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Guest Blogging is great and awesome strategy to increase your brand awareness and authority in your niche, Many beginner bloggers and website owners wonder how to do guest blogging effectively and usually think of how to do guest blogging for SEO, Traffic, Backlinks and Link Building and if you are among them then you have landed on the best blog post because here I am going to share the best guest blogging tips which you can use to increase your blog or website traffic, SEO and backlinks but let me tell you that Guest blogging must not be the sole strategy of link building because in past it has been spammed a lot and thus google web spam team head Matt cutts had to make a point that if you are doing guest posting solely for getting backlinks and link building then it will hurt your website or blog SEO big times we will discuss about this later in this post.

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But this does not mean that you cannot use guest blogging in your marketing campaign in fact it is considered as one of the best ways to increase your credibility, authority in your niche, build relationship among fellow bloggers So you must do guest blogging and if done in a right way it can surely boost your SEO and traffic by a lot. Recently I was reading a forum where many beginner bloggers were asking questions which are mentioned below

How to do Guest blogging for SEO

How to do Guest Blogging for Traffic

How to do Guest Blogging for Backlinks

How to do Guest Blogging for link Building

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So I thought why not to write a detailed guide about this so that it can use useful to many beginner bloggers and website owners to understand how they can do the guest blogging safely and at the same time reap the benefits which can be of immense help to increase their traffic and SEO.  So without wasting much time lets see how we can capitalize on each of this techniques and help our business to get more exposure, leads, sales and subscribers. Shall we start you nodded your head right

Guest Blogging for Traffic, SEO, Backlinks & Link Building for Blog / Website


I think that many bloggers and website owners don’t know that we must not do guest blogging just to get backlinks and build links to our website or blog but yes it’s good to get high quality backlinks but we should not overdo it and you must be knowing that how important it is to maintain a good and natural backlink profile to increase your ranking in Google and other search engines So the best strategy to be safe is to do it occasionally and most important that your backlink profile must look natural to google otherwise you blog or website might get in trouble.

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Guest Blogging For SEO

 Matt cutts on Guest Blogging Created Misconception among Bloggers. Guest Blogging is great way to increase laser targeted traffic to your blog as well as it great way to improve and enhance blog readership, Also guest blogging is most widely use link building techniques used by bloggers and webmasters and boost their blog SEO and search engine ranking quickly but Matt cutts has different opinion and lately according to Google favorite Matt Cutts shocked the world of blogging and bloggers with latest update on guest blogging So this post is going to discuss about it and lets see what matt cutts thinks and said about guest blogging

Matt Cutts On Guest Blogging For SEO

Recently Google’s Matt cutts discussed that guest blogging is not going to be much beneficial in terms of SEO and link building because of many small and spammy sites are doing this more often to get dofollow backlinks and increase their page rank below is some quotes what matt cutts has to say about guest blogging for SEO

“Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Why? Because over time it’s become a more and more spammy practice, and if you’re doing a lot of guest blogging then you’re hanging out with really bad company”

This was exactly what matt cutts said about guest blogging and asked bloggers to stay away but later on he changed it mind and said

” It seems like most people are getting the spirit of what I was trying to say, but I’ll add a bit more context. I’m not trying to throw the baby out with the bath water. There are still many good reasons to do some guest blogging (exposure, branding, increased reach, community, etc.). Those reasons existed way before Google and they’ll continue into the future. And there are absolutely some fantastic, high-quality guest bloggers out there.”

Below is complete video of matt cutts on Guest Blogging for Link Building

So what basically matt cutts says about guest blogging for SEO is that it’s still very important to do guest blogging and there are various benefits of guest blogging unless and until you are getting off the track and doing it with right intentions

Now you know how to do and approach guest blogging for SEO let take a look how we can get backlinks and do link building for our blog or website and boost ranking in Google but I would suggest you that not to focus on any single strategy to get backlinks instead diversity your link profile and make it look natural because if Google smells it then you can get penalty even though that there is not such Google algorithm penalty for guest blogging but still you have to be on the safer side. Sound great Yes ?

Guest Blogging For Traffic Strategy

Till now you must have come to know that how fruitful is guest blogging then to add-on this I am going to show you how your can do guest blogging for Traffic and I don’t know that any blogger or website owner who don’t like to have more and more traffic coming to your blog or website. So let see how you can take advantage of this to increase your traffic and at the same time get more sales, subscribers, leads and most important loyal readers for your blog or website

1)  Always try to do guest posting for big and high authority blogs in your niche because these high authority blogs are getting huge amount of traffic and if you content is good and useful then the chances is Hugh that you can get more traffic through their blogs. I am sure that you must be knowing and reading other blogs in your niche to get ideas and learn new tips and tricks so why not do guest blogging for them and you can significantly increase your traffic by using this simple strategy

2) For Beginner bloggers it can be like a great starting point to introduce yourself to whole new community of that particular blogger and get some decent amount of traffic to your blog or website. I know that how hard it is to get traffic to new blog specially during the first month when you have only few blog posts published on your blog so if you are able to write quality content then surely you can improve your blog traffic in no time with guest blogging because I have seen many bloggers whose own blog is having few blog posts but by doing guest posting they are able to drive decent amount of traffic to their own website.

