Checklist of Important WordPress Settings Before Going Live


After WordPress installation , many of them forget these vital settings that they must do before going live.

Why are these settings are crucial for your wordpress blog?

These WordPress settings will help you to index quicker, help you to boost your ranks, help you to make your UI/UX Better.

Let us see the important WordPress Settings that every WordPress Blogger should adjust before going live.

wordpresss important setting


Basic WordPress Settings :

To Change below settings Goto WordPress Dashboard>>Settings>>General

  • Blog Title – Under 55 Characters and Basic keyword must be placed.
  • Decide whether your site wants to run with WWW or without WWW.
  • If your site is subscription based , then allow users to register . If it is a blog , then disable user registration.
  • Adjust your time zone, as it will help you in indexing quickly as per time zone and helpful other security reasons
  • Adjust Time and Date Format.
  • Change your Site Language as per your requirement.

Important Settings in above mentioned are Title, URL, Timezone , Site Language.

Update your list of Ping Services websites

Update Services Consists of website list which generally pings your site automatically when a new post is updated. By default WordPress consists of only one site.  You can add  the list below to your site.

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 Update Permalink Structure :

Now its all known fact that permalink structure can boost your SEO,  Change it to  /%postname%/ . By Default it will be page/post number. It depends on your choice , if you want to run daily base newspaper type blog you can also have the structure of month date and postname.


Change User name of your WordPress  login

More than half percentage of wordpress users set their username as admin.  To Secure your blog from hacking attempts, you should change your username admin which you get by default.

Creating Important pages

Create pages like About Us, Contact Us and Privacy policy which are very important for adsense approval and may have some positive impact about your website.

Important WordPress Plugins

Install the basic WordPress plugins you need before you start blogging.

Get these plugins free at WordPress.Org

  • WordPress SEO – by Yoast.  Which has all the basic SEO Tools to enhance your articles in the search engines and XML Sitemap to get indexed by Search Engines Faster.
  • AOI Webmaster –  This plugin helps you to verify your ownership while signing up for Google, Bing, and Yandex Webmaster Tools and also Alexa and Pinterest.  Note: You must signup for these webmaster tools and submit your sitemap to get indexed by these Search engines.
  • Wordfence – Wordfence plugin is used for security reasons. It will inform you the last login and logout details with IP address  to your email. It also informs you the failed login attempts by hackers to your site with IP.
  • Social Sharing Plugins- There are number of social sharing plugins in the wordpress store, you can use any of them. Most popular are Digg Digg, Addthis , Shareholic and Super Socializer.
  • Cache Plugins – Cache plugins makes your website load faster, and remember that it is one of the SEO factor that boost your rankings, So don’t forget to install any of these plugins, W3 Super Cache, W3 Total Cache and many more available at wordpress plugin directory.

Create a Social profile in every available Social Media Networks for your website and don’t forget to add those social profiles to your website.

Remember to choose a Theme which is responsive to every device , as google going to introduce the effect of being mobile friendly to your SERP..

After adjusting the primary and important settings, write down the perfect SEO optimized posts by fulfilling the requirements that a perfect SEO optimized article should have.  You will get be soon count the SERP on your fingers :p , if you show some consistence and determination

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