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SEO or Search Engine Optimization, the strategy that is popular at present in website owners began its journey during 90’s.  SEO stands behind every successful site and profit makers in the online industry.  The Search Engine Optimization has attained the heights of popularity in quick period and this is the one that sets the rank of every website in search engines whether it is google or yahoo.  The search engine ranking is very important for the online business people, as it is the one that is going to decide the sales and profit of a website.

SEO! How it works?

Have you used the popular google search engine ever?  If you are a regular internet browser, then definitely you could have used it.  There are millions of people in the world who are daily using the google search engine to gather the information they require.  They type certain set of words in the google search box and click the search button.  The search engine spider analyze, research and shuffle thousands of websites that contain information related to your keyword and display them in front of you.  The website that gets the top rank is the one that is going to make money on that day.  So, it is not known how google picks up and ranks the websites.  It has its own algorithm which cannot be understandable by any individual.  Here comes the role of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  According to a research conducted by the experts, it is known that a website that properly uses the SEO strategy in its website always the top the list of search engine results page.

Some powerful SEO tips for your website

*        The basic SEO strategy that is compulsory for every website is keywords.  Keyword should be included in your title tag, Meta Description, Header Tag, body of the content etc.  Since, search engines picks up the site based on the keyword, the website that choose the apt keyword always wins the race in the internet.

*        The keyword should be repeated in your content few times here and there.  The content should have natural flow, because search engine spiders are against the keywords dumped in a single line.

*        Your Domain Title should be related to the content of your website.

*        Create backlinks from blogs, article submission directories, forums, social bookmarking sites etc.  Backlinks will increase the traffic to your website.

*        If you can spend some dollars, use the advanced video marketing SEO strategy to reach the audience quickly.

*        Submit articles in popular directories creating backlinks which is cheapest way to improve your website ranking.

These are the fundamental SEO tips that need to be implemented carefully.  Overloading the content with keyword may turn your website as spammy.  Since, the keyword or keyphrase stands as the backbone of your rank, do some research and find out the keywords what the audience are using in the search engine box.  The keyword should not be chosen as per your wish.  It is the one that is liked by the audience and the search engine spider.  So, SEO basics works efficiently for the business, that uses it wisely.


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