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Search Engine Optimization is a lengthy networking process that can organically generate traffic to your site and thereby improve your search engine ranking.  People who have used short cuts to get smarter were blown away by the search engine.  A website should be well designed with good keyword content, title tags etc.  This is the only organic way that can fetch you good sales and profit.  Even though, it takes some time to build these techniques, if you want to run your business for long term, I would suggest you to optimize your website with SEO Strategies.

There is no big reason for the failure and success of a website.  A website that uses the set of strategies professionally gets attracted by the search engine spiders.  Even a website that is not doing well in the search engines is likely to get the top ranking in search engines.  A mild SEO tuning in the website is enough to attract search engine robot.  Lots of commitment and analysis is essential to do these SEO corrections.  Hence, it is better to hire a SEO professional who can follow the search engine spider and find out what change is required for your website.

Some tips to convert your website into a healthy one

Content is king

The website that is visited by more number of people will have a good content.  This is the basic SEO of a website.  The good or quality content here means not appealing to your eyes alone.  It is not a big thing how your website is designed.  It is the content that is going to work for you.  So, keep the content more interesting.  Fill the content with useful information.  Your content should force your visitors to spend in your website for few minutes.

Build quality links to get more visitors.

The anchor text you create for the link should be keyword included one.  Keyword added anchor text will help you to increase search engine ranking.

Create your domain name relevant to your business.

Suppose, if you are selling old books through your website, then your domain should be or etc.  Since, the search engine spider look and prioritize the websites based on the keywords, your domain name, title, content, anchor text etc. should be keyword included one.

create header tags,title tags,meta description

Create header tags, title tags, meta description with relevant keyword which is also considered by search engine spider while allotting the rank.

don’t cross the keywrod density limit

At the same time, avoid using the keywords repeatedly in your content.  Quality content means including the keywords here and there.  Adding the keywords too many times in the content will make your website as spammy.   Search engine spiders are against the content that has crossed the keyword density limit.

Creating site maps

Create site maps for your website which is liked by google and yahoo search engines.

relevant title

Choose a relevant title for your content.  The title should be short, keyword included and catchy.

These are some of the chain of SEO strategies that has to be implemented in your site to bring visibility to your site in search engines.  Webmasters who could not understand the above tips should compulsorily approach a professional to tweak their site.


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