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Guest Blogging Guidelines & Rules are one of the most important things you must follow and obey in order to keep your blog safe from google penalty because Guest blogging was used by many link builders and spammers to manipulate search engine rankings and this Google really hates So Matt Cutts of Google web spam team said that if you are doing guest blogging for link building or to manipulate your rankings though building spammy links via guest blogging then your search engine rankings will get hurted

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And this really spread a flurry of worries among many bloggers and internet marketers whether to accept guest posts on their blog or not in fact at that time many bloggers stopped accepting guest posts on their blogs but later Matts cutts did gave a clarification about this that if you do or accept guest posts which are of high quality and relevant and at the same time useful to the readers and web users you don’t have to worry about accepting guest posting or doing guest blogging as far as you are not solely doing it to build links

So if you are worried and still have doubt whether to accept guest posts or not then I must say that you can accept guest post but follow all the below mentioned guest blogging guidelines and rules which will protect your blog from google penalty

Guest Blogging Guidelines & Rules For Bloggers



Below are the most important guest posting guidelines you must strictly follow in order to keep your blog safe from Google penalty and at the same time add value to your blog readers and make your blog more useful and relevant to both your visitors and search engines

1)  Quality Articles :

This is one of the main aspect which you need to make sure that it meets before you publish the guest posts on your blog because again Google loves quality content so if your guest posts is not up to the mark and of highest quality then you can simply reject the guest posts because you don’t want to ruin you all the hard work just for the sake a 1000 word articles but if you articles is of good quality then you can accept that guest posts and publish on your blog.

2) Detailed & Highly Researched Articles :

Apart from quality articles you must also make sure that the articles are detailed and highly researched articles which will definitely help your blog readers to learn new things and will definitely add value to your blog and what the bonus is that if the content is of top notch quality then surely it will get more shares and likes which is one of the Google ranking signals which will ultimately result in higher ranking of your blog posts in Google and other search engines and this will drastically increase your blog traffic

So the benefits are much more that you think of if the articles is of highest quality and highly researched and you must pay close attention to these before publishing guest posts on your blog.

3) Out Going Links :

Make sure that the guest blogger posts one or two links to other high quality articles on the web like Wikipedia and other top articles which adds more value to that blog content as well as help Google to determine what’s the article is all about and increase it’s relevancy and this will really help the guest post to rank high in Google

Apart from that you can allow the guest bloggers to post 1 link to his website or blog only via the author bio section of that articles and you can also allow the guest blogger to post links to his social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google plus.

4) Avoid Self Promotion :

If the guest bloggers is using guest posts to only promote his services and products then you can simply reject that because you blog is not for others to market their products and services in fact it’s to add value to your readers So make clear to them that don’t post affiliate links or products and services link in the content as this will lead to rejection of the article.

Self promotion for guest bloggers should be only reserved for author bio section only an this is one of the main guest blogging guidelines and rules you must follow why? because if you are accepting such guest posts on your blog which does not add value to your visitors in stead it is marketing the product and services of the guest blogger then your readers might very well get aware that this is paid post or sponsored post which is not really good thing to have So Make sure that you strictly abide by this guidelines and rules so that your readers stay happy and at the same time learn new things.

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5) Length of Articles :

You must be know that the average article length that ranks well in Google search engine results are approx 2000 words articles So if some guest poster send a guest post with only 500 words then that is not going to add much value neither it will rank higher in search results. Also many guest bloggers and link builders use this technique to build links to either to their websites or to their client sites So make sure that you set the words limit like minimum 800 words and maximum 2000 words and this is the guidelines and rules you must ask all the guest posters to follow if not then simply reject their application Because you don’t want your blog to be a place of low quality content with only 400 to 500 words articles.

6) Guest Post Format :

One of the best guidelines and rules to set here is ask the guest blogger to send the article via MS Word format which any attachment required such as author image which will make sure that your blog is safe and nobody except you have the rights to access your blog

Also you can format the post the way you like which includes heading, sub heading, alignment etc. But in case you at all need to give author accounts to your guest posters then make sure to set the rights for them so that they can only save the posts as drafts and don’t give them full access because you never know what they publish and this will also make sure that you are able to check the post in terms of quality guidelines and other parameters before the post goes live on your blog.

7)  Relevancy Of Articles :

Article relevancy is one of the most vital rules you must pay attention to because this is where matt cutts emphasized a lot So make sure that the articles which you accept on your blog is highly relevant to your niche for eg if you are in internet marketing niche then you can accept guest posts like SEO, Blogging Tips, Social media marketing, Affiliate marketing etc but not guest posts like how to build muscles or any other irrelevant guest posts which will drastically harm your blog reputation among your blog readers as well as this will effect your search engine rankings as well

So make sure that the guest bloggers is submitting relevant articles which will be beneficial for you blog as well as your readers

8) Images & Videos :

You must be knowing that how important is to have images or videos in your articles which makes it more appealing and rich media content which will surely increase it’s google ranking So if the guest bloggers has included images and videos in guest post then clearly ask them to post original images and videos or give appropriate credits to the sources so that you don’t get indulge in copyright issues in future

9) Guest Blogging Guidelines & Rules Page :

Last but not the least you must setup a separate page on your blog which mentions all the above mentioned guest blogging guidelines and rules which all the guest bloggers to your blog must strictly follow in order to get their guest posts accepted and published on your blog and this will also help you to save a lot of times and will clearly state what all things the guest bloggers must follow before submitting guest posts on your blog

Also clearly state that you own the complete copyright of the articles published on your blog and hold the right to remove or edit the content without any permission from guest author

Over To You :

So friends these were 9 Guest blogging guidelines and Rules which you must always check and make sure that it meets all the requirements mentioned by you so that you don’t get penalized by Google for spammy guest posting and at the same time build relationship among fellow bloggers and help your readers to learn new things from different perspective!

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