3) Just imagine if you writing about how to do blogging and if your blog posts get published on then the amount of traffic and credibility you can earn is immense since problogger is one of the top blogs in blogging niche So you must use this strategy. There is no point in submitting guest posts on blogs which are getting only little traffic and I am sure that if the blog owners is getting less traffic then how come you will be able to get decent traffic. So the best strategy here is to find big and highly authority blogs in your niche and do guest posting for them and you will see how this technique can sky-rocket your traffic stats once your blog posts goes live on their blog.

4) If you complete beginner and don’t know how to find blogs that accept guest posts then below are the simple query which you can type in google and get the top blogs in your niche to submit your guest posts because the tops results will be good and authority blogs since Google ranking ranks only useful and highly relevant sites in top 10 So you can visit them and pitch them about your guest post

Google Search queries to find blogs which accepts guest posts on their blog

[keyword] blogs
[keyword] “submit a guest post”
[keyword] “submit post”
[keyword] “submit an article”
[keyword] “guest post”
[keyword] “guest blog”
[keyword] “write for us”
[keyword] “become an author”
[keyword] “become a contributor”
[keyword] “become guest writer”
[keyword] “guest column”
[keyword] “guest blogger”

5)  Similarly you can visit many question answers sites like quora and yahoo answers including forums and various other social media sites to get the idea about the topic to pitch guest posts to blog owners but this is most important and I have seen many newbie bloggers who never had much success with guest blogging because they don’t know which topics to pitch and this is one of the biggest reason that their guest posts never get accepted by the blog owner.

Just imagine that if you are pitching an article which is already published on the target blog then what new the blog owner is getting and how useful your article can be to their community. Here I am not saying that it cannot be accepted since every blogger or guest poster has their own way to present their ideas and each blogger has different tips and tricks but to boost your acceptance ratio can simply write a complete different post topic which the blog owners will find very hard to resist

Guest Blogging For Backlinks

After reading up till here you must be knowing that how beneficial is guest blogging for SEO and Traffic but do you know that with guest blogging you can also gain high quality backlinks and it’s very easy which I am going to share in this section.

When you do guest blogging then you can leave one link to your blog or website which can be either within content or in the bio section and suppose if you get the backlinks from good number of high authority blogs in your niche then surely these backlinks will boost your SEO rankings in google very fast.

But here be careful when linking to your own content and make sure that it’s useful for their readers and add value to that particular content from where you are linking otherwise the blog owner will simply remove the link from them or even worse will reject your post and I am sure that you don’t want this So the safe and best strategy to take special care while doing this.

To make the most from guest blogging in terms of SEO is to read first the guest blogging guidelines which is set by the blog owner and notice how many backlinks they are offering some offer only 1 backlink via bio author but you can find many blogs which offer 2 backlinks So what you can do here is add 1 backlink to your blog or website and one contextual link to your blog post which is highly relevant to the context of that particular article. So that is why you must read the guest posting guidelines before you even pitch for guest posts and you can see how many backlinks they are offering so you can plan accordingly and plan your strategy to boost your SEO value.

Guest Blogging Strategy For Link Building

So that you know how to do guest blogging for SEO and backlinks now you can start using the techniques which I have mentioned also make sure that don’t make guest blogging as your number 1 link building strategy but you can do regular guest blogging but try to get backlinks with other methods as well because this will make your backlink profile look natural in the eyes of Google and you will not face any trouble.

If you can do 1 to 2 guest posts on popular blogs in your niche in 1 month then it’s more than sufficient to increase your SEO rankings as well as traffic. I have seen many bloggers who have opted this strategy and increase their blog or website ranking in Google significantly.

Bonus Tip – If you want to get backlinks and really boost your SEO then you can just do 1 guest post for one popular blog and then move on to other specially if you only want to focus on SEO point of view but if you really want to increase your brand awareness, authority, credibility and traffic then you must regular do guest posting for popular blogs with second thought and the results will be really amazing for sure.

Literally I have seen many bloggers who are regularly doing guest posting for top blogs but the hardly get worried about whether they are getting backlinks or not. Why? do you think they are mad no not at all even though they don’t get the backlinks they are least bothered about that as long as they are getting good and decent traffic, leads, more subscribers, more readers and get more exposure which immensely helps to build their brand more popular.

So even if you don’t get any backlinks then don’t worry if the blog is of super high authority then you must do guest posting for them without any hesitation and this will really help you to increase your domain authority quickly which will improve your overall SEO of your blog or website

Over To You ?

So friends this was how to do guest blogging for SEO, traffic, backlinks & link buildingand I hope that you love these guest blogging strategy. If you truly liked it than please share and subscribe because if you are a guest blogger then I am going to publish more related posts in coming series and I am sure that you really don’t want to miss them.

Also please share your thoughts and views in the comment section as I really love to discuss and learn new things and strategies from my readers and do tell me how you are using guest blogging and what were the outcome in terms of SEO, traffic and backlinks. Happy Blogging  ?


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