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Search Engine Optimization! A website that is without SEO techniques is like an artist who is blind.  Yes, you cannot survive or make profit in the internet marketing just by having an attractive website.  While every business is gearing up with various techniques to grab the audience, SEO is a simple & essential technique that is ignored by many webmasters.  This article will offer you some tips to boost SEO and earn profit.

The technique we are going to discuss in this article is “Listing your website”.  There are various directories in the internet where you need to list your website, if you want to drive traffic to your website consistently.  A website that is listed in the top directories will get visibility and good ranking in search engines.  There are thousands of webmasters in the internet who are still not aware of the benefits of listing their websites.

Best Directories to list your site

So, now you have understood the value of listing your site to various directories.  Normally, webmasters list their website to popular website Google.  Yes, it is true that google is the right choice to list your website. There are also some other directories where you can list your domain and increase the chance of driving more traffic to your site.  The top websites to list your website to promote SEO is Yahoo and DMoz.  Yahoo is a popular site where you need to pay some dollars as fee for listing your site.  Yahoo also has laid some guidelines to the website owners.  That is, some one needs to review the information before listing in their site.  But, DMoz allows you to list your website at free of cost and without any guidelines.  So, you can simply log on to the DMoz website and start listing your website.

Effects of Listing your Website

The main concept and utility of listing your site is to create traffic to your website through backlinking.  We all know that link building is one of the effective offpage Search Engine Optimization of the website.  So, every backlink and hit that you get to your site from websites like Yahoo and DMoz will be an added advantage. Listing is a powerful Search Engine Optimization that can keep your website at the top of the search engines for long period. Of course, listing your website in many directories is one of the basic concepts of search engine optimization which is ignored by many webmasters.

There are many other search engine optimization techniques that need to be implemented in your site.  This includes the keyword concept, keyphrase added creative content, title tag, meta description etc. Even before you start implementing the other SEO techniques in your website you should first list your website in many directories.  Creating backlinks through these sites is an effective SEO technique that can elevate your search engine ranking.  The backlinks that you get through quality websites is sure to increase your ranking and drive more traffic to your site.


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