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wordpresss important setting

Checklist of Important WordPress Settings Before Going Live

After WordPress installation , many of them forget these vital settings that they must do before going live. Why are these settings are crucial for your wordpress blog? These WordPress settings will help...
seo tips and tricks

Basic SEO Tips for Blogs and Bloggers

Let us discuss about the Basic SEO Tips for blogs that you should keep in mind while creating a blog or a blog post. Use of Custom Permalink  Always use a custom permalink...
hosted wordpress.com to self hosted wordpress.org

migrating a Web page from WordPress.com to WordPress.org on your own server

Migrating and moving a Web page, from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, that is to a Web server of its own, is the simplest thing in the world, shall we? Currently the large amount...
1 click wordpress install to server

Disadvantages of 1-click automatic WordPress installation

Although we are very supportive of simplifying and automating everything possible, in the case of installing WordPress everything are risks and problems. Whenever we can simplify tasks to achieve our goals we...
Reasons to update wordpress web page

Reasons to update the web system in WordPress

When talking about the use of content management systems we always end up referring to WordPress, and is that WordPress has become popular around the world; A large part of the...