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So, guys, this is it, are you looking for the best SEO tips and tricks or SEO tips for beginners and bloggers then this is the ultimate post. This blog post will be the piece of a gem for beginner bloggers and anybody who wants to learn SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and rank their blog or website higher in Google search results.

See SEO is really confusing subject for beginners and I really felt the need to publish this post to help all the beginners to learn the basic and advanced SEO tips and tricks so that they don’t have to pay the SEO guru’s and spend more money.

I cannot say that I am SEO guru myself but yes I am 100% confident that I can give you some most and top valuable SEO tips. In this post, I am going to share all the tips and tricks for bloggers no matter you are having the WordPress blog or Blogger blog.

In this post, I am going to share all the tips which I have learned since I started blogging and I truly believe that you guys will love it. I really wanted this post to write but I was waiting since I wanted to make this post the ultimate for anybody who want’s to learn Search engine optimization.

Friends this post is going to be very big since I am gonna pour all my SEO knowledge and skills here in this post so that you can learn the best SEO tips and tricks and implement on your blogs or website.

So if you are beginners then let me explain to you what basically SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is and why you need to learn it.

What Is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) :

  • SEO is a technique through which you can improve your blog or website rankings in Google as well as other search engines. Google ranks a website or a blog on the basis of how SEO optimized the content is if your article is more SEO optimized then your article will get higher rankings in search engine results.

Benefits Of SEO Optimization:

1.  If you are able to do the write SEO on your blog or website then definitely you are going to get higher ranking for your blog posts and you will get more traffic.

2.  More traffic through search engines means more people will visit your blog or website and more business you are going to make.

3.  No matter you what your business is, if you are planning to make more money with Google adsense or through affiliate marketing or you want to increase your sales. SEO is really important no matter what your aim is you are trying to achieve with your blog or website.

4.  Those who don’t apply right SEO tips and tricks to your blog or website fall below no matter how quality the content is the right keywords has to be in the right places to get optimal results.

5.  You can go from 0 to 1K pageviews per day and believe me it’s not impossible the word itself says that I am possible ?

6.  Guys the benefits is unlimited if I will write all the benefits then this post can go forever because I cannot show you how much I love SEO and I spend most of my times learning different and new ways to learn SEO and implement them on my blog and niche sites.

7.  Recently I made few niche sites and I am really happy with the amount of money I am making and the amount of organic traffic I am getting.

8. SEO guys if you want to be successful online then you got to learn basic and advanced SEO tips and tricks as this is the best way to get more eyeballs on your blog or website.

Not let’s stop here, don’t worry I am going to share all the SEO tips and tricks for you guys in this post. I would request you to share this post on your Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and other social media sites or just press CTRL + D in your keyboard to bookmark this blog post so that you can refer it whenever you want.

So without wasting any more of your precious time, let’s get down to the business and learn all the SEO tips and tricks by which you can really increase your blog or website traffic a lot.

Best SEO Tips and Tricks For Beginners & Blogger

 1. Quality Content :

You guys may be thinking that for where the hell Quality content comes under SEO but believe me that if you are having the best SEO knowledge in this whole word but if you don’t write quality content then that is of no use.

Google is not going to rank your article just because it is very well optimized but search engine optimization is required but quality content goes hand in hand.

You cannot drive a car without an engine right ? so that same thing applies here also. I think you got my point.

This is really important for beginner bloggers who simply ignore this during their initial blogging days and they simply try to increase the blog post count so that they can have a huge number of new blog posts in their blog.

This is not the way guys you are not going to get any benefits and will regret this decision afterward. Even I did the same mistake when I started blogging but I regret to this day but I don’t want you to feel the same.

You need to write quality content at first place to increase your blog or website traffic. Simple rule

Google loves and prefers to show high-quality content to the readers so that they can learn more and get the right information. And they never show low-quality websites up in their results.

You cannot call Google as a robot even though it operates on search algorithm but it has very sophisticated algorithm which is improving day by day and it can identify which is quality content and which is not.

