micro niche sites

Micro Niche sites have been around for quite long and many webmaster Create micro niche sites either for increase traffic to their blog or to increase income by google adsense, Most of the micro niche sites are using adsense or affiliate marketing as their monetizing method for increasing their blog traffic or blog income

I know many almost all bloggers always strive hard to increase their website traffic and creating micro niche websites or blog helps to get them those free visitors

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What are Micro Niche sites?

1)Micro niche websites are websites build around a particular niche.

2)They contain 10 to 15 articles build around specific topic or keyword.

3)They don’t have much competition in search enignes like google, yahoo or bing.

4)They don’t update frequently as compared to authority sites

5)They drive most of traffic by organic search engine results

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Benefits advantages of creating micro niche websites

1) Not Time Consuming- One of main benefits of creating micro niche sites is they don’t require a lot of time to build instead you can almost create  niche sites within a hour and make it available online just you have do 10 to 15 quality posts articles and done

2) Increase Traffic- Many bloggers create  niche sites to drive traffic to their main websites or blog by simply promoting their main websites on micro niche websites

3) Easy To Monetize- Many bloggers simply do blogging to make money by blogging and some webmasters create dozons of micro niche sites and put adsense on them to keep the money rolling into their adsense account on autopilot

4) Little Knowledge- For creating micro niche sites you don’t have to expert in that niche or topic instead you can literally start making money by niche sites by simply purchasing articles or by outsourcing writers to create nice articles for them

5) More Earning Potential- Bloggers can make good amount of money by creating micro niche websites because they are specifically targeted to particular niche which drives visitors who are ready to take actions

6) Easy To Rank High- Micro niche sites can easily rank high on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo because they have less competitions as compared to authority websites You can get higher ranking in search engines simply by creating 15 to 20 quality keyword targeted blog posts or articles

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How to Create Micro niche sites

1) First you have to find a niche that don’t have much competition in search engines like google

2) Build around 10 to 15 quality articles at beginning and later add articles to maintain the ranking in google search engine

3) Do some basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for micro niche sites by targeting your main keyword

4) Monetize it by using Google adsense or Affiliate products for making money by micro niches sites

What is Micro niche sites success rate?

1) There is great chance for success with creating micro niche sites if you have great deal of knowledge about the niche or topic which you are thinking to write about For more traffic and earnings choose long tail keywords instead of short one word keyword which are too generic as well as highly competitive

2) Long Tail keyword have great chance to rank high in search results and with little bit of seo you can land your micro niche sites on first page of google within days if not in months

3) Traffic to micro niche sites are very laser targeted and are usually tend to take action on your call, Use   micro niche sites either for earning by adsense,affiliate marketing or simply to drive traffic to your main websites They are wonderful in driving laser targeted traffic with genuine readers

Strategy and Planning To Increase Traffic and Income

1) First choose two three long tail keyword for your niche and create a site and if gets successful then you can go ahead and create more micro niche sites

2) My personal advice is if you don’t have much knowledge about particular niche then you can hire writers to do the writing part for you

3) As your website gets good ranking don’t just let it go by leaving instead occasionally continue to update website to maintain that ranking and increase traffic from search engines
4) Be focused on your goal of creating micro niche sites and best way is to use opt in for increasing your subscribers list or use Google adsense or affiliate products whatever might your goal or planning

5) Don’t create junk by simply putting low quality articles on your niche website this is not going to help and your readers might get disappointed and they will never come back
So these are some benefits of creating micro niche sites to increase income and traffic and tell me what you think about micro niche sites and how you are using it for more income and what are your plannings with micro niche sites share with us in comment section and please don’t forget to share