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Did you drop your iPhone in the toilet? Did you wash it with your laundry? Did your iPhone take a swim with you in a pool? Water may be fun for you but iPhone does not like water. Now the screen starts blinking on and off and it is not working properly. Well, at that moment, you need to fix it to get restored in proper working order. If you are not able to think at this frustrating moment, don’t worry! I am here to tell you some helpful tips to fix a water damaged iPhone.

However, before getting tips for a water-damaged iPhone, you should understand what you should do immediately after falling your phone in the water. This will be helpful in saving your iPhone’s life.

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Determine your iPhone Water Damage

The water-damaged of your iPhone certainly depends on how long and how far it has been in the water. When it falls into the water and you speedily take it out, it will still be on most of the time. When it is, turn it off instantly with power/sleep button on the top. If it gets stuck on the white pinwheel when turning hold the home button with the power/sleep button for a few seconds and it will turn off. However, when your iPhone has been in the water for a long amount of time, it will have shut down by itself. Whatever you do, don’t turn the iPhone on at this moment.

Remove your SIM Card and Perform Initial Drying of Your iPhone

Take out your SIM Card casing with a paperclip or the tool that came with your iPhone and leave it to dry with your SIM Card. Next, take a paper towel and wipe your iPhone dry as good as you can. Then, gently shake out the big water drops from your handset. If you have a blow dryer, turn it on low heat and blow dry the SIM card tray, headphone jack, and dock connection on the bottom for about ten minutes. Don’t turn your phone on yet!

After the implementation of first-aid treatment,if your iPhone is still not working accurately then you should follow the below-mentioned tips to fix it.

Go For iPhone Water-Damaged Repair

Until recently, Apple has come up with different iPhone models and some latest models are water-resistant but they are not water-proof. This means that they are still likely to get damaged if they fall in the water. Furthermore, Apple Company does not offer any warranty or replacement for water-damaged iPhones. So you are left with having your iPhone repaired. You can repair itfrom your nearby Apple Care Store, hence, it is an expensive option because water-damage does not come under warranty.

You can also go for an online iPhone repair store to fix the water-damage of your handset if you are looking for a low-priced solution. However, it is quite difficult to find out a reliable repair store that has expertise in fixing a water-damaged iPhone. On the other hands, if you meet a right repair specialist then the chances are that your iPhone would be beyond repair.

If you are not satisfied with both repairing options then you can consider the next tip.

Sell iPhone for Cash

Selling a water-damaged iPhone is a wise option if you don’t want to choose any repair option. Nowadays, there are numerous mobile phone recycling companies willing to buy water-damaged iPhones at some reasonable prices. These companies offering their mobile phone recycling services free of cost online, through which you can sell your water-damaged iPhone quickly and earn some money that you can invest in your new mobile phone. Therefore, don’t throw your water-damaged iPhone away to pollute the environment. Just visit a trustworthy recycling website and turn your water-damaged iPhone into cash.

How to Look For a Trustworthy Recycling Website to Sell Your Water-Damaged iPhone?

At the present time, a large number of mobile phone recycling websites have come into presence as they are spreading awareness about how mobile phone recycling is beneficial for you and environment too. Nevertheless, it may be tough to find out a reliable recycler while selling an iPhone. So, you should head over to a mobile phone recycling comparison website. Yes, only a comparison site gives you a very simple and swift way to search for top-paying recycling firms. It makes a quick and fair comparison of prices offered by top recycling companies and provides the topmost deals at one place. With a simple click, you can pick up the highest deal to sell your water-damaged iPhone.

By comparing the recycling websites’ prices through a comparison site, you will definitely grab a maximum price for your water-damaged iPhone as well as save you time and hassles.


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