So it always better to research the best you can about a particular topic you are going to write about and then only start writing the blog post on your blog.

You will be able to automatically see the different and most importantly people will be liking your content like crazy.

You are going to get more social shares and backlinks automatically if your content is of high quality and this will result in solid rankings in Google.

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2. Using Keywords :

This is the hard and soul of SEO and you got to use the right keywords in the right places without this your blog post or article will not get google rankings in Google.

Make sure that you are using the keywords in the most important places on your blog. Make sure that you are using keywords at the beginning of the blog post title, in URL, starting a paragraph, few times in the middle and at the end of the paragraph.

You can download the free SEO by Yoast plugin which does the fantastic job of letting you know how optimized your blog post is.

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3. How to use Keywords for SEO :

Make sure that you are using the keywords at the beginning of your post title and this is really important here. Your blog post title is the most important SEO element of your blog post or page.

Google give more relevance to keywords which are placed at the beginning of your post title rather than at the latter.

Make sure that you are not stuffing the keywords in your article this will not help you and lead to keyword stuffing penalty. Use keywords but make sure that it sounds and reads natural and not spammy to your readers.

Use your main keywords in the blog post URL only and don’t make it very long URL by stuffing all the keywords. Optimal length is 4 to 5 words.

Don’t use stop words in your post URL. Stop words are like is,a,the,to etc. Try to exclude these words from your post URL.

Use keywords at the beginning of your article as this will make sure that Google immediately comes to know what your blog post is all about and few times in the middle and at the end of the article.

I personally don’t give much attention to keyword density as long as your article is helpful and sounds natural you are good to go.

I know many beginner bloggers and SEO’s pay very much attention in keyword density and they either end up with keyword stuffing. Even if you install SEO by Yoast you can check your keyword density while writing your blog post. But I would recommend you to don’t pay that much attention to this.

Make your blog post sound as natural as you can. If you will pay that much attention to keywords your blog post will show that and your readers and see that also which you really don’t want. Yes, I don’t say that don’t use keywords at all use it but make sure that flows properly in a natural way with your content. I think that you got my point ?


4. Image SEO :

This is really very important tips for all the beginner bloggers that when you use an image in your article make sure that you are using the alt tag for all your images.

Alt tag tells Google what is the image is all about. I see a lot of beginner bloggers ignore this which is a very big SEO mistake which they do.

You must use your main keywords in the alt tag. In WordPress, you can easily add the alt keywords at the time of uploading your images.

In Blogger you have the option to give alt attribute to your images.

Again don’t keyword stuff here use your article main keyword in the alt tag.


5. Article Length :

Do you know that the longer articles rank better in Google and other search results according to the survey done blog post over 2000 words ranks much better as compared to the post below that.

This does not mean that you intentionally stretch your article just for the sake to make it big. It has to make sense. If the article deserves to be big then only make it big.

If an article can be written in 500 words then there is no point of stretching it. The whole concept here is to do the thing which is ideal.

To give you a better example, suppose you are writing a coupon code blog post then ideally it has to be short there is no point to stretch it to 2000 words. Honestly, that does not make sense to your readers.

They visit that page to get the coupon code, copy it and leave that’s it. So make it precise.

Below is the beautiful screenshot which shows the survey results.

As you can clearly see in the above graph that the blog post which are above 2000 words ranks better and Google loves that.

So make sure that you post long content when the situation demands.

6. Off page SEO :

We know that on pagone SEO is important but off page SEO is equally important as well. Make sure you are doing your off page SEO well.

Off page SEO basically, means what you are doing outside your blog or website. This includes backlinks pointing to your website.

The more backlinks you have the better but it is more important that all those are quality backlinks. Try to get quality backlinks to your blog. Many beginner bloggers make this huge mistake that they try to get more backlinks disregarding the quality of those links.

A single high-quality backlink from a highly relevant blog or website to your blog is 10 k times better than 100 low-quality spammy backlinks.

