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If you are looking for how to get high authority backlinks to your website for SEO or how to build high quality backlinks fast in 2017 then you have landed on the best page because here I am going to share how to get high authority backlinks to your website or blog for free, As you know that backlinks are one of the most important search engine ranking factors and you must keep on building high quality backlinks for your website or blog to keep the link juice flowing and improve your google ranking

When I was a beginner blogger I was doing very big mistake that I was completely not focusing on getting backlinks to my blog and I was wondering why my blog posts are not ranking for a keyword in google but afterwards I realized that something which I am not doing right is I was not focusing on building backlinks for my blog

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It was not only me but there are many beginner blogger and website owners who also face this problem So what you must do now should you go and build 1000’s of backlinks to your website fast to quickly boost your blog site rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, Some of you might think that now I got the trick to increase my website ranking in google

But wait! before you get excited and create tons of backlinks to your blog read this complete article first because here I am going to show you best way to get backlinks to your website without getting penalized by Google So without wasting much of your precious time let’s see how to build backlinks for free

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How To Get High Quality Backlinks

1) Epic Content – To get high authority backlinks to your website or blog you must create epic high quality content which your readers and visitors will find useful and this is most probably to get natural backlinks for your blog site for free because your blog readers will definitely love the article you have written and they will share and there are many newbie website owners who usually link back to detailed post to give more information to their readers and customers

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You can literally see wikipedia how many backlinks they get on daily basis I think that if they will stop optimizing their content then also they will rank high on Google search results because they have that reputation and I don’t think that they will ever stop their SEO efforts but I thought this because they gain so many backlinks from all over the internet So you can also adopt wikipedia strategy to build best possible content for the topic which you are writing about

Another example I can give here is of  brian dean of backlinko who uses skyscraper technique which is also some what in context which I have told about wikipedia and what he does is he takes a look at the top ranking pages and try to build more valuable content then what is out there so he naturally get lots of backlinks from bloggers and website owners all over the internet

Bonus Strategy – Build epic and great detailed post or articles for your website

2) Guest Blogging – Guest blogging is another great way to get high quality backlinks to your blog site but guest blogging has been in great controversy recently and matt cutts had different view as whether we must do or accept guest blogging for seo or not and what I believe that guest blogging is not dead and you can still get lots of seo benefits by doing guest posting

Why the controversy raised because many spammers where simply doing guest blogging to get backlinks to their website no matter they are getting backlinks from relevant site or not they don’t care they just want backlinks But this is not the right way to create backlinks but if you are doing guest blogging for a website which is very relevant to your niche then I think that you will be fine and you can boost your rankings in google

So basically what you will do here is try to find other high authority blogs in your niche and ask them for guest posting and you can get few backlinks to your website which will definitely improve your website ranking in Google

Bonus Strategy – Find relevant and high quality authority blogs in your niche and pitch them for guest posting

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3) Web Directories – Well getting your blog site listed on high quality web directories like Dmoz, Yahoo directory will definitely increase your rankings as the backlinks which you will get from these directories will be of very high authority backlinks and not only the backlinks you will be getting but you can drive lots of traffic as well because there are many people who want to get the information about particular niche like health and fitness, sports, technology etc so they will most probably go to these high authority web directories to find the website and if you are able to get your website listed then you can see plenty of traffic coming on to your blog for free and fast

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4) Forum posting – Another good way to get high authority backlinks, you hava to participate on various niche relevant forums in your industry for example if you are in internet marketing niche then you can visit forums like black hat world, digital point, webmaster world and start contributing there and you can get backlinks by forum signatures but some forums don’t allow signatures straight away so I would recommend you to first build up some reputation in that forum community and slowly start promoting your blog with forum signatures and if you manage to get backlinks from these high quality forums then surely it’s will be more beneficial for your SEO efforts

Bonus Strategy – First build up some good reputations by helping other forum members then slowly and smartly promote your blog post and articles and these can get lot’s of  backlinks to your blog

