build natural backlink profile

Build natural backlink profile in SEO

To build natural backlink profile in SEO is very important specially after penguin update, Specially if you want to increase website ranking in Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Your backlink profile must be and look natural, clean and diverse. Gone are the days when you could just buy 1000’s of backlinks from fiver and improve your google ranking and now the link building strategy has completely changed and those strategies and practices don’t work in 2017.

Google want’s your backlinks to be natural and must come from other high authority and relevant blogs and websites in your niche.

So how exactly you are going to build a natural backlink profile for your website or blog So that Google will not penalize you for artificial link building and this is what we are going to discuss in this post.

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Literally I have seen many beginner bloggers and website owner’s who still live in the old age and think that they can get away by building spammy links from spammy websites and boost their search engine ranking but no matter how smart you think you are Google is more smarter then us and they are now have become a very sophisticated algorithm which is best in the business in ranking websites in Google.

So if you have just started a blog or website and want to improve your Google ranking then you must surely read this complete post and I am sure that you can avoid google penalties and you blog ranking will improve in Google search engine So without wasting much time lets see how to get a natural backlink profile for your website & blog for SEO

How To Build Natural Backlink Profile For Your Blog & Website In SEO


1) Anchor text – If you want to build natural backlink profile to your blog site then you must smartly use your anchor text for backlinks. Your anchor text must not be keyword rich but it must be good variation of you brand name, complete Url’s, partial match keywords, keywords along with additional relevant text, domain name, added prefix to the keyword, added suffix to the keyword, synonyms etc.

Your backlink profile must be diverse enough So that it’s looks natural and Google will not recognize that you are manually building your backlinks. This is the backlinking strategy that works like charm and you will be able to improve your google rankings very easily.

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I have seen many beginner bloggers and webmasters who do this SEO mistakes of simply creating as many keyword rich backlinks to their blog and websites and end up getting penalized or lower ranking in Google.

So I would recommend you to note down the keyword for which you want to rank your post in Google and find other relevant and similar words and build backlinks using those keywords and this will definitely going to help you and you will also be able to rank for different keywords and search terms in Google.

2) Diverse Backlink Profile – If you like to do guest posting and think that guest posting is the best way to build natural backlink profile to your blog or website and you are spending most of the time in build backlinks by doing guest post then stop. If you are getting all your backlinks by the same method then it will not make your backlink profile look natural.

And Google will find that you are over using one particular method to build your backlinks and might penalize your website. So the best way to avoid this is to get backlinks from variety of different sources like blog commentingSocial bookmarking sitesGuest postingBlog directories, Content marketing, infographic submission etc.

If you build backlinks to your website in this way then I am sure that your backlink portfolio will look clean and diverse. Thus I would recommend that never rely on one source and strategy to build all your backlinks.

3) Frequency – One of the biggest SEO mistakes which most bloggers make is that they don’t keep an eye on the frequency by which they are getting backlinks to their blog or website. I have seen many newbie bloggers who get into heavy link building during the first few weeks for their new website and then suddenly stop building any backlinks.

And this is pretty unnatural What Google will think and consider the fact that you website is not getting any link as it used to So it reduces the value of your blog in terms of the continues flow of new backlinks to your blog. So I would advice to all that keep on building backlinks to your blog at constant and consistent phase. It must not be 100 backlinks in first month and 0 backlinks in the other.

So if you want to build natural backlink profile then you must make a schedule that you must get this amount of backlinks to your blog this week or month and stick to that strategy

4) Backlink Target –  I have seen many bloggers who only build backlinks to their homepage and never bother to build backlinks to their internal pages and post and this is again a very big SEO mistake. Yeah it’s pretty natural that your website homepage will be naturally getting more links to it but you must also try to get backlinks to your internal pages and this will drastically improve your overall SEO of your blog or website.

And Google will also think that you are indeed providing value to the users by promoting useful post from your blog rather then just focusing to rank your website for a keyword and this will make your backlink profile appear natural.

So friends this was how to build natural backlink profile for your website or blog in SEO, if you like this post please share and if you have any question and doubt please ask me via comments and don’t forget to tell me how you build your backlinks naturally and I would love to hear that


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