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Search Engine Optimization stands as pillar behind every website that is seen at the top of the search engine results.  SEO concept is mainly utilized to achieve good ranking in search engine and drive traffic to the website.  Even though none of us know the exact algorithm used by search engines, SEO firms follow the fundamentals and basic principles of SEO.  Especially, google never disclose its algorithm secret.  You can guess the algorithm changes only when your website drops from the top ranking.  The key SEO concept of every website is its context, which is going to be discussed here.

There are various SEO techniques such as link building, meta description, title tag etc. that is used by the experts to get visibility to a website in search engine.  Content writing is given top priority while designing a website with search engine optimization techniques.

Tips to create SEO content for your website

*        Keyword – Before creating the context for your website, you should look for the perfect keyword for your business.  The keyword and subject of the context together attract search engine spider to rank it higher.  Phrasal keywords can be researched in the internet for your products or services.  Google too offers a special keyword research tool to select your keyword.

*        Title of the content – Once you got the keyword for your content, you should start framing the title for your content.  The title should be derived using the keyphrase once or twice.  Title should convey the search engine spider what the context of your website is going to tell.

*        Body of the context – This is the important one of search engines and the users.  The context should impress the users to stay in your site for long time and should draw the attention of the search engine spider also.  The context should be written with the keyphrase that you have chosen for your business.  It is good to insert the keyphrase in the first sentence and last sentence of your content.  Search engines give importance to first and last paragraphs while ranking a website.  The keyword density should be perfectly maintained in the content.  The keyword density differs from one search engine to another. On an average, you can use up to 5% of total word count in the content.

The content should look natural and provide useful information to the audience.  Users normally stay and read the contents that give relief to their problems.  So, never overload the content with too much of keywords in order to attract the search engine spider.  The organic context allows the user to stay for a long time in your website.

Whether you are creating content for your website or blogs, the same concept should be followed.  Search engines give priority to healthy content.  Finally, never keep the same content for long duration.  Change the old content in frequent intervals with new information.


Organic, keyword rich context is always picked up by search engine robot and given the top ranking.


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