google algorithm update

It is a known fact that google uses an Algorithm to rank the websites in search engines.  Nobody exactly knows what algorithm google uses.  It is definitely a tough task for the website owners to guess the equation and design the website according to it.  Once your website loses the good ranking position, then step by step your sales will come down. The website should attract more customers to fetch more profit.  So, it is necessary for you to know the changes of the google algorithm at any cost.  The only person who can calculate the equations of google search engine is SEO Managers.  They will be following every step of search engine and find out why a website dips in the ranking and so on.

How to find the changes in google’s algorithm

1]       Some time google changes this algorithm all of sudden, but never disclose it.  You will come to know about these things only through rumors and gossips.  A website always ranked in the top spot, some time loses its ranking position all of sudden, which indicates that google has made some changes.  So, you need to tweak your site immediately according to the latest equation to stabilize your website ranking in the search engine.  So, only professionals can find out the changes and tweak your site effectively.  Hence, it is better to approach a SEO company and optimize your website according to the latest revisions.

2]       You can also find the updates of the changes on your own with the help of your online friends.  These people will get instant information on the algorithm changes.  Their only role is to stay in the internet throughout the day and analyze what is happening inside the web world.  Find out such sites and leave your domain there for getting updates.  Once you get the changes made in the google search engine, you can start working on your website to get good ranking.

3]       Some websites works effectively and maintain its position in the top spot without knowing these algorithm changes.  They ignore or never give attention to all these changes and use their standard SEO techniques.  These techniques also work out sometime. Some webmasters implement SEO techniques like content writing, keyword/keyphrase, meta tags, title etc. and get the best spot in search engine ranking.  They also use offpage optimization like link building and succeed in their attempt.  So, you can ignore these changes if your site is able to drive required traffic.

It is true and certain that google algorithm changes frequently.  Even though SEO managers or webmasters will not be updated about these changes, it is our duty to find the changes on our own.  The SEO managers should acquire more knowledge about google search engine algorithm and ready to meet any challenges.  If you are clever enough, you can also use standard SEO techniques to bring your client’s site to the top position of the search engines.


A website needs to be tweaked according to the changes made by the google search engines.  SEO Managers will be the apt choice to do this job for you and generate traffic consistently to your site.


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