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Currently, the development of Web pages in WordPress goes hand in hand with optimizing them in many ways, and SEO Web positioning is one of the most important.

It is clear that if we want to have an opportunity in the very competitive world of the Internet, we must make our website to be found and positioned by search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Optimizing and positioning a WordPress Web page in Web search engines is no easy task. In fact, I think it’s one of the most complex jobs on the Internet. It is so much so, that the same development of the WordPress Web page, both in design and programming, is affected by the SEO requirements we have, and is that if the code is complex or heavier, it will be a delay In the load of the WordPress page and that goes against optimization, just to put a small example.
You should know, as I think you already know, that SEO optimization of a WordPress Web page will depend on many factors and I would not be sincere if I did not tell you that many of those aspects do not have an objective measure to know how we go.
The way a WordPress Web page is indexed in Web search engines only knows the search engine. Yes; Many of us who work with SEO have managed to put us first in the search results, but it is true that many times it is trial and error.
While more technical optimization in SEO has parameters that determine when we can stop, when we talk about content quality and user experience, everything becomes subjective; Not to mention the key words for which we are relevant.

Seo linking building


We will not talk SEO Link building, that we mention two weeks ago, also we will not talk about page speed that we gave three weeks ago  , But rather the SEO that seeks to position a page for key words or phrases and therefore, the first thing to do is to analyze what words are looking for your target market.
But if you are interested in more technical SEO I recommend that you take a look at the article on SEO requirements for your Web platform, which we publish a few weeks, and tips for your WordPress website load and go fast that we also discussed in its day.
These tips can be applied to any content manager you use, but without a doubt, they are mainly intended to be used in WordPress.
Keyword Analysis

It is not optimized at random, it is not assumed the keywords that are going to be used for this work, that should be very clear.
Google search engine and other tools keep a search history record for a certain type of product or service. In fact, you can find tables with full keyword analyzes that show the number of searches per month and the relevance of the search.
Something you should never forget is that you are currently betting on more local or specific SEO. That is, when looking for keywords, try to be specific in your area. For example, if you sell digital marketing services, and you are in Barcelona, ​​the wisest thing is that you position yourself with “digital marketing in Barcelona” rather than “digital marketing” in general, and is that, in the second way You would be fighting a position with all the companies in the world!
Of the search part the rest of activities that we are going to realize in WordPress, for that reason you must pay much attention to this first point.
Title and description of your site in WordPress

According to what is known about search engines and indexers, the title, URL and description of the site is the first thing that is taken into account to position.
Obviously, if you want to be indexed for a keyword it would ideally appear in these three elements.
Currently, especially those who do SEO more professionally, we suggest our clients to choose the name of the Web domain (URL) from the keyword they want to position. If you sell shoes in Barcelona, ​​the name of your site could be a combination of the brand plus the keyword, or a portion of it, as long as a URL is not too long. This improves the chances of good indexing.
Regarding the title and description, in the case of WordPress, there are plugins that help you to change them without any problem. Unfortunately, Yoast SEO, which is the most important plugin for this job, no longer offers this feature, at least not for free. Even so, you can use All In One SEO that allows you to adjust these names.
Remember; The keyword must appear in some way or another.

Permanent links (permalinks)

One of the most striking features of WordPress regarding SEO is that you can choose the structure of the URLs that you use on your pages. Additionally, the generation of permalinks or permanent links is very clean, usually no nonsense numbers or chunks that include programming variables are used.
The suggestion is that you use the structure that generates the link from the name of the page. Remember that if you use this type of structure and optimize the title, you would have the keyword in both sites and you can position better.
Even so, remember this: not because there is a repetition of a keyword is going to position the web page better. In fact, Google left, long ago, to take into account the repetition and now focuses on the quality of the content, although to this day we still do not know exactly how it measures the quality.

Activate pingback

This feature tells other websites that you have linked them; Only serves to improve opportunities to gain links.
I do not promise anything with this, especially understanding that, sharing links is more complex than it seems, we’ll talk about that.

Using the ALT attribute in images

Currently, search engines are using this attribute to position a web page.
Its use is simple, every time you upload an image to an entry in WordPress you have the option to assign the attribute. Remember that the attribute must describe the image and, where possible, must contain the keyword, although the latter is not mandatory.
Internal Website Links

If you do not know, I tell you that the positioning of Web pages, in WordPress and in general, is based on relevance, ie Google and other search engines place at the top of the result what they believe can best meet the User search criteria.
However, since Google does not know, nor does it have time to know, what is important in a particular niche, it relies on links to assign authority – along with other criteria – to the content and hence to the Web page.
Building internal links helps Google understand relevancy between pages on a website and indexes them better.
You must create the habit of linking your pages, as long as there is a connection between them; In addition to gaining relevance for Google, you can also improve the user’s visiting time on your website, which also helps to position.
Canonical URL Determination

Search engines should be given instructions on how to read our website in WordPress.
Currently, you can enter the same site with the use of www or if he; That presents two problems. The first is that the search engine, not knowing what to prioritize, divides the relevance between different versions, so that your website is losing strength. The second problem is that, by finding two paths to the same content, it is processed two or more times and is considered duplicate content and therefore a cause of penalty for your site.
To assign the canonical URLs to your website, you only need to enter the Google Webmasters console and give it the instruction, although if you have the necessary knowledge, it is best that you do it through the .htaccess file, setting A permanent redirection.

Non-indexed pages

In this sense I want to talk about two possibilities. Or, Google may stop indexing any of your web pages, or you may not want some of your pages indexed.
In the first case, it may be because Google has not finished processing the site, so it is necessary to submit a map (Sitemap) with all the URLs of the same. Many times Google, not finding relevance in the content, does not index the pages, if that is the case, you can request indexing from the Google Webmasters console.
The second case is the one that interests you the most, because Google and other search engines index everything they can, even what they should not index. In the case of WordPress, indexing categories, files, pagination or pages of labels can generate a duplicate problem and we have already talked about the consequence.
There is always a way to avoid this, just enter the robots.txt file on the server and prohibit the indexing of these routes.
Link Building

This is a very important and extremely delicate point, because it is no secret that many of those who live on the Internet apply all kinds of techniques to gain links.
I am not going to judge the way the sites are linked, I will just say that Google knows how to determine when the links are not natural and try to manipulate the indexing and penalize the sites that apply these techniques.
Beyond that, you can build links in many ways:

  • If you have really valuable content, someone will read it and will want to share it with the world, there you are gaining links. Links are important to gain relevancy in SEO positioning.
  • If you propose to share links with other blogs by contributing content, you can also build a good base, only that it is not so simple that you accept to put links from nothing.
  • If you collaborate on sites related to your niche, such as in forums and communities, you could build good links, although you should study this option very well, as they are often believed to be SPAM links.
  • If you link sites related to yours, there is a chance that they will return the favor, but it is what I have said, it will depend on the luck you have.

SEO is much more than this that we have talked about in this article, but it is also true that with this you have a very good foundation.
Over time you may realize that you need to intensify some of these actions, especially those that have to do with the content and the link, but everything will depend on the response of the search engines to your website.


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