Factors that positively affect seo

There are several factors that affect the positioning of a web page, in the experience of webmasters it has been shown that some influence more than others and in some cases there are factors that influence negatively.

Factors that Positively Affect SEO

Keyword used in the tag

The text used inside the <title> tag is displayed in the browser status bar and is used as a title in the search result summary. It is considered the most influential factor in positioning. If the title contains the keyword that the user is looking for, there is more probability of appearing in the first positions.
Do not leave untitled pages like: “Untitled Page” or “Untitled Document“.
The title must be descriptive and fully describe the content of the page.
Place different titles on each page, for example “Contact us – bestonlineblog“.

Text used in links

The text used in the links is a description of the content being linked. If there are links from different domains that contain the same keyword is a strong indicator of the content of a web. That is why getting links from other pages with the right text is important to position a page in the first places.
Avoid creating links of type Click Here instead should be used Contact us.
Avoid using javascript in the “href” property of the link, search engines can not follow it.
If you use the property rel = “nofollow” the links are not followed by Google.

Link Structure

If you use a clean link structure, which is descriptive of the section where we are and contain the keywords of the content, we will have better options to position our content. For example instead of having a link of the form: product.php? Id = 25 it is better to replace it with product / mac-pro-13 / where it is obvious that we are reviewing the products section and specifically a 13-inch Mac Pro.

Global Site Authority

This is how many links the website has from other domains. If a site is considered of great authority the content of these pages will appear among the first search results. To get an idea of the authority of a site you can see the Pagerank of the main page of the domain also using Yahoo Site Explorer where you can know the amount of incoming links.

Age of Site

Site time is a sign of the importance of a website. A site that is 8 years old is considered more important than a site created 3 months ago. Some point out that the expiration date of the domain is also important so they register the domain for several years.

Link popularity in the internal structure of the Site

In the internal structure of links there are some that are more important, this is for the amount of links that have within the same web. So a page that has a link only from the contact section and not from the others has less importance than the other links.

Topical relevance of inbound links

If incoming links come from other sites that have relevance, then it is more likely that this content will appear in the first search results. These links are achieved by creating quality content so that other sites will link to us as a reference.

Keyword used in content

The search engines analyze the content of our page and if the keyword that a user searches for is in the content of our page then we will appear in the search results.


Factors Affecting Negatively


Server inaccessible to search engines

If your web server is inaccessible (at certain times) and the search engine tries to access, then the content can not be indexed. Therefore it is advisable to hire a quality hosting that offers us a high percentage of uptime.

Similar or duplicate content from other pages

If the content of our page is very similar or copied from other sites, the search engine will catalog it as duplicate content so that the page with the original content will appear in the first places while the duplicate will be relegated to the last positions.

Poor quality external links or spam sites

If our website has links from sites considered as spammers is a sign that we are working with spam techniques by which this will negatively affect our positioning.

Buying links

The purchase of links is a technique penalized by search engines as it tries to manipulate the natural positioning. The search engines detect the purchase of links for example by the abrupt increase of incoming links, that is why it is not advisable to buy links or make them using the property rel = “nofollow”.

Duplicate titles and / or metatags

If we place several pages with the same title and meta tags the search engines will not distinguish what kind of content each page has and even which is the main page. That is why you have to be careful when writing these parameters.


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