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Choosing a good domain name for your blog or website can be little bit tricky and many beginner bloggers get confused in picking up good domain name no matter you want to choose a domain name for SEO purpose, business , for blog, for website, for affiliate marketing whatever might be the reason but you have to choose a domain name which properly defines your business however there are many bloggers who just simply want domain name which mainly consists of keywords for SEO purpose and to get good rankings in search engine

Choose Good Domain Names For SEO

Well there is nothing wrong in doing so but recently Google are penalizing exact match domain names which are of low quality and looks like spam but if your blog or website is genuine and consist of quality articles then there is no harm in doing so After all Google wants quality and if you are providing quality content then you can get good rankings in search engines

However there are many business where they want to get domain name for branding purposes like,, etc you can see that they have selected domain names for their business because they have good advertising budget for promoting their websites but for small blogs or websites they usually don’t have that much budget for marketing and promoting their business So in this post I am going to share some tips on how to choose a domain name which will clearly define your business goals

9 Tips To Choose Good Domain Names For SEO

1) Short Names – Keep your domain name as short and simple as possible so that your visitors can easily type your domain name and can filter the possibility of any typo errors which usually happens if the domain name is too long to type   A good example of short domain names is which consists of only three letters

2) Memorable – Choose a domain name which are easily memorable so pick domain name which are catchy and easily to remember if you website or blog domain name if too complex then your visitors might not be able to remember it next time when they want to visit your blog

3) Avoid Numbers and Hyphens – This is the biggest point where I will emphasize you a lot that don’t use numbers or hyphens in your domain names because the major concern with this is people usually find it hard to type numbers or hyphens while typing domain name and other reason that now a days no one uses domain names which hyphens or numbers in it, I want to tell you that do you feel that your blog or website domain name will be easy to type if it consist of numbers or hyphens then surely you will say no

4) Business Focus – If you thinking to choose a domain name specially for business purpose then do consider to focus on getting domain names which clearly defines your business eg if you sell rings industry in China then good domain name might be which wonderfully gives your readers the idea of what business you are in and where is your business located which can boost your business

5) Domain Extension – Even though there are many domain name extensions like .com, .org .net, .name, .me, .biz but most widely used TLD ( Top level domain ) is .com So try to choose a domain name only when its .com domain extension is available because it most widely use TLD extension worldwide on internet

6) Protect Your Brand – Like I said that you have to pick .com domain name for your blog or website, if possible try to book other domain extensions to protect your brand to explain it let me give you an example if someone purchases other domain extensions of immensely popular websites then you can imagine how many traffic you can lose which might cause a lot for your business

7) Copyright issues – Stay away by booking similar domain names which might indulge you in copyright infringement which can cause you a lot so before booking any domain name please make sure that you are not violating any copyright issues for more information visit domain name copyright infringement page

8 ) Domain availability –  Even though you can check which domain names are available directly from domain registrar but I website which works handy by providing you instant search as you type the letters is instant domain search and one website which I highly recommend for registering your domain name is

9) Brand name V/S SEO – Don’t choose domain name just for the sake of SEO Value keep your brand name also in mind for example you can make a good blend of brand name along with SEO for instance if you are selling shoes and your brand name is addidas then you can choose domain name like which includes both the components However it’s a vast topic so I will try to do seperate blog post regarding this.

So friends this was how to choose a domain names for SEO and your business, websites or blogs and if you like this post please share and don’t forget to subscribe to subscribe to get more such blogging tips and tricks ! Keep Blogging mates and if you have to ask me anything regarding domain names you can ask me in comments section


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