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If your latest or New blog posts or pages are not indexed in Google search results then there must be something you are not doing right in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of blog posts Below I am going to show how to get new blog post indexed fast in Google search results and this post will help to find some solutions for your blog post not getting indexed in Google search results Or may be your blog post takes too long to get indexed in Google search engine then this is serious problem because you are wasting time in writing new blog post which are not indexed in Google fast than what you expected So lets start with main reason for slower indexing rates of your latest blog post

New Blog posts are not getting indexed in Google search results and how to fix it?

First some basic steps to write SEO friendly blog post

1) Write your blog post title attractive filled with some of your blog post main keyword
2) Sprinkle your main keywords with 2 or 3 variations in put throughout your blog post content
3) Give proper Tags to your blog post which further defines the topic of your blog post
4) If you are using images in your blog post then give proper title and alt tags which must contain your main blog post keyword
5) Select Proper Categories for your blog post
6) Use SEO Friendly URL structure for high ranking in Google search results and use less stop words in URL’s

7) Interlink your Blog post by interlinking your latest blog post with older blog post, This is very beneficial in terms of SEO and will improve your ranking

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Now that you have written great SEO friendly blog post now you will ask me how to get indexed faster in Google then continue reading and you will find ways to get your new blog post indexed fast in google search results

How to Get New Blog Post indexed In Google Fast and Quickly

1) Write Quality Content- You must be knowing content is king but writing blog post which are of minimal quality will not help you much in terms of SEO and ranking in Google search engine so do blog post regularly
Do some research before writing your new blog post, use some good low competition keywords
Try to write blog post of at least 500 words because long post do better in search engine results
Write original blog posts don’t copy and paste from any other blog, Google will penalize you for doing this
2) Build Quality Backlinks- To get your new blog post indexed fast in Google search engine results you have to build some quality backlinks for your blog for this you can do following things
Do Comments- Write Comment on popular blog post related to your niche try to comment on commentluv enabled blogs they provide do follow links
Participate in Forums- Participate regularly in Forums and try to answer the questions of forum members for finding forum in your niche do Google search like your  topic or niche “Forums” and you will find some good forums to join
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Guest Posting- Find some popular blog in your niche and do some guest posting for them this will put your blog in front of their readers and your blog traffic will significantly increase
3) Use Social Networks/ Social Media Marketing- Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are most popular social media website so make use of them
You can share your blog post on social media websites like your Facebook fan page, twitter account and on Google plus page to get more likes by doing this you will get more visitors and you will get your new blog post indexed fast in Google search results because Google love these social media websites
One example I can give you is one of my blog post which I shared with Google plus got indexed in Google  search engine faster than my actual blog post so Social media marketing is very powerful ways to increase your blog post rankings

4) Use Ping Services- Last but not the least use ping services which will tells Google,Bing and other search engines that you did new blog post and please index them so when ever you update or do new blog post don’t forget to ping you can use services like Pingomatic or Pingates 

So these are some tips on how to get new blog post indexed fast in Google search results and now your blog post will appear must faster in Google,Bing or Yahoo search engines If you liked this post please share it and what other method you use for getting your blog post indexed fast in search engines please let me and my readers know about it in comment section below

one last thing u should is to submit the post url too google use this link to submit your url 


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