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If you want to know how to build backlinks for new website for SEO or how to get backlinks for new blog in SEO then you have come to the right post because here I am going to share best tips and tricks which will help you to rank your brand new website in google fast. Many beginner bloggers and website owners usually don’t know the right SEO strategies and techniques to improve the ranking of their website in google. But to increase their website or blog ranking in Google they must build high quality backlinksto their blog or website because even though many internet marketers and SEO experts believe that to boost their google ranking one must try to get high quality backlinks to their blog site and yes it’s true you indeed need to create only quality backlinks and this is the only strategy which is going to work.

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Before penguin update the life was much easier in terms of link building for seo but due the many spammers which are constantly trying to game google rankings have exploited these techniques to extreme and which is why now google keeps an eye on these activities and techniques. So if you have just started a new website or blog but are little confused or wondering which are the safe ways to build backlinks for my new website or blog for SEO then in this post I am going to show the best backlinking strategy that works and you will be able to easily get quality backlinks for new website or blog for free and fast. So without wasting much time lets see the best backlinking tips and tricks

How to Create Backlinks for New Website / Blog for SEO Fast & Free


Building backlinks for new website or blog is one of the most important thing to increase website traffic and exposure to your blog site from search engines. The higher you will rank in google the more traffic you will get to your website or blog for free. However many newbie bloggers and webmaster opt the wrong link building strategy and techniques which ultimately results in google penality so to protect your website from google penalty you must only choose right techniques to build backlinks for your new website or blog and if you are able to get quality backlinks for your new blog site then it will work like wonders and you will be able to get more exposure traffic which is very essential for any blogger or the person who has just stated his business website.

Ways to build backlinks for new website or blog SEO

1) Guest posting – Though there were lot of rumors around regarding whether guest blogging is safe to do and there were many critics in the SEO world and Google communities itself regarding the effect of guest blogging in SEO. Why because earlier guest blogging was one of the quick ways to get backlinks for your new blog and any blogger or website owner would approach any blogger do a 500 word guest post and get backlinks but this was taken to extreme by many spammers which in turn enforced Google to take guest blogging practices closely. So if you are afraid that whether you must do guest blogging or not then Yes you can. Why guest blogging was a concern for Google because of the wrong intentions of the bloggers to manipulate the ranking and according to google any link building strategies which are aimed to game google rankings will be monitored closely

But for you guys you don’t have to worry at all if you are doing guest blogging in the right manner. You must only do guest posting on your niche and relevant sites So lets say that you are in the niche of ” health and fitness” and if you are doing guest posting and acquiring the backlinks from tech blog then it’s not ethical ways to create backlinks for your new website but as far as you are doing on relevant sites then you will be perfectly fine

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2) Blog commenting – Blog commenting is one of the easiest way to build backlinks for new blog or website. You just have to find relevant blogs in your niche and post valuable comments by this way you will not only be able to build backlinks easily but also you will also get more exposure and build some quick loyal visitors and subscribers for you new blog. The best trick here to create quick backlinks is to find comment luv enabled blogs what this does is when you do blog comments you will get one backlink to your latest post also there are many blogs which have set the commentluv plugin to offer dofollow backlinks which works wonderfully So not only you are doing blog comments to put your new blog across the world but also you are able to get quality and relevant backlinks pointing to your new blog which is most important to increase google rankings

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3) Blogger outreach – Blogger outreach can be very fruitful for those bloggers who are capable of writing quality content for their blog or website Because there are many bloggers who have used this strategy to increase their backlinks very fast and we able to rank for a keyword in google

But here you have to be little careful and this strategy will not work for you if you are not able to build quality and highly researched articles because no blogger would love to link to your article if is not providing the value which is new and nobody else has provided one of the best examples is brian dean of backlinko did what he did he published the post on google ranking factors which got him hundreds of new backlinks in flurry and his blog post ranked on the first page of google within few weeks. Brian dean used the technique called skyscraper technique which is to produce the content more useful, more relevant and the type of content which is not presently published on the internet. I will write about this technique in future post so keep coming and believe me friends that you will be amazed with the results you will get by using blogger outreach strategy

You just have to contact fellow bloggers in your niche are tell about your new article published on your website or blog and ask them to link to in future post even if you will not ask them if you content is awesome and very useful then they will link it naturally but asking is highly recommended if you feel that indeed your article is worth linking too and the other blogger will be glad to do it since they are providing value to their readers

4) Broken links- Find broken links on popular websites in your niche and asking them and recommending them to link to your newly published post on your blog is another great way to get backlinks for your new website. But one recommendation for you guys is not to recommend any link unless it’s relevant and provide the value for the other website owner and if you article is relevant and useful then you can acquire good and high quality links for your blog site which Google loves the most since they are coming from big and authority websites in your niche

5) Social bookmarking – Social bookmarking is another great way to create backlinks for your new blog and there are many big and high authoritative social bookmarking sites like reditt, delicious, digg and stumbleupon So when ever you publish new content on your website or blog then you must submit them to these popular social bookmarking sites but there are also other social bookmarking sites also which are good specially if your website is brand new and the other advantage of doing social bookmarking is that it will increase your crawling and indexing rate in google

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So friends these was how to build backlinks for new website / blog for SEO and if you like this tricks please share and subscribe and also don’t forget to tell me how you are getting links for your website or blog through comments as I am always keen to learn new link building tips and tricks! Keep blogging


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