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Commentluv enabled blogs are very important to build good quality backlinks for your blog and at the same time drive referral traffic to your blog especially if your blog is not getting much traffic and if you want to increase search engine ranking then commentluv enabled blogs can get high quality dofollow backlinks which will tremendously increase your blog traffic and rankings, It considered as one of the best link building techniques apart form other techniques for getting dofollow backlinks and traffic

But many newbie blogger have problem to find commentluv blogs which can also be very tedious task to do apart from writing quality content for your blog but getting high quality backlinks is much important as writing content for your blog So exactly how you can find hundreds of commentluv enabled blogs to same your time with one click similary you can also comment on keywordluv enabled blogs also to get backlinks which is also shown below

So in today’s tutorial I will show you 3 online tools which are absolutely free to use by which you can comment on and get hundreds of free quality backlinks and traffic for your blogs But before showing you how to find commentluv blogs let me tell you how this works and how you can benefit from commenting on such blogs

Benefits Of Commentluv Enabled Blog –

1) First benefit is that you will get dofollow backlinks as stated above

2) You can put your blog main keywords along with your name field on keyword enabled blog eg Your Blog Name@Your keywords

3) You will get the option of choosing and selecting from 10 recent published posts to link along with your comment

4) You will also be able to link your twitter profile on such blogs

However there are some blogs which requires you to either share or give plus one with your facebook, twitter or Google plus account to enable the selection from 10 recent blog post but if you don’t want to share then no problem your latest post will automatically link to your comments

Also, If you got 3 approved comment on that commentluv premium enabled blogs, you will instanly get access to choose among 10 most recent articles without doing Tweet, +1 or Facebook Share

Now that you know how important is to comment on such blog and how much benefit you can extract form them so lets see now how to find commentluv and keywordluv blogs

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Steps To Find CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

1) First Go to CommentLuv Enabled Blog Search

2) Now you will require to Singup to their Website for using their commentluv enabled search box so enter your email id and make new password then hit submit

3) After you submit you have to confirm your email address by clicking on the provide link

4) After you confirm your email address you will again be redirected to subscription form put the same email address and you are done Now you can find unlimited commentluv blogs to comment on

5) Just put your keyword and search there you go and start commenting

find commentluv enabled blogs

Apart from this tool you have got two more tools which are more specific and you can choose different types of blog to comment on like .org, .edu, commentluv, kewordluv,squidoo lenses, LiveFyre, Hub pagee etc to choose from it great tools which will save lots of your precious time so lets take a look

1) Drop My Link

Go to there you will find two section one for putting your keywords and in second Find box you can select from different types of blog mentioned above to select from and hit search and you will find commentluv premiom blogs similarly do can drop down arrow to find keywordluv blogs also

2) Put My Link

Go to and just repeat the same step you did with Drop my link and you will find dofollow commentluv and keywordluv enabled blogs to comment on


So friends this is it these are some of the best and free tools to Find CommentLuv Enabled Blogs which are great to find dofollow backlinks for your blog and it will also help in increasing traffic to your blog I hope you liked this tutorial and please share with your friends and start commenting and do subscribe to keep getting more blogging tips and tricks!


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