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Many beginner bloggers always ask me what are the SEO benefits of updating a blog regularly and how my blog is going to get benefited from it, well there are many SEO benefits and advantages of updating your blog regularly, How often do you update blog regularly, once in a week or once in a month no matter what is your posting frequency is but stick But for those who are just started blogging and want to take blogging as career then I would recommend that you must do one blog post daily which will significantly improve your blog rankings in search engines and will also yield you more readers for other 1 in a week is fine since we live in such a busy society that we have to look after everything apart from blogging So in this post I am going to share what are the benefits of doing regular blog updates for SEO

SEO Advantages Of Updating A Blog Regularly

Regular Blog Updates Benefits SEO

1) Search Engine Rankings –  This is the biggest SEO advantages of updating your blog regularly as search engines like Google love fresh content and they really love blogs which are frequently updated as compared to blogs which are updated once in a blue moon also your blog posts will get much higher rankings in search results as compared to other blogs  When you update your blog regularly search crawlers visits your site and index new pages and when you are doing it on regular basis you will see that blog rankings will creep up very quickly

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2) Google Ranking Factor – Regular updates and fresh content is one of the Google search engine ranking factors and it enable Google to decide where to rank the websites so by doing regular blog updates you are indicating Google that my blog is being frequently updated and it will be noticed by Google and other search engines which will ultimately result in good rankings in search engines

3)  SEO Benefits- From my personal experience I have seen that my blog post literally rank higher enough than blogs which are very old why? because I try to update my blog regularly with high quality content and Google loves it ( Let’s see where this posts ranks in search engines ) and I am sure it will be in top 10 So if you want your blog post to outrank your competitors then do update your blog daily

4) Solid Readership – Same like Google readers also love fresh and unique content to read and they will continue to visit your blog for regular updates and if you are not providing fresh content to your readers then they will find some other blog to read fresh content and the worst things to happen is they might become the loyal readers of your competitors, A good example here is if you go to the dvd shop and will find that there are no new movies or music dvd here so will you regular visit that shop or will find another shop will brings in latest collections of movies and music Similarly you readers might flew off in a minute so grab their attention by regularly updating your blog

5) Authority Tag –  If you do regular blog updates then your readers might take you as authority in your niche which will give you solid and loyal readership also Google loves authority websites which are expertise in particular niche and this will increase your chance to dominate your niche

6) Make money –  You will get more advertisers knocking your doors for advertisement deal if you update your blog regularly since advertisers see this whether the blog is updated frequently or it like once in a year kind of thing, A regularly updated blog get more advertising offers as compared to blog which are rarely updated also put yourself in the shoes of advertisers or sponsors will you pay any blog owner who’s blog is updated very rarely I am sure the answer is NO! I thing you got the point now

7) Indexing Rate-  Your blog post indexing rate will drastically improve if you do daily blog updates like in my case my blog posts get indexed within few seconds in search results and also it get good impressive rankings when you update your blog regularly it pings to search engine crawlers which in turn visit your blog to see and index your new and update content

8) More Subscribers-  If you daily update your blog then you will get more traffic from search engines which in turn will yield in more subscribers since the visitors will think that this blog is awesome and regularly updates with fresh and unique content why not subscribe to stay updated to get more info and this thinking of the visitors can earn your more subscribers in short amount of time

So friends these 8 SEO benefits of updating your blog regularly so try to do a blog post whenever you get the time and yes I know it bit tough but you will definitely see good results of regular blog updates , if you like this post please share and also don’t forget to subscribe to get more beginner blogging tips ! Keep Blogging


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