dofollow vs nofollow backlinks for seo

Dofollow Vs Nofollow backlinks for SEO is the most common debate among many SEO professionals and bloggers.

Some bloggers and SEO geeks think that dofollow backlinks are the only way to increase their blog rankings in Google while other have a different option.

What is that and what is the difference between dofollow and nofollow backlinks, does both are counted regarding SEO or not?.

Should I concentrate on only getting dofollow backlinks and completely neglect nofollow backlinks.

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These are the types of questions which comes into newbie bloggers and SEO professionals who want to create backlinks to their blogs or websites to improve rankings in search engines.

But many don’t understand the real difference between them and get penalized by Google in no time.

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So in this post I am going to share my opinion on what is do follow and nofollow, the difference between them and do they contribute in SEO.

I am writing this post because I was actually fully not aware of the fact until I researched about it a lot wandering through forums and many different blogs to find out the difference and benefits of dofollow vs nofollow backlinks for SEO.

So without wasting much time, let’s get into the main topic of the post and remove all our doubts and queries and find the real difference between dofollow vs nofolow backlinks.

What Is The Difference Between Dofollow Vs Nofollow Backlinks For SEO


Dofollow is an HTML attribute which tells search engines bots to follow the link and take the link into consideration which forwards some link juice to the targeted destination and it helps the targeted source to get good rankings in search engines.

Dofollow backlinks are considered as most powerful backlinks for any blog or websites which want to gain good rankings in search engine SERPs.

And if many high-quality dofollow backlinks are pointing to your blog or website then your ranking will boost in search engines in no time.

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Nofollow is also, and HTML attribute which instructs search engine bots not to follow and take the target link into consideration.

Nofollow links do not pass any link juice to the targeted source, and it also does not affect the search engine ranking of the target destination to which it is pointed.

However, you might don’t know that search engines bots do follow them, but they don’t index them, and they don’t carry any SEO value.

Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks: Best Practices For SEO

Now that you understood the difference between dofollow vs nofollow backlinks let me tell you few best practices which you must follow to be safe in the eyes of Google and other search engines and also increase your blog rankings in SERP.

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As you know that dofollow backlinks are most powerful backlinks for any blog or website, and this can really boost its rankings in search engines.

But if it’s this then why not to focus only on building dofollow backlinks and completely stop building nofollow backlinks for your blog, is this is the best SEO practice and will your blog rankings will take off. No, a big nooo.

Best Dofollow Vs Nofollow backlinks ratio for SEO

You must concentrate a bit more on getting dofollow backlinks for your blog, but this does not mean that you should ignore nofollow links.

Guys the keys here is to maintain a proper balance and ratio between your dofollow vs nofollow backlinks.

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Let’s say for example if you blog is relatively new and you quickly want to boost it’s rankings in search engine then you can go and build 1000’s of backlinks in few days.

You will think that now my blog will be on the top of search results but sorry to say you that your blog will get dumped by Google, and they will penalize your blog for building too many dofollow backlinks in short amount of time.

What Google want’s then?

Google wants that your backlinks profile should look natural and not look spammy with thousand of anchor rich text pointed towards your blog or website.

Google thinks in this way like if your blog is relatively new how so many backlinks it acquired so quickly unless and until you are some big celebrity or famous personality in this case also Google will penalize.

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So best SEO practice is never built too many dofollow backlinks quickly as soon as your blog goes live.

You must maintain right balance between dofollow and nofollow backlinks which will avoid your blog from getting penalized by Google.

Do Nofollow backlinks are useless for SEO?

Well if you take it technically then no they don’t carry any SEO value, and if you have built many nofollow backlinks to your blog then it does not have any influence on your search engine rankings.

But they do help in getting more referral traffic and making your backlinks profile look natural.

You can easily get nofollow backlinks by making blog comments ( do comment below to get one lol), forums signatures, Yahoo Answers, Quora, etc. literally you can get nofollow backlinks.

But to get dofollow backlinks is bit hard because previously spammers have done lot of damage by opting spammy link building techniques.

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So Google recommended that all the outgoing links must be nofollow to play safer game, earlier bloggers were doing guest post for getting dofollow backlinks.

But Matt cutt’s imposed a little break on doing guest post for backlinks and wanted bloggers and webmaster to opt for best guest posting guidelines.

But many believe that guest posting is still a legitimate way to get dofollow backlinks to your blog if that blog is related to your niche and Google has no problem with this.

So I would recommend you and all other beginner bloggers that never build too many dofollow backlinks to your blog.

Attract backlinks naturally by writing quality content and occasionally you can do few guest post on high authority blog in your niche also to get the high-quality backlinks as well as traffic, audience and more exposure.

Important Tip – Try not to buy links and not to participate in  link building farms to get your backlinks this will ruin all your SEO efforts in blink of an eye So stay away from these practices.

So friends this way my thought on dofollow vs nofollow backlinks for SEO and their differences, what do you think about dofollow and nofollow backlinks.

I would definitely love to hear from your side and want to take this discussion further so that many other will not fall into the trap of link building penalty and last but not the least do subscribe to get more such interesting link building tips and tricks straight to your inbox ! Keep on Blogging Guys!


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