of time using facebook or doing whatsapp so why not utilize this time into something good so that your parents will be proud and you will help them to pay some bills.

If you write daily 1 post then in a year you will have 365 blog posts and by the time you will finish you colleges or school you will become a full time blogger and live your life the way you want you can make money by sitting at your home comfort and there is no need to go for 9 to 5 job daily sounds interesting right and yes it’s interesting

So I would recommend every school and college student who wants to earn money online then this is the way guys and I bet you that you will not regret about this decision. If you are now wondering how exactly I will make decent income blogging then previously I have written a long and awesome post which you can read

2) Making You Tube Videos :

Do you know that you tube is the second largest search engine after Google and I personally love to watch you tube videos and you must have also noticed many you tubers you are making videos. So if you are thinking exactly how students can make money online for free then let me explain you.

I know that you must be having many hidden skills like someone is good playing guitar, while someone is good in teaching technical stuffs while others are good at dancing then you can utilize this skills and literally earn money online for free.

All you need to do is make awesome you tube videos and upload it to your channel and signup for youtube partnership  program and it’s one of the way youtube monetizes the videos and when you get your youtube patnership then ads will show when someone will play your video and you will be paid on per click basis so if 10 people click on your ads then you will get paid 10 times on per click basis

And this is the second best ways to earn money online for fast and free So what are you waiting for go create some awesome videos and start making money online today.

3) Data Entry Jobs :

Data entry jobs are one of the most popular ways to earn money online fast and many people are doing this and you know that you don’t need to have any special skills to do this all you need to do is type text, preparing excel sheets, formatting data or simply typing in MS word document. So it’s not a daunting task at all and you can easily do this and make money easily

4) Playing Games :

Do you love to play games online and I guess many of us love to do this when I was studying in college that time I used to play lot of games So if you are student and wondering how the heck I can make money by playing games then let me tell you that there are many game development companies who release new games and before making it available in market they want to test it and how a end user feels when playing the game and by doing this they can improve various things.

So they want users to test the game thoroughly before making it available for purchase and you can easily make money by playing various new games for free isn’t that is great  I love it you will also

5)  Pay To Click Programs :

This is one of the most simple ways students can make money online all you need to do is click on advertisements and by clicking on each advertisements you will get paid for each click but I think that there are many scams website out there which does not pay at all and to be honest with you during my college days I joined one such program but I don’t want to take the name here and I earned around 150 dollars but at the time of payout there did not deliver.

So before joining any pay to click programs make sure they are legitimate and pay their clients on time and this is must because you cannot waste your time in something which does not pay and you know how precious it time.

I am not saying that there are not legitimate pay to click programs there are many but before jumping in do your homework first and make sure that they pay in time.

6) Selling Products :

You must have heard the name of most popular e-commerce websites like ebay and amazon and these are the 2 websites which are very popular So if you have the budget then you can buy products on ebay and amazon and sell them again for a profit and this method is very popular and many are doing this and are making handsome amount of money online and you can also do this.

Many school and college students are doing this for regular basis and are making good amount of money So if you are looking then this is good way to make easy profit fast

7) Freelancing :

Freelancing is another great way to earn money online quickly and I think that it’s most popular ways So if you have the skills like tech , coding, content writing, logo designing then you can make good amount of money online and there are websites like Elance and Odesk which is very popular for this and you will get plenty of jobs to apply for.

You just have to browse the website and apply for the job which you find suitable which you can do and get paid for the same but make sure that the more jobs you complete the more money making opportunities you will get and I have seen many school and college students are doing this on regular basis and making really good amount of money.

I am having a friend of mine who is very good in Photoshop so he is offering his services on these 2 websites and he is making handsome amount of money and his parents are really proud of him. So if you have the skills then you can surely try this method.

8) Online Surveys :

Paid surveys is another best ways that students can make money online and there are many companies who want honest review and opinion about the products and services So you will need to fill in the surveys and send them and in return you will get paid.

But again you just need to make sure that the website you are signing up for is legitimate and before signing up make sure to read their TOS because many websites offer the surveys for UK, US and Canada residents but there are others which are available for worldwide users

But in this if you really want to earn good income the you need to sign up for many online survey websites because you will receive only 1 or 2 surveys a day from these websites and to make good amount of money you need to sign up for several survey sites

So friends to wrap up this was how students can make money online including school and college students and if I have missed any good ways to earn money then please let me know via comments and don’t forget to subscribe to get more online money making tips and tricks! Hope you liked this article and fee free to tell me more ways you think will be the best fit and I will update this post!


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