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how to increase adsense ctr

How to earn money online ? the basic question which leads to many ideas and it is the first search term that i searched to get ideas on making money online.

They are many ways to earn money , but the best way that i prefer is through blogging , because it is a platform through which you can find many other ways to earn online. Confused?

let us take youtube as an example, you can earn from it in two ways  by uploading videos and promoting them , you will get earnings from the adsense and you can also earn from affiliating programs by placing links in the description.  Whereas , from websites, you can earn from adsense, affiliate programs, paid/sponsored posts from promoting other  products, and from other google alternatives.

As we know the best way to monetize your website/blog is google adsense , so let us know about google adsense in detail.


  • Google Adsense Approval
  • High paying adsense keywords
  • How to increase adsense CTR


Google Adsense Approval

The number of applications for Google adsense has been tremendously increased, as many are interested in earning online making websites or blogs, the reason might be websites which publicize content and products of making hundreds of dollars a day , but the fact is only a few percent of them get success.

Now a days getting adsense approval is not that easy , you should have some patience and follow guidelines .

Note that  you site shouldn’t have prohibited content

By following the below guidelines will definitely get an approval from adsense. I may not guarantee , but its from my personal experience

  1. Important pages :  The pages which describes about your website. About Us ; Contact Us  ; Privacy Policy ; Contact Us ; Terms of Usage
  2. Content on Site :  Never rush to apply for google adsense, first built some content. Write atleast 30-40 quality content which is 100% unique and maintain the length of each article between 1000-2000 words each . Writing such content takes atleast a month , and your domain age  also increases, as google never accepts applications from new websites. It needs atleast 3 months of domain age to get approval for some websites.
  3. Structure of website :  Choose three to four basic keywords of your niche , and make them categories if you are using wordpress, labels if blogger. and add content to the respective category. Remember, a good site structure will also boost your search engine rankings.
  4. Sitemap and Robots.txt : For blogger the sitemap and robots.txt will be generated automatically, but for wordpress and other CMS you need to add manually or use plugins.
  5. Custom Domain : Many of the beginners apply using the free domains like blogspot or wordpress. Try to apply with a custom domain
  6. Verify: Submit your website to Google and Bing using webmaster tool / Search Console
  7. Make sure , that your website has indexed by google.

Note : There is no need to buy it from others, its a matter of time , just concentrate on writing good content and getting exposure to your website through social networking sites.  Build audience and subscribers.


High paying adsense keywords

According to wordstream,

  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Mortgage
  • Attorney
  • credit

are the top 5 highest paid keywords, and some keywords even costs upto $100 per click, but note that these are geographical specific keywords, and they are hard to achieve the top search engine rank that is why they have much cost.

And people starts blogging on these keywords in a hope that they will get hundred dollars per click.

Generally high competitive keywords are paid high cost per click.

My suggestion to the beginners is, start blog on a topic that you have more idea or interest,  never start a blog just for adsense earnings. You can also find high paid keywords within your niche.

Now my question is whether you want to target a keyword which has merely 10-20 views per month all over the world with high competition and $75 per click OR  a low competition keyword which have 1000-6000 views per month and have 0.5-$1 per click ?

Target low competition keywords and long tailed keywords . Remember, geographical location of visitor is the key to get high CPC.

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How to increase adsense CTR

Now,you got your adsense account approved, and have a handful of great content and traffic to your website with targeted keywords, but still not getting enough revenue or adsense earnings from your website .

The reason might be adsense ad placement and the google ad sizes that you chose to monetize your blog.

Large rectangles, and Half page ads have more CTR than the other google ad sizes.

Adsense ads placed below title and in content have more CTR. No one can tell what will be the best placement for getting high CTR, you should keep experimenting by rotation and shifting the ad placement weekly. As every website has its own preferences, but the basic ad sizes and placement that most of them got success are

  • Two Large rectangle ads one placed below title or floating right of paragraph and one at the end of post
  • Two link ads between posts
  • One link ad below Navigation
  • and One half page ad at the sidebar.

One reason for low CTR might be, the webmaster is not using the asynchronous script , and due that they are losing the mobile revenue, as you know there is a tremendous increase in mobile traffic, you should take care of the mobile adsense ad placement .

Try to use plugins like adinserter if you are using a wordpress platform. Using adinserter , you can rotate ads , place ads in different locations of your website and you can also have different ads for different devices.

It is a pretty useful plugin that will increase your adsense ad CTR.

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