Even I did the very same mistake and later I went on to remove all those low-quality backlinks on which I had to waste so much of my precious time.

Google gives more important to high-quality backlinks only and your rankings can significantly improve in search engines a big time.

You remember why I posted the very first point in this article as Quality content and this is where it comes so handy and useful. If you write quality content then other bloggers and website owners will notice it and will be happy to link back to your website.

This is the best way to get quality backlinks and in a natural way. Google loves natural backlink profile. The cleaner and natural your backlink profile looks the better and you will avoid any Google penalty.

Make sure you diversify your anchor text by doing this not only you are going to rank for the targeted keywords but you are going to rank for several other long tail and LSI keywords. This will drastically improve your blog or website traffic and it’s very beneficial for SEO.

7. Backlinks :

Even though I have covered few points in the above section but this is the section which is most important of all.

Backlinks are the king for any blog or website. Everybody says that quality content is king yes it is and I completely agree with them but Backlinks are also equally important.

Without quality backlinks, you are not going to get higher rankings and you can significantly boost your google rankings very easily.

I am not saying here that you cannot rank well without backlinks. It’s possible however it will take the time to get high ranking in Google search engines. But few quality backlinks will really speed up the whole process.

As I mentioned earlier that you must focus only on getting high-quality backlinks from relevant sites. Getting non-relevant backlinks will not have much effect on your rankings and even can have the negative effect on your blog or website SEO.

For example : Like this page is all about SEO tips and tricks or you can say SEO tips for Beginners. So suppose I build backlinks to this page from a website in health and fitness niche then that is not useful and will not have much affect on this page ranking.

The backlinks must me highly relevant and don’t waste your precious time in building low-quality backlinks instead focus only on acquiring high-quality backlinks.

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8. No follow vs Do follow:

Now this is a very big question amongst internet marketers, bloggers, and SEO gurus. Do you believe that no follow backlinks are useless in terms of SEO or only Do follow backlinks are important ?

Well I think that both are important however do follow backlinks are more important but no follow must not be ignored at all.

Especially beginner bloggers and website owners focus on getting do follow backlinks only which is a very big mistake. Your Backlink profile must look natural even though if all the do follow backlinks are natural then also you must need no follow backlinks to mix your backlink profile.

By getting both no follow and do follow backlinks you are diversifying your backlink profile and it will look more natural in the eyes of Google ( Google is having eyes ?  ? probably yes ).

Google can easily sense that you are backlink profile is natural or not no matter which black hat SEO techniques you use, you are ultimately going to be tracked by Google so make sure that also try to get no follow backlinks also.

Earlier I also was under the impression that no follow backlinks are useless but later after learning more SEO tips and tricks I can to know that both are equally important.

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9. Blog Commenting :

