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You must be wondering how to check keyword ranking in Google so that you can track your website progress and it’s one of the main things which you must check regularly to make sure that how your blog is performing in search engine results, by checking google keyword rank you will come to know how your blog is ranking in Google for a particular keyword and this will definitely help to stay ahead from your competitors in Google search results specially if you want to drive lots of traffic by organic search

So to get maximum visitors to your blog / website you make improve your keyword ranking in Google and this cannot be done until you know your current keyword ranking position So in this post I am going to share simple way to check keyword ranking in google and positions however there are many tools online which enable us to check the rank for Google, Yahoo and Bing and this will be covered in future posts where I will show you free google keyword rank checker tools But for now let focus on the topic of this post So without wasting much time let see how to check keyword ranking in Google

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Check Keyword Ranking In Google Search Results

Now here I am not going to show you all the tools available on internet but I am going to share the best way to check keyword rankings in Google So basically you can check keyword position in Google by 2 methods one by manually and other by using online tools and software

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Check Google Keyword Rank Position Manually

To check your keyword position in Google manually follow the below mentioned steps
1) Go to
2) At bottom you can Settings Link on right hand side click on that
3) Now a menu will open select the Search Settings
4) Now you will see section called Google instant predictions where you can see 3 options Go ahead and select Never show Instant results
5)  Change setting from 10 to 100 in results per page by clicking and click on Save button at bottom
Now you can type your keyword in Google and check the rank position manually by pressing CTRL+F and your blog / website name
I know that it very tedious task to manually check keyword ranking in Google by clicking on each page but it’s simple and very accurate

Check Google Keyword Rank Position Online

Other best option you have is there are many website on internet which helps us to easily find our ranking in search results and I am not going to show few tools by which you can check your Google rankings for free online
So friends this was how to check keyword ranking in Google and if you like this post please share and tell me how and which tools you use for checking your Google rankings as I would love to know from your side via comments and don’t forget to subscribe to get more Beginners SEO tips and tricks 


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