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You must be curious to know how to avoid Google penalties and protect your website or blog because you don’t want your website or blog to lose Google rankings and to keep your website safe against Google penalty.

This is the fear among many newbies as well as pro bloggers, and this fear is created by Google itself so that spammers don’t try to cheat Google and manipulate search rankings, and the biggest Google penalties were Panda and Penguin

Many websites and blog got penalized by this Google algorithm updates, and they completely lost their search engine ranking. However, there are ways to recover to recover from Google penalties but why to do such thing which Google hates and don’t like

So the better strategy would not to game Google system and abide by their rules So that both parties will be happy, and that is you, visitor and the Boss Google, Google is not doing injustice to bloggers or webmaster.

In fact, they want to build quality websites and blogs and don’t try to manipulate search rankings and if walk with Google hand in hand then I am sure that you don’t have to worry about Google penalties

Since we don’t know when Google is going to release new algorithm to target spammers  and send them down the sink with new Google penalty.

But for those who are curious to know how to protect blog site from Google penalties then in this post I am going to share few important points which you must follow if you want to avoid any Google penalty So lets see

Avoid & Protect Website / Blog From Google Penalty


1) No Thin Content – Make sure that the content you are writing must be highly researched and informative as Google love content which is of high quality and give appropriate answers to visitors queries.

What I mean here is someone visits your blog then that particular reader must leave your blog being satisfied, I have seen many newbie bloggers who just create blog post to fill their archive but doesn’t actually provide the value to their users.

  • Avoid Google Penalties Tips – So avoid writing thin and low-quality content and focus on building quality content.

2) Duplicate Content – Well if you think that you are smart enough to create hundreds of thousands of articles by copying other people content then sorry you are inviting Google penalties.

There are bloggers and webmasters which only copy, spin and paste the articles from around the web into their own website but Google is smart and can identify which content is original and which one is duplicate

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  • Avoid Google Penalty Tips – So stop this copy, spin and paste formula it’s of no use and publish original articles.

3) Exact Match Anchor tags – I want to rank for ” make money online” so best way to increase Google ranking is to build backlinks with exact match anchor tags! Great No! You will be their favorite contender to receive Google penalty.

This strategy used to work few year back before panda and penguin updates but now your website rankings will suffer if you using exact match anchor tags very aggressively.

  • Avoid Google Penalties Tips – Avoid using exact match anchor tags instead try to use your anchor variations like if you want to link back to your website home page then don’t always link back to one format only.

4) Cloaking – What is that? if you don’t know what is cloaking then it’s a black hat SEO technique which shows one version to Google search engines and other version to the readers.

Google is very strict and hate bloggers and webmaster who are cloaking and try to cheat Google, and if you get found doing this then you have the better chance to go back to pavilion and get the trophy of dumped by Google, Do you want that? I am sure that you won’t.

  • Avoid Google Penalty Tips – So avoid cloaking websites and show only one version of your blog site to Google as well as to your readers.

5) Link Farms – Don’t participate in link farms to build backlinks to your websites and if the links which you are getting is of low quality and irrelevant then Google will penalize your website, also don’t participate in paid links network

  • Avoid Google Penalties Tips – Opt for genuine link building techniques.

6 ) Buy Backlinks – How many of you have seen banners on different blogs and forums that buy 500 to 2000 PR3 or PR4 backlinks.

I am sure that you wish to get that many backlinks but let me tell you that those backlinks may not be of high quality and may be entirely irrelevant which might do the reverse process of harming your search engine rankings.

And do you know the exact ways they are going to build backlinks no they are clever and most of them eat your money and give you the parcel of Google penalty.

  • Avoid Google Penalty Tips –  Never Buy Backlinks build only high-quality backlinks but make sure that they look natural in fact your backlinks must be natural.

7) Hidden anchors and text – Keywords, keywords, keyword more exact match anchors and my web page or blog post will rank no 1 in Google.

If this is the way to be the no 1 on Google then why I am wasting so much time in writing this article I would have posted ” Google penalty” thousand times on this post and rank no 1 no it’s not like this.

Many spammers only make the text color and background color of their keywords the same so that they are not seen by readers and some use is hidden anchor tags using the same tactic, but this is black hat SEO technique, and you must not do this.

  • Avoid Google Penalties Tips – Avoid Hidden text and anchor tags.

8) Link Wheels or PNB – Avoid building backlinks to your websites by using link exchange and make sure that you stay away from PNB ( Private Blog Networks), Google is watching these PNB with big spy glass and better to say away from building backlinks from Links wheels or PNB.

  • Avoid Google Penalties Tips – Never participate in Link exchanges and PNB to stay safe and avoid Google penalties.

So this was how to avoid Google penalties and protect your blog site, I don’t know what pitfalls Google will again target with next algorithm updates and how many website will get Google penalty.

But we don’t know what’s there in future, but we can protect our website and blogs against present Google penalties After all.

” Prevention is better than Cure ” Isn’t it!!

If you like this post, please share with other blogger and webmaster so that they can also protect their websites and avoid Google penalties and If I have missed out something then do let me know via comments also last but not the least subscribe to get more latest Google updates! Happy Blogging.


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