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So you are ready to upgrade your phone but what would you do when you will sell your used mobile phone. In the present age of digital consumerism, we are at a point where we upgrade our smartphone more frequently than ever before. While there are several options when it comes to looking for the right place to buy a new handset, we often don’t have any idea about what to do with the old one. People want to get some cash for their mobile phones quickly and at the best ever price but the cumbersome quest to search the right buyer, best price and so on makes it a daunting task.  

Here is some information about what you will need to do when you want to make money from your old mobile phone.

Where Can You Sell Your Old Mobile Phone?

There are different ways in which you can earn money by selling your old phones. You can approach a smartphone shop both online or offline or even both. Hence, with the convenience of online shopping, you can prefer to sell it to a website that will pay you cash for it in a matter of days.   

You can check into classified and auction websites that allow people to trade-in their mobile phones for cash. Popular classified websites like Craigslist lets the user post ads on the phone with description and price. Then, buyers find your advertisement attractive enough, they can contact you through the website for more details regarding the price and condition of the device. On the other hand, auction websites such as eBay enable users to make money in lieu of their old phones quickly by selling them. Like Craigslist, you have to post an ad on your device to an auction site. And then buyers will come to your ad and make bids to take your phone. Once you agree on a certain price, you can sell your phone and get paid your earning. However, keep in mind that auction websites charge some fees from you while making a deal for mobile sale.

If you are not satisfied with both option then you must choose one of the mobile phone comparison websites to turn your old phones into cash.

Why Consider Mobile Phone Comparison Website For Selling Your Old Phones

With the increasing trend of mobile phone recycling, a large number of mobile phone recycling comparison companies have come into presence to take your old mobile phones for recycling. They accept all kinds of mobile phones from all popular brands including Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG and Sony etc. at good prices. No matter, what the model and condition of your cell phone, you can sell it and put some money in your pocket. Fortunately, you can even turn your broken phone into cash by selling it to one of the recycling sites.   

Now thinking of how to find a right recycling website? Don’t do this; just say big thanks to mobile phone recycling comparison websites that have made it easier than ever before. Through such kind of sites, you can easily find the right recycling site that will pay you the highest price for your mobile phone.

Here is the List of Top recycling companies:


All you need to do is to just make a search for your phone by entering your phone details into the search box at one of the comparison websites. Once you do this, the advanced comparison technique will start working and provide you a list of top deals offered by top recycling sites by making a quick and fair comparison of them. Then, you have the freedom to choose the one that suits you. The entire online process is just a matter of few seconds and then you just have to send your device to the recycler and wait for your earnings. It will be paid you soon once the recycler collects your device.  

Therefore, if you wish to get the topmost deal for selling your used unwanted smartphone quickly, mobile phone comparison websites usually ten to be better in many ways. Here’s why:

No Need to Find the Buyer: Unlike Craigslist and auction websites, where you need to draw the attention of buyers towards your advertisement in order to make a deal, comparison websites allow you to find the recycling sites that offer you the best ever price for your phone. You don’t have to wait for buyers to read your ad and respond. You can simply sell your handset with a few clicks through comparison websites.  

No Need to Find the Best Price: A number of top-paying recycling sites are featured on comparison websites, therefore, you don’t need to browse each recycling site one by one to find the best price. Once you enter your mobile details, you will get an exclusive list of top prices to choose from. It is made possible by comparing the recycling websites with the help of a modern price comparison tool. This is why you don’t have to bargain to grab the best price.

Saves Time and Hassle: Comparison websites meet you top recycling companies online that willing to buy back your used mobile phone from anywhere and at any time. Unlike craigslist websites where you have to make at least one meeting to check out your smartphone physically to the buyer. It simply saves a lot of time and hassle while selling your old phone.

So, whether you are upgrading to a new mobile phone or have already bought a new one, now you know what you should do with your old one. The points mentioned above describe almost everything you need to keep in mind to earn the most money by selling your handset. Now you just need to identify the right platform like SellTheMobile and find the right deal.

Last but not the Least- A Useful Tip Regarding Old Mobile Phones

“Never Throw Your Old Phones Away”. Most of the people put their old phones into cupboards/drawers or simply throw them away in trash cans and then contribute to landfill problems. As mobile phones decompose in such a way, a toxic waste explodes them off, polluting our environment. This is because, mobile phone contain numerous harmful substances such as cadmium, chromium, mercury, beryllium, and flame retardants. Therefore, the mobile phone must be recycled in an eco-friendly way. You actually get rewarded for this special mobile phone recycling process when you sell your old, unwanted, or even broken mobile phones.



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