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Why every one needs a Country Specific Traffic ?

Every business has their own range of customers as their services are limited to a specific region only. These kind of business blogs/websites need a country specific traffic especially organic traffic to get profits for their business. For instance , an Insurance agency in Canada need their clients only from Canada and the traffic they got from Australia doesn’t get anything for them.

The above example said taken into consideration of local business blog, but interestingly , Every Blogger or Problogger or a Freelancer who blogs everyday taking a niche topic and creating a website content and promoting online also needs traffic from countries like United States and United Kingdom or Australia etc., as the organic traffic from these countries earn them more from advertising networks like Adsense , as these traffic’s Cost per Click rate is much higher when compare to other country traffic like India, Philippines, Nigeria etc.,  Obviously, it depends on the rate of currency of a particular country when compared to a dollar.

These are needs of getting a country specific traffic .

Tips to increase traffic from Specific Country

Tips to Get Organic Traffic from a Specific Country

Buy a Country Specific Domain Extension

Let us start from the basics , if you need to promote your business online or want to earn from writing articles you need a website.

A .Com  TLD (Top Level Domain) is very popular and I prefer to buy this extension , in case this TLD is not available, choose a country specific domain extension.

For example your business / blog needs traffic from Australia , better to buy an .Au domain name.  Sample websites names with country specific domain extensions.

domainname.au (Australia)


domainname.cn (China)


Choose your language 

As you know google search engine has many language versions. You can get traffic easily if you choose to develop website in local language. Though its not necessarily to have site in local language,  you can develop and write the content in English too.

Is you write the content in a regional based language you must use the language attributes to make the search engines list your content in regional language search.

Html and xhtml code for language looks like this

<html xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml” lang=”en” xml:lang=”en”>

when “en” stands for english, you can change it to “fr” if you want to write in french so that there is a chance of getting traffic from France.

Google uses hreflang tags to match the user’s language preference to the right variation of your pages.


Target country/region based Content which drives traffic more

Some changes in your content/article of your blog can do magic . Don’t use Broad Titles to your content. Use Region Specific Titles and Content.

For instance,  “Tips on Health Insurance”   will have more competition and may not get the traffic from your expected region. Narrow your content target to a specific region which is easy to rank and you will get the targeted traffic using the titles like ” Tips on Health Insurance and Advice in Alabama” . Write blog posts of 2000 words length and use  OnPage SEO Tips to write a perfect Search Engine Optimized post.


Choosing a country specific domain extension and narrowing your content to a specific region may not get as much success in traffic generation , unless you opt Local SEO Strategies and Online Promotion Strategies targeting a specific region.


Tips to Index your Website for getting Region Specific Traffic

Majorly , we have three search engines that share the maximum usage in the field of search engines. Google, Bing , Yahoo tops the list. As yahoo merged in Bing,  submitting to bing webmaster gets you indexed in both yahoo and Bing.

You can submit your sitemaps to these search engines giving a Geo-targeting option.

Geographical Settings in Google Webmaster :  After submitting your website/blogs sitemap, Go to Search Traffic >> Click on International Targeting >> Click on Country Tab and Select your targeting country.

google targeting country in specific


How to get traffic from specific country Google International Targeting

Geographical Indexing in Bing Webmaster : After  submitting you blog’s sitemap to Bing using Bing webmaster tool,   Go to Dashboard , you will find Geo Targeting >> Click on that

Bing webmaster offers you few options in Geo Targeting.

You can Geo Target

  • Entire domain to a specific country.
  • Directory or subdomain If you prefer a directory or a subdomain in your website to be a country specific and use this option to Target .
  • Page, This option is used to Geo target a single post or page of your website.

Use any of the options above and get targeted traffic.

bing specific country



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