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Well if you are wondering that how to get backlinks from Wikipedia or how to create backlinks from Wikipedia then do worry because here in this post I am going to show you the best trick to get backlinks from Wikipedia, As you would know that Wikipedia is one of the most trusted and reputed website on the internet no matter what you are looking for you can find that information on Wiki sites, As you might know that getting quality backlinks to your blog sites is very important in SEO specially if you want to improve google rankings and with few good high quality backlinks from trusted, high quality and domain authority you can definitely get some hike in Google, Yahoo and Bing search results

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Many beginner bloggers are always thinking that how to get backlinks from wiki sites because they know that it can significantly boost their website or blog ranking quickly as well as they will get huge amount of traffic because there are millions of people who daily visit Wikipedia to find some or the other information So if you will manage to create backlinks to your website from Wikipedia then it’s win win situation for blog

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However let me tell that Wikipedia will give nofollow backlinks Yes you heard it right you are not going to get dofollow backlink from Wikipedia, I always like to tell my readers the truth and I don’t like them deceiving them by making my blog post as get dofollow backlinks from Wikipedia So now that you know that you are going to get nofollow backlink from Wikipedia sites you might be thinking that why to waste time in getting nofollow backlinks from Wikipedia

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But wait even though the links which you will get will be not dofollow which means that it’s will not pass any link juice to your website or blog but it will definitely have a positive impact in terms of SEO because Google trust Wikipedia and what Wikipedia will suggest Google is going to give respect to them

Why Google likes Wikipedia sites? because first of all you cannot spam Wikipedia as the moderators there are very strict and any attempt you will do will let your account suspended or you IP address will be banned and their main goal is to provide the best and most relevant information about a particular topic

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So if they will find that you are only here for spamming them then they will simply kick you out and this is why Google loves Wikipedia and the motives of both these internet gaints is to provide most relevant and useful information to the readers So if you will think that you can easily get backlinks from Wikipedia then let me tell you that it will definitely make you sweat

So how can you get backlink from wiki sites then don’t worry even though it’s little bit tough to create backlinks to your website from wikipedia but it’s certainly not impossible So below are few tips and tricks to get free backlinks from Wikipedia

How To Get Backlinks From Wikipedia Sites

1) As you know that Wikipedia is one of the most trusted sites on the internet so getting backlink from Wikipedia will require lots of patience and you cannot just go to Wikipedia and insert your links but not to say that it’s impossible you can surely get the backlink from Wikipedia provided that you have that valuable and ultimately useful resources for that particular page which truly add the value

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2) As you know that nothing is free so the same rule applies here in order to create backlinks to your blog or website you must first contribute to the community so that you build up the credibility and trust factor among the Wikipedia community and the editors will surely notice you that you are indeed there to help make Wikipedia a better source of information

3) So basically the first step to get backlink from Wikipedia is to join them as editor and you can sign up for free here Wikipedia

4) After joining spend some time in finding relevant content in which you are having good knowledge and authority can try to contribute by editing some resources on Wikipedia and don’t hesitate to provide links to sources other than yours from authority sites so that you gain the trust factors and the editors will definitely start trusting you as editor and this is the best trick to increase your chances of building backlinks to your site from Wikipedia and this is where many beginner bloggers and website owners make mistake they simply go to Wikipedia and search for relevant page or information in their niche and create backlink to their blog but do you know that Wikipedia editors keep an eye on each any every small edits and they can smell if you intentions are selfish

5) So after you have contributed to Wikipedia site then you next step would be to provide relevant and useful information from your own sites or blog but again let me tell you that it must be of utmost valuable and highly relevant otherwise no matter you are the most trusted editor in Wikipedia they don’t care they will simply delete your links

6) Provide a good reason why you are recommending your backlinks as this will give the editors the chance to look into your link and find the relevancy of that particular backllink which you have created to your site

7)  Another cool trick here is that make sure that you website or blog design look very professional and Wikipedia don’t want to link out to crappy sites which are full of ads all over the places and it’s will also make your website look spammy so make sure to install a good clean design which higly looks professional and this will drastically improve your chances to get free backlinks from Wikipedia

8) Now after you have successfully get one backlink to your site from Wikipedia then next step is to keep on looking for other niche relevant information and recommend your link

So friends this was the best tips and tricks on how to get backlinks from Wikipedia for free and again friends I want to really emphasize on the point that wiki sites are not for spamming in fact there is no site on the internet which likes to get spammed So never think of spamming Wikipedia as this will definitely put negative impact, If you like this trick then please share and don’t forget to subscribe to get more link building tips and tricks



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