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Anchor text SEO optimization in 2017 is one of the most important SEO strategy which you need to do properly in order to rank higher in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines specially if you want to rank for a keyword in Google and get more traffic to your website or blog or get more sales via affiliate marketing or get new clients etc.

You must ensure that you are using anchor text best practices and variation because if you will not use correct anchor text SEO optimization practice then you will not be able to improve your website google ranking or might get Google penalty for the same.

I have seen many newbie bloggers who just blindly keep on building backlinks to your blog or website without using any anchor text variation and ask the silly questions like why is my site not ranking in GoogleBack were the days when you can build plenty of backlinks to your blog with the same anchor text and rank for the desired keyword in Google fast but now in 2017 it’s completely different and pretty dangerous if you are not using anchor text variation and optimization techniques.

So in this post I am going to share how to use anchor text in SEO ( 2017) optimization with best practices and variation.

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Anchor Text In SEO 2017 Best Practices, Optimization & Variation


Gone are the days when you could just pick your main money keyword build 10 to 15 backlinks to your post or article and rank for any keyword in Google very quickly but many spammer’s over used this techniques and forced Google to take a look at this practices and finally Google now has become lot strict in terms of manipulation of their rankings

So in 2017 if you are thinking to opt for any such sneeky ranking techniques then stop using it right now because your website or blog may loose all it’s current ranking or worst that it will be dropped from search results.

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Anchor text Over Optimization –  Avoid it

Many beginner bloggers and website owners generally are haunting for dofollow backlinks and when they find any opportunity then put their main keyword in the anchor text for backlink and they keep on doing this again and again but this is not the best practices as this will lead to over optimization of anchor tag.

Google will smell your intentions and sooner or later will penalize your website or blog for over optimization of anchor text. Google want’s natural backlinks and want to show their visitors the best possible result for the query they have typed in search box and for this they don’t care who you are or how famous blogger you are they will simply penalize you for not using the right SEO optimization practices.

Think about in this way suppose you are having a very good and highly useful blog which shares best SEO tips and tricks but you are not that much into link building and one of your competitor who has a rubbish and spammy blog with all rubbish content build 100 of backlinks with anchor text ” SEO tips and tricks” to his blog then will it be right for Google to rank your competitor blog in google or your! You will say I deserve the higher position in google.

Thus Google also wants the same to happen and don’t want any spammer to use this anchor text over optimization techniques to get good ranking in search results

Anchor text SEO Best Practices & Optimization 2017

So to avoid google penalty you must use best SEO practices and optimization techniques to make sure that you website or blog is safe now and in future. And for this you must use anchor text best practices and avoid over optimization. Below are few tips you need to use for anchor tag SEO optimizaton in 2017 and beyond.

1) Make sure that you are not using the same keyword more than once to build backlinks to your blog site. If you blog is really huge than 2 to 3 % is good to go but not more than that but if you blog is only having 20 to 30 post then don’t use your exact money keyword or main keyword as anchor text.

2) Include proper anchor text variation like brand names, prefix, suffix, modifiers, synonyms, extra relevant text to make sure that your backlink profile looks natural in eyes of Google and this is one of the safest and best practices specially if you thinking to be litter aggressive in building backlinks to your blog or website.

I have seen many blogger’s who are using this technique and are not getting penalized by Google but they make it look natural.

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3) Regular keep track of your backlinks and make sure that backlinks looks natural and don’t look artifical. There are various anchor text over optimization tool which you can use or you can also use ahref site explorer, Moz site explorer to keep analysis of your backlink profile.

4) If you find any keyword which is on high scale then you can simply contact the website owner to remove or change the anchor text for that particular link or you can simply use Google diavow tool to remove the unwanted backlinks to your blog or website.

I was having a friend whose blog got affected by negative SEO as he was unaware that somebody is doing negative SEO and building many  keyword rich anchor text backlinks to his blog since he was unable to protect his blog form negative SEO and lost all the ranking but thanks to Google disavow tool and now he has completely recovered from the penality.

5) You can use Google keyword planner or LSI keywords as anchor text to make sure that your blog is safe and Google will not think that they are unnatural So you will be safe. Pick relevant keyword phrase from Google keyword planner,by doing LSI keyword research, by finding long tail keywords.

This is one of the best practices which you can use in your link building strategies. Below pie chart will give you better idea on how to distribute your anchor text and build backlinks to your blog

As you can see from the above pie chart that primary keyword is used on 15% of the times and other are variations and this looks natural and Google will take this as natural backlink profile which will make sure that you will not get penalized for over optimization of anchor text.

So friend this was all about anchor text SEO best practice and optimizatin tips of 2017. I hope that liked this post and if So don’t forget to share and subscribe. Last but not the least do tell me your anchor text variation SEO strategy of 2017 and I will be glad to know your useful tips from you! Keep blogging


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