  1. Blog comments are also very important if you want to get those initial traffic to your new blog or website. With blog commenting you are easily getting backlinks for free. Even though the backlinks are no followed but again as I have stated in my previous point the no follows comments are useful.
  2. You must do blog commenting regularly in order to get more traffic and backlinks for your new blog or website. Usually, when I start a new blog I try to do lots of blogs commenting to get traffic to my new blog.
  3. Not only I am able to get more backlinks but I get that initial traffic help when my blog is not getting more organic traffic through organic Google traffic.
  4. You can do blog commenting on sites which are relevant to your niche only as this will really help to promote your website easily and free.
  5. Most beginners bloggers make this mistake that they drop comments on the irrelevant website and later they are not getting traffic. How in the world it is possible that a reader visiting to weight loss blog will visit a blog about fashion blog?
  6. Even though it is not that that particular visitor is not at  all interested in fashion. Definitely, he or she may be or may not be but the whole concept here is why to waste your valuable time in doing things which you know that are not going to work that well for you. I think you got my point  ?
  7. The best way to do blog commenting is to find relevant blogs and website and drop a valuable comment and please don’t leave spammy links and one liner comments you are wasting your time and the blog moderator will simply delete the comments.
  8. Remember what I want to explain you here is stop wasting your time in doing the thing which is uncertain. I know my beginner bloggers who do this and later on find that their blog comments are not being approved by the blog moderator.
  9. You comment must add value to the content, ask the question, solve question, discussion type. And never try to drop your link in the comment body section unless it is useful or required. But generally, most bloggers simply delete that comment. So again to save your efforts don’t drop your website URL in the comment body.
  10. You can use the commentluv blogs to get backlinks to your recent post this is certainly a very good way to increase your blog traffic and earn a backlink for your new article.
  11. I have complied a list of the best commentluv blogs which you can read. And for your information this blog is also commentluv enabled so don’t waste this opportunity to get a new backlink for your blog or website. I would love to see you in the comment section and give you a free backlink.
  12.  If you using a blogger or Blogspot blog then install commentlu on blogger
  13. Always use your real name in the name section and don’t use your website or blog name. Most of the time bloggers delete such comments. I personally never use my blog name while commenting even though I have many niche sites where I don’t display my real name but I use my pen name which is the ideal way if you want to hide your real name.
  14. Take a little breather if you want. I told you guys that this is my favorite topic and the post is going to be very long but I really hope that you are loving it, aren’t you?  ?
  15. Press CTRL + D to bookmark this page so that you can visit this page later or for future references but I highly recommend to read this complete post if you really want to learn all my SEO tips and tricks.

10. 301 Redirects :

  • Whenever you are planning to change your post or page URL always do 301 redirects so that all the traffic, SEO, and link juice get transferred to the new post URL.
  • This is really important because if you will not do this then you will lose all your rankings and SEO juice. I have faced this situation on this blog but I know that decision was important for me and I had to do all 301 redirects from old URL to new URL.
  • You want to know why I had to do? Because I started this blog on blogger platform and the URL structure was having year/month format so I wanted to get rid of this year/month from the URL and this is the reason I had to do 301 redirects from an old post to new ones.
  • If you are on blogger and wanted to move your blog from blogger to WordPress then you can use this guide to install WordPress on BlueHost
  • The very best plugin you can use is Quick 301 redirect plugin if you are using WordPress and for blogger users, you can do the 301 redirect manually about which I am going to write soon. I got a new blog post idea hurry  ?
  • Never ever change the URL structure without doing 301 redirects this will be really bad for your website or blog SEO.

11. Social Signals :

  • Right now Google is giving more preference to social signals and most importantly it will be really beneficial for your blog or website SEO. The more social signals you have the better it is.
  • Social signals refer to having more social shares on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. One pro tip is to get more Google plus and shares on your articles and this will really help in your SEO efforts.
  • You must social bookmark all your blog post also. There are many social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, and Reddit to name a few.
  • You just have to visit these social bookmarking sites and submit your URL’s that’s it and this will really get you some good amount of referral traffic to your blog or website.
  • I have compiled the list of the best social bookmarking sites list which you must read.

Start WordPress Blog :

  • If you want to start your blog then I would highly recommend you start a very own self-hosted WordPress blog as it has many SEO benefits over other free blogging sites like free and
  • I would never recommend you all to start a free blog if you are really serious about your blogging or services or business because you never know when your blog will get deleted and lose all your hard work.
  • I really regret the decision that I started on blogger but now I am really happy that I am using WordPress and I made my mind that I will never start my blog on or because the advantages of WordPress blogging is unlimited.
  • So if you really want to start your very own blog then start a WordPress blog only

Over To You –

So guys and girls, this is it and I will continue to update this post daily and I really hope that y ou loved this post and if yes share with your friends and other bloggers on facebook, twitter, google plus and other social media sites and I as really need your support to help as many people as I can.

If you want to ask any question related to SEO tips and tricks for beginners and blogger then you are most welcome to ask me in the comment section below and I would be glad to help you all my friends. If I have missed any important SEO tips and tricks then you can intimate me via comments and I would be glad to know what SEO tips you know which really works share your valuable thoughts. Thank you guys  ?


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