how many backlinks per day is safe

If you want to know how many backlinks is good or how many backlinks per day is safe or how many backlinks is too many for SEO then you are on the right article because here I am going to discuss about this topic which is widely popular and most frequently asked question in SEO world and among bloggers and website owner who want to increase blog ranking in google. However there is no hard and fast rule on the specific number of backlinks and how many backlinks per day is safe good or too many for SEO but there are many factors which will give you clear idea how you must do your link building strategy and what is good for SEO of your blog or website to boost it’s ranking in search engines.

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Many newbie bloggers and internet marketers have this big doubt in mind how much backlinks per day is safe and good and they usually get confused and trapped between these question and are unable to find the best answer which will clear things up for them. So I decided to do this post which will discuss about this topic and I hope that this will help many newbie bloggers and website owners to understand which backlinking strategy works. So without wasting much time let see this topic since it’s very famous in big internet marketing forums and if you are interested in ranking niche sites then this question might have come up in front of you as well. So lets see now

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How many Backlinks per day is good, safe or too many for SEO

1) First of all if you are trying to get backlinks for your website or blog then you must focus on building quality backlinks as compared to quantity because now Google wants quality and looks after quality backlinks. So focus on building quality backlinks and avoid spammy links from low quality sites. And this will help tremendously to increase your website or blog ranking in Google

2) You don’t have to worry and break your head after how many backlinks per day is safe or good and how many backlinks is too many as far as you are building quality backlinks the numbers really doesn’t matter. Just imagine if the number of backlinks is a critical factor or there is a specific number which Google recommends per day is safe or too many which imposes some sort of google penalty then there are many authority websites and blogs which tends to get 1000’s of backlinks per day and Google does not implies any penalty on them because Google knows that these are big and highly authority websites or blog which generally get hugh number of backlinks per day for example, facebook, forbes etc

3) But if you website or blog is new then I would recommend you to start slowly in your link building efforts and gradually increase the number of backlinks per day as this will look natural in the eyes of Google because if you have just started your blog today and on the next day it acquires 1000 of new backlinks then any dumb can also know that these backlinks are not natural and might be paid links or build by hiring a fiver geek who can build 1000 of backlinks which are generally low quality and spammy links in a day. But I will not recommend any of you to buy paid backlinks or participate in any link building programs.

4) Some with recommend the number of backlinks which are safe and some will recommend the same as too many but honestly speaking it doesn’t really matter if you build your link carefully and smartly then you don’t have to fear about any thing. Try to make your backlink profile more natural So that it does not build an alarm signal in Google corridor. I have seen bloggers who are using very smart backlinking strategy which works like charm and they are successfully able to improve keyword ranking in google quickly

5) You just have to open your mind and think how many backlinks will look natural and neglect how many backlinks per day is safe or how many backlinks is too many as far as you are getting high quality backlinks to your blog or website you will be good to go 

So friends this was a my small discussion on how many backlinks per day is safe or too many. I would love to hear what do you think about this topic and please share your views and queries through comments as I am always want to hear my readers views! Keep blogging 


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