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Blogger vs wordpress is one of the most widely discussed topic in blogging field as many bloggers who are beginners usually get confused to choose the best blogging platform for blogging. No doubt that both blogger and wordpress are one of the most popular blogging platform available now but both of them has some advantages and disadvantages. There are literally millions of blog which are hosted in blogger and wordpress but which is the best platform for you in terms of SEO and for making money or for beginners.

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Don’t worry I am going to discuss about each of these topics one by one. Recently I was reading a very famous internet marketing forum there I found this question and believe me it was very thrilling to know what people think about blogger vs wordpressand few questions which I though worth answering on this blogs are

  • blogger vs wordpress SEO
  • blogger vs wordpress which is best better and why?
  • blogger vs wordpress for making money 
  • blogger vs wordpress for beginners

And I personally think that by answering the above set of queries will help many beginners in deciding which blogging platform to use and which can yield them better results both in terms of SEO and making money with their blogs

pro tips for beginners  – Choose best blogging platform if you want to build a successful blog and make money

So here we are going to see a very widely discussed topic which most of the beginner bloggers want to know about and this will help them to kick start their blogging journey without any doubt or confusion. I have used both blogger and wordpress in past and present so I know few facts which you might find very helpful So without wasting much time lets see all the above mentioned topics one by one. Shall we? Yes you nodded

Blogger vs WordPress For SEO & Making Money For Beginners


Here we will see each topic one by one because this will help you to understand the benefits of each platform for different tasks. Since many want to start their blog for free, many are beginners, some what to start for business while many of us want to make money at the same time but no worries I will explain each topic one by one so that you will not have to refer any other blog posts for this topic and will make your job much easier.

Blogger vs WordPress SEO – which is best

If you want me to answer honestly then without second thought wordpress is more SEO friendly than blogger since it’s coded cleanly and there are less bugs and errors because wordpress developers always keep track of what’s best in terms of SEO. But does it means that you cannot optimze blogger blog  Yes you can surely optimize your blogger blog but for that you have to manually insert meta tags, optimize header tags, optimize title tags to show post title before blog title in blogger, Insert google verification codes as well as if you want to insert adsense you have to manually add code in the templates if you have set up channels to track your ad performance which might consume lots of time but more techy stuffs for beginners

Even when I started using blogger for the first time I had to manually find various codes and insert it in my blogger template which used to create quite a bit of headache but with wordpress you don’t have to because in wordpress there are n number of plugins which can do the job just by installing them and tweaking few settings and you are done

Apart from this technical stuffs I have found that wordpress posts get much higher ranking in search results as compared to blogger posts and again the reason behind it that you coding is neat and clean and the plugins enhance it and make it perfect to ranking higher in Google and other search results

Earlier when I used to write post title in blogger I was always worried that whether Google will chop my title being too long and many time they did and I have to use the third party sites for this but with wordpress there is a superb plugin which I am sure that you must have heard about is SEO by yoast plugin it’s one of the best SEO plugins in wordpress and you can check all the best plugins resources and I am sure that this plugins will be there. By using this plugin you can make your blog posts seo friendly right away from wordpress dashboard which is not available in blogger platform and you have to manually optimize your blog posts and I know not every body is good with SEO So WordPress will help you in this also.

Blogger vs WordPress For Making Money

Now this is the most interesting part which interests most of the bloggers no matter they are beginners or pro bloggers everybody wants to make money by blogging So how exactly this is affected by blogger vs wordpress and which blogging CMS will help you to make more money. Lets see

You must have heard about Google adsense it is the most popular and widely used advertising networks for bloggers and website owners. If you are beginner then you just have to apply for google adsense and when you blog or website will start a free blog and make money then you just have to place small snippets of code in your blog to make money for free. It’s is easy enough yes it easy So lets see which blogger or wordpress will enable you in making money as well.

Since Google adsense is one of the most popular advertising networks but it’s not the only one there are many other advertising networks and monetizing methods by which you can make money by blogging and Google adsense is among one of them

One advantage of using blogger here over wordpress is that if you are having good number of quality blog posts in your blogger blog then your adsense approval chances is increased by a lot since it’s a Google both are Google products and Google will give a share of luck for those who are using Blogger platform over wordpress but this is not hard and fast rule but helps a lots and I have seen many bloggers getting google adsense approval by using blogger blog

But if you want to make more money by blogging then here also WordPress wins because if you will ask many pro bloggers they are not using adsense at all on their blogs or websites because they have found many other monetizing methods which are earning them handsome amount of money like

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Reviews
  • Buysellads
  • Consulting
  • SEO services etc

So if you want to maximize your money making potential then you must give more preference to wordpress because there are many advertising networks which don’t accept blogger blog one of them is very famous advertising network which is buysellads. And there are many blogger who are using buysellads to make good money from their blogs. Apart from this there is affiliate marketing which is considered as one of the best and mostly liked monetizing methods used by most of the probloggers and the results are awesome.

Since there are many wordpress affiliate programs which you can participate and promote them on your blog like premium wordpress themes, plugins and software which you must promote only when you are using wordpress however you can still promote all these products while using blogger but you will not make money why? because you are using blogger and are promoting wordpress products. It’s like you are recommending products and services to your visitors which you are not using and this is not at all going to help in affiliate marketing

Apart for this if you still are in love with Google adsense then it’s great but for adding the adsense code manually inside your blogger header or footer is a daunting task and you will have to tweak your blogger templates but by using wordpress there are many plugins which make this task easier

WordPress vs Blogger for Beginners

If you are beginner and have just started blogging then you can start with blogger and when you are familiar with how to blog and various SEO tips and tricks then you can migrate from blogger to wordpress and I think it’s the best way for any beginner who want to start a blog and have confusion about wordpress vs blogger.

To be honest I also started using blogger and later on moved to wordpress as I gained more experience and wanted more functionality and give more professional look to my blog. There are many big bloggers who have started in this fashion because blogging is not for all some will find it interesting and will move on to become a full time blogger while many of them will quit blogging after few months. So to test and see that blogging is the right choice for you or not you can start with blogger then move to wordpress later.

Blogger vs WordPress Free & Best

Blogger platorm is free but there are 2 types of wordpress blog one is similar to blogger which is free and the other is self hosted wordpress blog which I recommend if you are serious about blogging or want to start a blog for your business.

Self hosted blogs are not free like blogger because you have to buy hosting and domain name for you blog but with blogger you don’t have to pay anything literally you can start a free blog and make money but for wordpress you have to buy hosting.

Although there is which offer free hosting which is similar to blogger but again this is not way close to self hosted wordpress blog in terms of the ease of use and functionality which you are going to get with self hosted wordpress blogs

Blogger vs WordPress Review & Conclusion

So I think that this comparion and review of wordpress vs blogger has been dominated by wordpress and yes it’s will definitely enhance your blogging experience and will save lot of time effort and money. I would recommend that if you want to start a blog or website for your business to strictly go for wordpress rather than blogger but for beginners you can opt for blogger since you can just learn blogging basics and then move on to wordpress as time goes on and I think this is the best strategy which I used personally and by many other probloggers

Over to you:)

So friends this was blogger vs wordpress review I hope you liked this and don’t forget to tell me which blogger platform you like and why through comments below as I always love to hear from my readers and your views might help other newbie bloggers to make the wise decision. And last but not the least don’t forget to share and subscribe to get more blogging tips and tricks! Happy Blogging



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