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Dofollow Blog commenting for SEO is one of the most frequently asked questions by beginner bloggers who don’t know how to properly do comments on other blogs for SEO purposes to gain more traffic, exposure, and search engine rankings.

Blog commenting is great if you do it properly and you can benefit a lot from it but for this, you have to follow certain rules otherwise your whole effort will result in a waste of time.

Well, there are some bloggers who are very much concerned about which blogs they are commenting like they are nofollow or dofollow, and they literally ignore blogs which are providing nofollow comments .

No matter how big authority the blog is they just want do follow comments to build more backlinks, but this approach is entirely wrong.

So in this post, I am going to show you how to do blog commenting for SEO and what not to do while commenting on other blogs.

Blog Commenting For Traffic & SEO Tips


Blog commenting is not all about getting backlinks and for SEO benefits it’s all about adding value to blog community and express your views regarding the blog post.

Your Blog comment can be positive or negative, but it shows, to be honest, and provide your feedback regarding that post.

If you are concerned about getting backlinks and SEO purpose then try to find commentluv blogs which enable you to get backlinks for your latest blog post as well as it will increase your rankings in search engines.

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Also, there are many spammers who just only write comments like “Great post thank you” Do you think that any blog owner will approve this comments I highly doubt about that.

Also, many spammers only post comments without reading the blog post well you might get away with this on few occasions but many times your comment will not get approved.

Dofollow Blog Commenting for SEO also leads many bloggers to use keywords for which they are trying to rank in the name section also they try to insert links in the comment section.

But this is wrong way to do blog comments for SEO because anyhow your comment is going to get disapproved.

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Blog commenting is considered as one of the most potent ways to get more referral traffic and give more exposure to your blog so try to capitalize on this and try to regularly do comments on top blogs in your niche and include this on your blog promoting strategy.

I have seen many bloggers who claim that they are writing comments daily on 20 to 50 blogs So take out some time to post comments on other authority blogs in your niche.

If you are beginner blogger or have just started blogging then I am sure that you must be reading other blogs to learn new things so don’t leave the blog after reading blog posts instead try to post your valuable feedback or your views for that particular post.

This is exactly what I do whenever I am reading any blog post I try to write my comment for that post which gets me good amount of visitors.

What I want to tell you that stop for bothering about do follow, no follow, inserting links, inserting keywords instead try to be genuine and write real valuable comments which will yield more SEO benefits rather than seek to fool the blog owner.

So, Friends, this was on how to do blog commenting for SEO and if you like this post, please share and do subscribe to get more such blogging tips and tricks! Keep Blogging.


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