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5) Blogger’s outreach – Blogger’s outreach is also another good way to get high authority backlinks for your blog what this means that if you have written great high quality content on your website then you can reach other bloggers and website owners in your niche and notify them about your article and if they will find it’s really helpful then you will be rewarded with a backlink but this doesn’t mean that you must send email for every single post you do on your blog instead use it smartly when you know that I can acquire few backlinks for this content

I am sure that you must be having many online bloggers and webmaster as friends which might be in your niche so by sending the emails to these webmaster you will definitely get few backlinks fast

6) Blog Comments – I think that it’s the most easiest way to build backlinks manually even dummies can do this easily what you have to do is find high quality and authority blog in your niche and post valuable comments so blog allow dofollow comments while many allow nofollow comments backlinks but even if you are getting nofollow backlink you can get good amount of referral traffic to your blog sites by just posting 2 to 3 lines of insightful blog comments

Another way to get high quality backlinks with blog comments is to find commentluv enabled blogs where you can get a backlinks to your recent posts along with your blog comment but many newbie bloggers usually find it’s hard to search manually for commentluv enable blogs so here is one trick which will solve your problem to manually search for each blog one by one

Put the below mentioned query in Google and you can find all the blogs which are commentluv blogs

keyword + ” this blog uses commentluv premium” 

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Bonus Strategy – Do post comments like ” great post ” or one comment which is of only one or two words the blog admin will simply delete you comments because they don’t want people to just post comment just for the sake of getting a backlink to their latest post

7) Case Studies – Well I can tell you that I really love to read about case studies and I am regularly reading case studies written by big bloggers which helps a lot So if you are experimenting with new strategies then do post in your blog as case studies as there are many big brands and websites which regularly looks for good case studies to prove their points to their customers and this will definitely help to get natural backlinks to your blog for free and fast

No matter what case studies you are doing it document it so that other can learn from your experience and I firmly believe that this is probably one of the best ways to get naturally backlinks to your website

8) Press Releases –  This is not so famous backlink building strategy but it worth to give it a try, what you have to do is to submit your articles to various free press releases sites but make sure that you have newsworthy content and this is where many beginner bloggers and website owners make mistakes they simply send press release for every small information but this is not going to help you to get high authority backlinks but if you are genuinely have resources which might be catch many eye balls then you can use press release sites to build free natural and high quality backlinks fast

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If you get backlinks from Spam website then its not good signal in Google eyes but if you get high authority backlinks from good authority and popular blogs and websites then Google takes it as promoting vote for your blog So target to build high authority backlinks rather than wasting time in building low quality backlinks for your blog

So my advice would be rather than building thousands of low quality backlinks focus on getting 10 high authority backlinks from high page rank websites and blog

Google counts if your blog is getting backlinks from high PR websites and blogs and one more disadvantage of getting 100’s of free backlinks for websites is if you blog is fairly new and doesn’t have much posts or pages and if you get 1000’s of backlinks to your newly created blog then how it sounds and It might also trigger Google spam filter and chances are high that your whole blog will be de-indexed form Google index

Building quality backlinks takes time and more quality content you write more backlinks you will get naturally from other website and blogs In fact I will do a blog post on how to build high quality backlinks for blog in coming days so keep coming back

How To Get High Authority Backlinks For My Blog

To Build Backlinks that will help in SEO and Page rank in search engines below are few ways to get high quality backlinks for your blogs and websites

1) Article Submission

2) Blog Commenting

3) Directories Submission

4) Link Exchange

5) Web 2.0 Links

6) Social Media sites

7) Guest Blogging 

8) Forum Participating and few more to add

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The Right Ways To Get High Qualtiy Backlinks

To get high authority backlinks for your blog or website focus on getting baclinks from forums,article directories,blog commenting and high PR blogs this will definitely increase your search engine rankings and Google treat these links as natural links

Stay away from paid links these are against the guidelines of Google webmaster tools and your blog might get penalized for using them

Remember Google is smart suppose you started a blog 10 days ago and your blog merely has 5 articles and you have thousands of backlinks pointing to your new blog then Google will get clear indication that either these backlinks are build using free automated software or by paid link So play safe and focus on building backlinks in natural way

