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If you searching for how to get backlinks from google plus or how to get free backlinks from google then you have landed on the best blog post because here I am going to share a cool trick on how to get free dofollow backlink from google, Guys as you know that Google is the most popular search engines in the world and it’s the biggest internet company as of now So if you are able to get backlinks from google then it’s very beneficial and it’s importance is more than any other sources from which you might get backlinks to your website

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You must be know that backlinks are the backbone to get high rankings in search engines and without good quality backlinks you will find it hard to rank your blog posts higher in Google and many beginner bloggers don’t understand this and they simply think that getting more backlinks is the key to rank higher in Google,

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Yes indeed it’s true that you must get more backlinks but what’s more important is that the quality of backlinks you are getting i.e you must build high quality backlinks more as compared to low quality crappy backlinks as Google don’t emphasize and give importance to these low quality backlinks So I would recommend you to build high quality backlinks Remember getting 1 backlink from high pr website like Google is worth 10 times more than building 20 backlinks from low quality websites and blogs

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Recently one of my friend asked me how do I get backlinks from google and he asked me whether it’s possible to create free backlinks from google I told him yes it’s possible and it’s very easy way to get backlinks from google! Are you curious too if yes then lets see how

Basically the trick here is that we are going to get backlinks from google plus which is google’s most popular social media site and the backlinks which you will create from google plus will be dofollow so you are definitely going to get the SEO link juice and you blog rankings will definitely improve in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing

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However I am going to share a post on how to free get backlinks from google drive as well so stay tuned but today lets see how to build free backlinks from google plus

How To Get Backlinks From Google Plus For Free


1) First login to your google plus account and go to your google + profile

free backlinks from google

2) Click on the About tab, now you will see the “Story” section where you will see titles like Tag line, Introduction, Bragging rights and Edit option at botton So click on Edit link

free backlinks from google

3) So fill in the tag line and in the introduction section you can insert a link to your blog or website which will be a free dofollow backlink from google plus


4) Now click on Save and you are done 

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So friends this was my trick on how to get free backlink from google plus and there is no other way to get backlinks from google plus not even from your google plus page as all the links are no follow, if you like this trick then please share with your friends on google plus and other social media sites and do forget to subscribe to get more link building tips and tricks



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