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If you are looking for how to find LSI keywords for SEO or what to know what is the meaning of LSI keyword research then in this post I am going to share how to find LSI keywords and how you use them in your articles to improve your search engine rankings, Google is becoming smarter day by day and it’s no more a dumb webpages ranking machine, Google has not evolved much more than just a search engine and it now understand what the intent of the searcher is and what exactly they are looking for to provide you with the best and most relevant search results and how it does by using these LSI keywords So in this post we are going to see how we can use LSI keywords to boost our blog posts rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines

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Find LSI Keywords: How to do LSI keyword Research

Find LSI Keywords

LSI Keyword Research: How To Find LSI Keywords For SEO: 
Before getting into the details first see what exactly is the term LSI stands for and what is the meaning of it

What is LSI keywords ?

LSI keywords are called as Latent Semantic Indexing and it’s a part of Google search algorithm to find most relevant pages to a particular keyword search

Advantages or benefits of using LSI Keywords

There are many benefits of using LSI keywords in your articles or blog posts let’s say for example if you are writing a blog post about “how to create a blog” then how it sound that you are using “how to create a blog” hundred times in your blog posts or pages and this can lead to Google penalty of keyword stuffing
So to avoid this you must use LSI keywords in your articles so that you are not prone to keyword stuffing penalty and you article will sound more professional while reading Also when you are using LSI keywords you are making your blog posts more eligible to rank for other related keywords or synonyms for your targeted keyword or keyword phrase
So in the above example you can use LSI keywords like ” how to build a blog” , ” how to make a blog ” , “how to start a blog” ,”Create a blog”  etc etc and this will drastically help your blog posts to rank for semantic keywords which are synonyms to your main keyword
Still confused lets see the real example below
lsi keyword research

In the above screenshot the main keyword or keyword phrase is ” build a blog” and the search results which are showing all are not having “build a blog” in their title neither in URL nor in meta description but why they are ranking for this particular keyword phrase is because they have used LSI keywords in their title, content of their articles or in their URL and you will also find that Google always highlights the keywords or LSI keywords with bold format which makes the visitor find more relevant, similar or semantic results

How To Find LSI Keywords or Latent Semantic Keywords

So that you know how LSI keyword research can help your to rank for multiple queries and semantic keywords now we will see how to find LSI keywords to target when you write a blog posts
If you take the above example when you scroll down at the bottom of the page you will see section called
Searches realated to ” Keyword” and below that you can find latent semantic keywords which Google thinks are related to or synonyms to a particular search term As you can see in the below screen shot all these are related to the main query and Google shows some relevant suggestion and these are LSI keywords

find lsi keywords

Other ways to find Latent Semantic Keywords

There are many online LSI keyword suggestion tool or generator tool but one free tool which I like is UBER Suggest it’s awesome tool to find long tail keywords as well as Latent semantic keywords So go to Ubersuggest and type in the keyword which you find to find latent semantic keywords and Hit Suggest button So for the above example as we can see that Uber suggest has shown good keyword suggestions which you can target on our blog posts
finding lsi keywords

You can use Easy wordpress SEO plugin or SEO processor plugin to automatically find LSI keywords if you are using wordpress but both these are paid plugins but will save lots of your time and efforts and will make your writing easier

So friends this was how to find LSI keywords for SEO and how to do LSI keyword research can help you to rank for more long tail keywords or semantic
  similar keywords and this not only improves our rankings but also will drive more traffic from multiple search queries.
If you know any other good LSI keyword finder tools then do let me know via comment! Thanks and Keep on Blogging



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