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You must be wondering that how does google rank websites pages and content then it’s pretty obvious if you are a blogger or internet marketer or SEO consultant because you want your sites to be ranking high in search results page and get more traffic, more business, more clients etc No matter you are a small business or blogger or big business every one wants their websites to be ranked high in google search results pages but very few know how to improve their sites ranking in google and how to increase their website traffic

But unless and until you don’t know how google ranks pages and websites how you will improve your rankings and get lot’s of organic traffic to your website or blog So it’s like you want to become a bodybuilder but don’t want to lift any weights and if you don’t know exactly how does google rank sites and web pages then you will have a hard time to improve your google rankings and get more traffic

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If you are a large budget then surely you can hire any top SEO company to do the job for you but what if you are a beginner blogger or webmaster who don’t know much about SEO and how google ranks pages in search results then this post is going to be very useful for those who want to know the basics how google search works and how they determine where to rank websites in search results

I have been reading many newbie bloggers and website owner’s frequently ask this question and always keep on wondering how google ranks pages or how google ranks content but here in this post I am going to explain each and everything so that you will get the idea as what to do to increase your website ranking in Google and other search engines as well

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How Google Ranks Pages & A Website Content 2015


You might be thinking that why that particular website is ranking so high in search results and why my websites is not ranking high same as them Seriously I think about this and wonder what they might be doing to get high ranking in Google but after 5 years of serious SEO learning I have found pretty much information and I want to share all these tips and tricks with you so that you can also know why these sites get ranked so high, So below are few important and most vital points which determines whether Google will rank your website high in search result pages or not

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A Web page is ranked based on many factors which are mentioned below

1) Backlinks – How many backlinks the page has, the more the backlinks your pages have higher will be the rankings in Google and other search engines

2) Quality Links – The quality of those inbound links are also very important, the more authority links you will obtain google will rank your pages higher for example: if your competitor acquires 10 backlinks from high quality sites and you earn 30 low quality backlinks to your website then Google will rank your competitor page above yours

It’s simple backlinks acts like votes to your pages and it’s give a strong signal and indication to Google that your page is useful and because of this you are earning backlinks from authority sites So if you are not focusing of building high quality backlinks then start now

3) On page SEO –  Well this is again most important google ranking factor I have written a complete dedicated post which you can read  –  On Page SEO Techniques

4) Off page SEO –  Similar to on page SEO, Off page SEO is also very critical which help Google to determine the ranking of websites in search results page

5) Keyword Usage – Keywords at the beginning of the content( you main keyword or keyword phrase must be before first 100 words), few times in middle and at the end So Google takes a look at whether a particular keyword or keyword phrase is used in the page or not and if it’s used then it’s will help google to determine what your page is all about and accordingly your google rank your pages

6) Rich Media content – Google gives priority to the pages and content which contain rich media like images and videos

7) LSI keywords ( Latent Semantic Indexing) –  Google takes a look at LSI keywords to determine the relevancy of a particular page regarding the search query

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8) Out bound links – Well this is not a hugh factor but gives google a good idea about the theme and topic of your posts content and pages So Google looks at whether the page has been linked out to other relevant and authority sites in your niche

9) Frequency of Updates – Google loves fresh content and give priority to the websites which are regularly updated with fresh and unique content as compared to the sites which are rarely updated or updated once in a blue moon

10) Quality Content – This is by far one of the most important factors which enables google to decide where to rank your site in search results because google is not going to rank any copied content or thin content   Google wants their visitors to get the best possible answers and solutions for which they are searching for So if you website is having 50 posts copied from all over the web then Sorry! to say friends you will find it very hard to get higher rankings in Google

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So Google looks at whether the content is original and not copied from other sources and relevant to the searchers query and if yes then there is very good chance that the content will get ranked high by google

For eg – if you visitors types ” best hotels in new york ” in Google search box and suppose your wrote a page about “best hotels in word” and one of your competitor has a web page ”  best hotels to book for holiday in new york” then chances are google will rank your competitors page above yours and most probably will because Google finds that page as more relevant to the visitors query as compared to yours

So let’s say that your website is having similar page with exact title as ” best hotels to book for holiday in new york” then Google will rank which website pages higher? now here comes the power of backlinks which ever page is having more backlinks Google will rank that site page higher

Now again let’s say your competitor websites is having 10 backlinks to that particular page and your page is having only 6 backlinks but all these backlinks are of high quality and are from high authority websites then Google will rank your website above your competitors

So it’s simple friends you have to build content and optimize it with SEO tips and tricks for a particular keyword to rank high in Google and other search engines Moreover I have written google ranking factors complete list which you must read and it’s highly recommended if you want to know how does google rank websites pages and content

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So friends this was how does google rank websites in 2015 and if you like this post please share it with your friends who don’t know and don’t forget to subscribe to get more such awesome tips and tricks, I hope that now you have got a pretty good idea about how google rank pages, content and websites! Cheers


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