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Free Search Engine Optimization is not properly utilized by some beginners and even by some well experienced business people to develop their business.  Some people without knowing the effects of free SEO, look for very expensive offline advertisements to market their product.  If you are aiming to market your product in less cost in short period, then I would recommend you to choose free Search Engine Optimization.   This article will tell you the secrets behind article marketing and how it effectively works to lift your online business.

Free optimization not only costs less, but also a weapon to target more customers.  In the present economy 90% of the people rely on online shopping.  Traditional shopping is getting dimmer day by day.  So, your potential customers are somewhere searching for your product or services in the internet.  It is your responsibility to fetch them and drag them to your site.  Article submissions are one such instrument that can bring the customers who are sitting in one corner of the internet to your site.

Article Submissions! How to make it more effective?

1]       First you need to search for the relevant keyword for your business.  Keyword or Keyphrase is the important one for your article to get good spot in search engines.  The keyword is also one of the ingredients in your article that can help you to generate traffic to your site.  Nowadays, keyword research tools are offered free by some websites.  Google keyword research kit is so powerful and you can utilize this free kit to search the keyword for your article.

2]       Once you got the perfect keyword, you should start creating your article.  Start your article with attractive, keyword included title.  The body of the content should be original and informative.  Both search engines and customers hate the content that is copied from some other sites.  Try to give more current information and keep the audience to stay in your webpage to read the content completely.  The appearance of the article is also very important.  Form short paragraphs to make the content more legible and clear.

3]       Use the resource box wisely available at the end of the webpage.  After every article, you can write something about your business or product in the resource box.  This resource box is the place where you need to leave your domain link.  So, if your article is worthy and informative, the customers may click the link available at the footer to contact you.

Articles are real source to attract the potential customers.  But, the articles should be changed in frequent intervals.  Search Engines give importance to the sites and webpages that offers fresh information.  So, if you can follow the above tips, then you can save 50% of your expense that you spend on advertising your product.  There are hundreds of article submission directories in the internet and you need to write informative articles and post in most of the popular directories.  If you do not have sufficient time to do this work, it is hightime to take the help of the freelancers who are ready to write and submit articles on your behalf.


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