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If you are looking for free proxy sites list or best free proxy servers list then you have landed on the best page because here I am going to share the best and free proxy sites list 0f 2017 with you so that you can visit your favorite websites without any restrictions and limitations, Proxy sites are very useful because they allow us to surf the internet or visit our favorite websites in those places or countries where it’s blocked or not allowed to visit by higher authorities, Proxy servers enables us to hide our identity and allow access to those websites which are not accessible

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What are free proxy sites & how it works

Proxy sites are anonymous sites which hides our IP address or locations and enable us to browse any particular website in particular country or location

Why free proxy sites are useful

Proxy servers can be very useful specially in colleges, schools, offices where sites likes youtube, facebook, twitter, Google plus, gaming sites, email sites like gmail and yahoo etc etc are blocked so that people cannot open these sites, it has personally happened with me that many times when I need to check my email’s urgently then when I open the sites they were blocked by school or college admins and this is where proxy servers are very useful

How to use free Proxy sites / Proxy servers

There are many free proxy sites list or free proxy servers where you simply have to enter the url of that particular website which you want to access and these proxy sites will open them on behalf of you and at the same time hiding your location, IP address what this means indirectly that you are not accessing that particular website through your LAN or IP address infact these proxy servers are accessing them while hiding your identity and making you surf the internet as anonymous
So as you know now that how proxy sites and proxy servers are useful thus in this post I am going to share best free proxy site and proxy servers with you so that you can open any websites no matter you are in college, school or in your office

Best Free Proxy Sites List

Free Proxy Sites List – Best Proxy Servers List 2017

4Ever Proxy –
America Proxy –
Anony Mizer –
Anonymouse –
Brazil Proxy –
Ca Proxies –
Canada Proxy –
Change IP & Country –
DeFilter –
Don’t Filter –
England Proxy –
Europe Proxy –
Fast Time –
Fast USA Proxy –
FB Proxies –
Fish Proxy –
Free Open Proxy –
Free Proxy Server –
Free Publick Proxy –
Greatest Free Proxy –
Hidden Digital Info –
Hide Me Ass –
Hide My Ass –
Hide My Trax Proxy –
Hide N Seek –
Hope Proxy –
Host App –
Intern Cloud –
Just Proxy –
K Proxy –
King Surf Proxy –
Korea Proxy –
KProxy Site –
Mega Proxy –
Monster Proxy –
New IP Now –
Ninja Cloak –
Orange Proxy –
PHP Proxy –
PK Proxy –
Pro Intern –
Prox Me Call Me Names –
Proxay –
Proxify –
Proxy –
Proxy 2014 –
Proxy 2014 –
Proxy 2015 –
Proxy 4 Freedom –
Proxy Browse –
Proxy Internet –
Proxy Site –
Quick Proxy –
Rexoss –
Saoudi Proxy –
See Proxy –
Singapore Proxy –
Sporium –
SSL Proxy –
Suede Proxy –
Surf for Free –
Surf Proxy –
Travel VPN –
UK – Proxy –
Unlock My Web –
US Proxies –
US Proxy –
Web Proxy Free –
Web Surf –
Work Host –
World Cup Proxy –
Xite Now –
You Server –
Your Proxy –
Zacebook –
Zalmos Web Proxy –

Note & Terms of Use – Use these free proxy sites list on your own risk providing any confidential information to these proxy sites can be dangerous so take care and I take no responsibility of any loss or misuse of this information, This post was for only informational purpose

So friends these are the best free proxy sites list or proxy servers list 2017 , now you have the complete freedom to access any particular websites no matter you are in india, china, US or any other country you can open your favorite websites anywhere anytime, if you know any other good free proxy sites the do let me know via comments and don’t forget to share these best free proxy servers list with your school, colleges friends on facebook, twitter or google plus! Enjoy


  1. Thanks for sharing this useful data with us. Most of the people finding a free proxy for surfing the internet. A free proxy has some limitation but we can use it. But if you want to save your data from the internet hackers so for that you have to buy private dedicated proxy that provides high security to your computer.


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