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meta tag

How to Add Meta tags to Individual Blogger posts

How to Add Meta tags to Blogger posts Individually Adding Meta tags like Meta description and Meta Keywords is the most basic and important part of SEO process to gain higher ranks...
how to increase adsense ctr

Blog Monetization Tips – Adsense | how to increase adsense CTR

How to earn money online ? the basic question which leads to many ideas and it is the first search term that i searched to get ideas on making money online. They...
specific traffic

How to get Traffic from a Specific Country

Why every one needs a Country Specific Traffic ? Every business has their own range of customers as their services are limited to a specific region only. These kind of business blogs/websites...
hosted wordpress.com to self hosted wordpress.org

migrating a Web page from WordPress.com to WordPress.org on your own server

Migrating and moving a Web page, from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, that is to a Web server of its own, is the simplest thing in the world, shall we? Currently the large amount...
1 click wordpress install to server

Disadvantages of 1-click automatic WordPress installation

Although we are very supportive of simplifying and automating everything possible, in the case of installing WordPress everything are risks and problems. Whenever we can simplify tasks to achieve our goals we...

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