Best Way To Build High Quality Backlinks For SEO Free Fast

1) You tube – You must be knowing that millions of people visit youtube to watch their favourite videos and youtube is high page rank website PR9 and ofcourse it Google product and having a backlink pointing to your blog or website will boost your blog SEO and Search engine rankings

Just visit youtube.com and create your profile channel and put your blog url in link sections which points back to your blog or website

2) Google Plus – Create google plus account for yourself and under link section you can add your website links More you can also create google plus pages for your blog and this will immensely help your blog SEO and Google ranking

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Many time I have seen that when I do a blog post and share it on google plus pages these pages show very quickly in search engine results because Google plus is High page rank website and it great to build high authority backlinks for your blog or website through google plus

3) Facebook – Every body now uses Facebook so go ahead and create Facebook fan page for you blog, Facebook pages can rank very high in search engine results and you can build high authority backlinks for your blog/website which will help in SEO also To create a Facebook page simply go to Facebook and click on create page and in the website field put your website link

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4) ArtilceBase – If you want to get high authority backlinks for blog then ArticleBase is the place you want your blog to be, You can get high authority backlinks for your blog by submitting quality content  You can submit articles by creating lens which will also increase your blog traffic and you will get high authority backlinks

5) Hubpages – Another really very great website to build high authority backlinks for your website, Hubpages website is similar to squidoo where you can submit articles remember submit unique articles and don’t use spun articles because you article will not be accepted if it looks like spammy

6) Twitter – Twitter is most famous micro blogging website in world and if you want to get high quality backlink then you can create a free twitter account, Just visit twitter and create a twitter profile and add links to your blog For More Benefit and traffic create profile for your blog rather than creating personal twitter profile and twitter is very high page rank website

7) Digg – Digg is one of the famous social bookmarking website in world you can submit articles to digg which will point back to your blog It will also help in increasing traffic to your blog

Try to get more digg votes the more digg votes you get for your articles the traffic will be more for your blog, Digg is one of the best ways to build backlinks for your blog or website

9) Ezine articles – Very famous article submission directory, you can create unique articles and submit to ezine and you will get high quality backlinks for your blog  Try to submit unique articles and you can significantly increase your blog traffic and SEO

10) Reddit – Reddit is also very well know article submission website and it great place to build high authority backlinks for your blog Simply put links to your posts and anchor text which points to your blog or websites but don’t only promote your blog posts only because reddit is very strict and can suspend you from using reddit So try to share other people posts and articles also

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11) LinkedIn – Create a company profile for your blog and put links to your websites, you can also create personal profile its best to have both which will get you high authority backlinks for your blog and will definitely help to increase traffic

12) Yahoo Listings – No matter you have local business or not simply list your blog by choosing suitable category and try to include links to your website As you might know yahoo is very popular website so if you can get high authority backlinks for your blog from yahoo listing will definitely increase your google rankings

13) Yelp – You can create a profile on Yelp. The link in your profile is followed. Links and you will get high authority backlinks for your blog

14) Wikipedia wikipedia is one of the best place to create high authority backlinks although it has nofollow backlink but google trust wikipedia and if google trust site then its backlink has a value

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So these are some of the best tips and tricks on how to get high authority backlinks or how to build high quality backlinks for SEO in 2017, I would recommend you to keep on creating high quality backlinks regularly to your website or blog as these will keep your rankings stabled in Googe, Yahoo, Bing and other search engine, if you suddenly stop building backlinks then your ranking might start to drop, In further post I am going to write a complete backlinking and linkbuilding strategy So please subscribe and do comeback for more SEO tips and tricks

High Quality Backlinks are very important in SEO and search engine ranking, Backlinks are backbone of any successful blog or website because it signals to Google that this particular blog or website has got some valuable information that is why other blogs and websites are linking to it, It is said that higher the number of backlinks the greater is the chance of high ranking in Google well its true to some extent but ranking factor of your blog also depends on quality of backlinks form where you are getting backlinks for you blog


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