what is backlink

Many online business people who enter this field think that they have achieved something big.  Simply creating a website is not a proud thing, as without working with certain strategies you will not get a single visitor to your website.  Remember, there are millions of business that is running behind the internet and it is impossible for every online business to flourish.  Only webmaster who markets his product or service through proper channel will get through the search engine and reach the top rank of the search engine results.

1]       Search Engine decides the fame and name of any online business.  It is 100% true that a website that appears at the top of the search engine is going to fill its pocket with more dollars.  How to get this top rank?  There are numerous ways to create traffic to your site.  One of the powerful and cheap search engine optimization is creating backlinks to your site.

2]       Backlinks are the SEO strategies that are created from other sites or blogs to your site.  This is the cheap and organic mode of generating traffic to your site.  Spending huge sum to create traffic artificially will not withstand in the internet market for long period.  Also websites that create artificial traffic will vanish from the internet. So, you will be able to generate more traffic to your site and grab more audience to your site only when you choose the natural traffic generating methods like backlinking.

Some best options to create backlink

*        Article writing – This is the top most method preferred by many US business people to create traffic.  This is an inexpensive method to get more hits on search engines and increase your sales.  The best place to submit your valuable and informative article is ezinearticles.com and articlebase.com.  After submitting the article, you can provide your website’s link at the resource box.  Suppose, if you are an affiliate marketer for hostgator coupons, you can write about hostgator coupons and leave a backlink at the end stating that “click here to know more details on current hostgator coupons”.  Thus, the visitors will be directed to your website to make their purchase.

*        Blogging – Blog posting is similar to that of article writing.  You need to write blogs on the topic that is useful to the public and post it in various blogs.  Generally, blogs are posted in short paragraphs.  At the end of the post you will also leave your backlink.

*        Forum Sites – Forum sites such as Digg also allows you to post your advertisement and add your link at the signature file.  Forum sites are visited by more reliable and potential customers.  So, backlinking created through forum sites will be more effective.

Other than the methods mentioned above, backlinks can also be created through video marketing, social bookmarking sites, e-mail marketing etc.  Backlinks acts as a backbone to your business, when the links are organic.  So, avoid spamming with keywords which is not accepted by the search engine spiders.


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