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Many beginners ask this question how to find long tail keywords for SEO or how to find long tail keyword using Google keyword tool because they don’t know how to find them and use it effectively while writing the blog posts, Long tail keywords are the best way to rank your articles or content in Google, Yahoo, Bing search engines specially if your blog is fairly new and don’t have that much domain authority and inbound links pointing towards it

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And of the most common SEO mistakes which many newbie bloggers make is that they don’t know the importance of long tail keywords and they end up writing blog posts which ends up in no man lands So how to overcome this problem so that you can get more traffic to your blog posts or websites and to address this problem I have a solution for all the newbie and budding bloggers to target long tail keywords So in this post I am going to share few tricks on how to find long tail keywords for SEO and how to implement them in your SEO strategy

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How To Find Long Tail Keywords Using Google keyword tool For SEO

Before getting into the details lets see what is long tail keywords first to understand this post better

What Are Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are keywords or phrases which consist of more than 3 to 4 words whereas a short tail keywords consist of 1 or 2 words only

SEO Benefits Of Using Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are easy to rank as compared to short tail keyword for example to get ranked for a keyword like “SEO” is very tough to rank and for new blog is near to impossible because the competition for this particular keyword is very severe and is dominated by top blogs and websites in SEO niches whereas as long tail keyword like ” SEO tips and tricks for beginners ” is comparatively easy to rank
Because of low competition and very few bloggers and webmasters are targeting this keyword phrase So it makes sense to try to rank on top 10 for this long tail keyword as compared to rank for keyword “SEO” which reduces the chances to get into the top 10 results of Google SERP’s
And if you are a beginner blogger then I highly recommend you to focus and target more on long tail keywords to get the decent amount of traffic coming to your blog or website then as your blogs get popular then you can consider to target short tail keywords, I am not trying to demotivate you or pin point you that you don’t have the potential but friends this is the fact and we have to abide by it
Lets take and example suppose you are into blogging niche and want to write a blog post which targets the keyword “Blogging tips” then before starting to write your article first head to Google and see the top 10 results and you will come to know the reality because all the top 10 results of first page are being dominated by big blogs So this is where long tail keywords are very important and can yield better results both in terms of traffic and SEO

Find Long Tail keywords For SEO

Well to find long tail keywords there are many online tools and generators for which I am going to dedicate a  complete posts which will show you the best long tail keywords generator tools but for this post I going to share few tricks to find them very easily without much hassle and effort

Find Long Tail Keywords Using Google Auto complete

Well this is very easy method to do your long tail keyword research simply you have to go to Google but choose incognito window if you are using Google chrome browser or private window if you are using Firefox  why private browsing because Google chrome using our browsing history to return the results which shows in Google suggest or auto complete feature and might trigger results based on your previous search history so I recommend you to use incognito window for your long tail keyword research So move ahead

find long tail keywrods

In the above example you and see as I type blogging in Google it suggest few popular keywords as drop down and we can see that blogging tips is looking relevant for this niche but will be a better ideas to try to rank for blogging tips and to find this we have to look in the competition for this particular terms Generally the more number of avg monthly searches means it will be difficult to rank for that particular keyword and “blogging tips ” is short tail keyword So we will take our long tail keyword research a step further

find long tail keywords for seo

Now in this example as you hit space after blogging tips then you can see the keyword phrase ” blogging tips and tricks” which is long tail keywords and it contains 4 words and it’s worth trying to rank and target this phrase as compared to ” blogging tips”
Also when you scroll down the page you can see the term called as Searches related to ” your keyword”
find long tail keywords for seo
As you can see in the above image all these terms are variations of your keywords which are called as LSI   ( latent semantic keyword) which you can target in your blog posts and here also you can find other relevant long tail keywords to choose from like in this “blogging tips and tricks for beginners” is again a long tail keyword

How To Find Long Tail Keywords For Local SEO

Now there are many business and webmasters who must be doing local business and want their blog or website to be found for local search terms and by choosing long tail keywords will definitely give more traffic, sales and conversion lets see how again we are going to use Google for this
Suppose you are running a SEO company then you would want to rank your website or blog when some one searches for SEO company or SEO agency right? sound relevant to your business as well but again the same problem comes here is the amount of competitions for this particular keyword and I think that competition for this particular keyword is enormous but many will think that it’s highly relevant but I will say that it’s not why?
Because let’s say you are running a company in chicago then it will be more beneficial to rank for the keyword phrase or long tail keyword ” SEO company in chicago” as your audience will be more targeted and will be more potential buyers and this is where long tail keywords are more profitable because it filters down the visitors who are just for getting information from the readers who are ready to take their credit card off and buy your product and services and becuase of low competition it will be easier to rank for long tail keyword ” SEO company in chicago” as compared to generic keyword only ” SEO company”

Find Long Tail Keywords Using Google Keyword Tool For Free

1) First login to Google adwords account

2) Then click on Tools and Keyword Planner from the top navigation bar

3) Now click on Search for a new keyword and ad group ideas and enter you main keyword lets say for example ” Keyword Research ” and hit Get ideas button

find long tail keywords

4) Now you are going to see two tabs a) Ad group ideas and b) Keyword ideas So go ahead and click on Keyword ideas tab5) You will see some what similar screen with the amount of avg monthly searches for you particular main keyword

long tail keywords


6) Now as you can see the word ” keyword research ” is getting approx 12,100 monthly searches so it would be really very difficult to rank for this keyword phrase unless you are having a very high domain authority like SEJ or Moz  and also it more generic or short tail keyword or broad keyword which generally tends to have lots of competition and might be difficult to rank forFind Low Competition Long Tail Keywords Using Google Keyword Tool Free

7) So next we are going to analyse a keyword or keyword phrase which receives decent amount of traffic as well as good chances of getting ranked high in search engine results

8) So after analyzing the above keyword we can see there are many similar keywords which related to our main keyword but for what keyword we should shoot for and one thing you must keep in your mind that you must target the keyword which related to the topic of your blog posts or pages So if we take the example of the blog post were are talking about keyword research So the keyword phrases like keyword research tools or free keywords research tools are not highly targeted to the topic of this blog post what look more promising and good long tail keyword is the phrases ” seo keyword research” , ” how to do keyword research”  , ” free keyword research” and its has decent amount of traffic and highly relevant to the context of our blog posts

9) By this way you can find many low competition long tail keywords to choose from and target in your blog posts and this will drastically increase the chances that your blog posts will rank higher in search engine results

10) Also there are many other online tools like uber suggest, long tail pro ( paid) but I think that you can easily find low competition long tail keywords using Google keyword tool and the best part it’s free tool to use and you don’t have to pay a single penny to use Google keyword tool, however I will write a complete dedicated post to on ” free long tail keyword tools” that’s why I am not covering this part in this post So stay tuned and in that post I am going to share best long tail keyword research tools with you


So friends this was how to find long tail keywords for SEO using Google keyword tool and I hope you will like this post and if you have any questions or queries you can ask me via comments and I will love to help you and give the best possible advice, I think that long tail keywords is the best SEO strategy you can use while writing your content because it’s easy to rank for because of low competition and also your blog or website will get more targeted traffic with high conversion rate which will result in more sales and more customers So start to choose low competition long tail keywords and you will definitely see the spike in your traffic stats! Keep Blogging guys and do come back for more blogging tips and tricks


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