Email Marketing Best practices tips and Strategies for Online Business


Email Marketing Best practices tips and Strategies for Online Business

Let us know about email marketing which is one of the buzz in Internet Marketing options and rapidly growing  technology that increase your business popularity and as well as profits . Some facts and Basics about Email Marketing are Stated below.

What is email marketing ?

Email Marketing ? In simple words Marketing through Email Lol that’s it , More than 92% of businesses and websites/blogs adopt this marketing strategy to stay connected with their targeted customers or visitors.

Wiki says the say ” Direct marketing to a group of members through email , Whether it may be a promotional message or a guide or a message”

Email Marketing Purpose :  Enhance the Merchant-Customer relationship to encourage customer loyalty and repetitive business with the previous and current customers.

Why use Email marketing ?

Let us know some stats and facts about email marketing , then you will automatically understand the importance of email marketing to increase traffic and customers to your website.

A website claims that more than 120 Billion Emails were sent every hour.

Do you know Email Marketing surpassed the SEO and became the no.1 channel for ROI.  Nearly 70% companies rated email marketing as the better option for ROI and Companies allocates more than 23% of their total sales to Email Marketing channel.

Coming to why to use email marketing ?  

It is highly targeted, there is no issues of reaching the desired ones in the market, as these subscribers are subscribed to get emails on specific category only.

If you spend sometime on email marketing and research on it, you can find ways to run cost-efficient marketing campaigns.

Many marketeers approach email marketing because it is simple, affordable and effective.

email marketing tips


How to use email marketing  and what are the effective email marketing strategies?

Follow the basic things of Business to implement perfect email marketing for business

  • Planning
  • Analyze
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance

These are the basics of email marketing strategies.

First of all what are your email marketing objectives ?

Primary objective is to build a database of your customers/subscribers .  You can approach email marketing agencies or you can build your own database by offering your visitors some coupons or e-books or gift vouchers , what ever it may , just to attract your customers and make them subscribers.

To do that, you need exit intent popup plugins or script which helps you to build your own targeted customers database.

Now once you build these database, you can categorize your audience by demographically and geographically so that you can plan your email campaigns based on these factors.

check How to get Traffic from a Specific Country

A good Exit Intent Popup will have these signup forms which include demographics and Geographical details of the customers.

These details are very important for your campaigns, as these decide your content or product or offers in the email based of location, age and gender and occupation.

You can send an email offering web hosting Services to a school going child .

Plan accordingly and keep in mind about these factors while starting your email campaign.

These are Effective Tactics most of the marketers use to grow your email List

  • Website Access
  • Content Downloads
  • Upcoming Events
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Purchase process
  • Paid Search campaigns
  • Email Forward to Friend
  • Call center / in-store email capture

How to Write an Email Content

First impression is the best and once a visitor subscribed to your emails, what do he see first ?

Remember what you promised at the time of subscription, or in Opt in . Full fill it whether it may be a e-book or something else as discussed above.

Now what ? Never end an email or never conclude , attract them by saying what interesting things coming in future .

Provide good and attractive content that a reader would satisfy, maintain a good relationship with them.

Few common words must be used in Subject line to increase Email rates

  • Free
  • Quick
  • Tomorrow
  • Meeting
  • FW:
  • Go
  • Upgrade
  • Wonderful
  • Just
  • Content

Show consistency in sending emails, opt a time and day to send emails.  Don’t Oversell or shout in your email by sending frequent emails which may irritate user and there is a risk or losing them. Try to send only 1-3 Emails per week

Avoid too many images and maintain a optimized text image ratio. Never use spammy words in your email or too many links which will send your email to spam box and mark them as spam not good for your branding .

Try to use your Company or website name in the subject line which generates a popularity of your brand name or website name.

Eg :

  • Happy holidays from “Company Name”
  • Upcoming events at “company name “

New Steal emails or Spam your brand . There are strict rules for email list and marketing in some countries like Canada, European Union and United States and spamming may fine you in millions.


Best Email Marketing Agencies and Best Email marketing Tools Online.

There are may agencies that provide valuable and targetable services not mentioning them, giving few famous tools which can be used to build your own database of subscribers.

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