Is Guest Blogging Still Good For SEO?


Guest Blogging: is it still good for seo and link building?

Business reputation can be increased in many different ways and the brand can be popularized in various ways. One of the strategies that are often used is guest blogging. This practice is effective and easy but the problem is it will only work in the event that you use it properly.

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In case you are not aware about the use of guest posting in SEO, we should say that this is a marketing promotion that involves the creation of articles or content that would be published on another site than those owned by the author. This is basically done in order to get a link back to your site.

The great thing about guest posting is that when you create content that is highly interesting, it will be published on sites that have a lot more traffic. This would automatically increase brand awareness. At the same time, you have SEO benefits and your site would end up ranking higher in search engines.

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Every single person that has an online business or simply a site that he wishes to monetize has to consider different strategies to increase traffic. The one tactic that will always bring in the best results on the long run is offered by search engine optimization. On the whole, we can say that guest posting will automatically bring in great results and ranking would be higher, which is something that is highly beneficial for the long run.

The problem is that guest posting is difficult and does take a lot of time. At the same time, we can say that it is not actually a huge necessity for SEO in the sense that you can rank higher without having to use it. However, this does not mean that you should not consider it because there are many other advantages that can be considered.

Access To Wider Audiences

This is an advantage that few consider. When you publish an article on another site you would gain more awareness, which is definitely something that you want to see. As you gain access to the audience of another website, some of the people that are regular visitors there may end up visiting your site. They can become a part of your regular audience. You definitely want this since the loyal followers will surely be valuable.

Industry Connections

If you manage to offer great guest posts to some blogs in your industry, you automatically make great connections that can be highly useful in the future. That is particularly the case for bloggers. When networking is used properly, it can bring in so many wonderful advantages that you should never dismiss.


On the whole, we can say that guest posting is not necessary for high SEO rankings but it is definitely something that you have to consider because of the various advantages mentioned above, together with others like:

  • Increase website optimization
  • Increased site credibility
  • Increased traffic
  • Higher brand recognition
  • Enhancements for advertisements

You do want to use guest posting since it will help you to increase profits. Nobody can deny this and if you can afford it, work with professionals that can help you achieve the best possible results.


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