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Are you a author or writer and searching for the best blogging tips for authors then this is the post for you, authors are inventors of great things but what if these authors create their own blog and start blogging surly they will get more readers and larger audience and this can give more exposure to their blogs as well as highlight the personality of that particular author, authors are well known for publishing books, novel, poem and essays but if they can build their own blog then literally they can make more sales by selling their books or novels from their own blog

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So that now you know how authors can benefits of blogging its the time to see 8 best blogging tips for authors and I really want to emphasize why to start blogging for authors is that the benefits are huge in terms of gaining authorship in your topic and spreading your words to larger audience So without wasting much of your precious time lets see best blogging tips for authors

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8 Blogging Tips For Authors

1) Stick To Your Topic – You are a author already then you must be in a particular niche or topic so stick to that and become an authority in your topic, Don’t just pick the idea what other authors are blogging about they are in different niche and you specialization is different For example if you writing about love stories and what if you start publishing blog post on dog breeding isn’t that strange and your readers will not love that So why to ruin your readership

Tips – Blog about your expertise and experience not by copying others

2) Images – You must have heard of the phrase ” Images speak thousand word” indeed they do and according to research and case studies people tend to grab visual information more quickly as compared to written content Also another benefits of using images on your blog post is that you can drive lots of traffic from Pinterest ( A very popular Social media site ) where you readers can pin images into their boards and you can see some steady traffic flow in your blog stats

Tips-  Avoid copyright images instead use free stock photos on your blog

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3) Search Engine Optimization – Search engine optimization ( SEO) is used to increase your blog rankings in search engines and you can get lots of organic traffic to your blog and organic traffic has best conversion ratio as compared to other traffic sources

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4) Use Social Media – I am sure you must be using Facebook, twitter, Google plus with few other social networking sites to connect with your friends and it’s great we must stay in touch with our friends and loved ones but why can’t we use these big social networking sites to grow your blog readers and believe me there is not blogger in this planet who are not using these social media sites to get more readers, traffic and exposure

Tips –  Use big social networking sites to share your blog posts, send tweets about latest updates and of course making new friends and gaining more followers

5) Blog regularly – I am not saying to blog daily but you must at least publish 2 to 3 blog posts per week in fact 1 post will be Ok if you have very busy schedule but I would recommend 2 to 3 and Google loves blog which are frequently updated So your blog rankings will improve in Google and other search engines

Tips – Stick with the blogging frequency with with you are comfortable not matter it’s 2, 3 or 10 posts per week but make sure you are following them

6) Blogging Community – Connect with other bloggers in your niche and build relationship with fellow bloggers and their readers by doing guest posts or providing them free eBook or anything which their readers will like and you can get new readers to your blog, In Facebook and Google plus you can joining different groups and communities

Tips – Reach fellow bloggers and build good relationship with them

7) Professional Design – Do you think of painting your house once in a year why? you want to look good, neat and clean so why not your blog design as I told earlier that readers visualize the things which they see and if your blog design is cluttered will all the fancy widgets, gadgets and ads poping up very now and then

This will annoy your readers and as being authors you know the importance of readers, authors are worthless without good readers

Tips – So keep your blog design neat, simple and clean

8) Use Killer Headlines – You can take the examples of news headlines and magazines covers how they are crafting their headlines similarly write good blog post titles and include your keywords in the title because this will definitely improve your organic google CTR

Tips –  Never stuff post titles with keywords and make sure it sounds good while reading and clearly describes what your blog post is all about

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Over to you

So this was the 8 best blogging tips for authors, I tried my level best to give my best blogging tips to your guys, if you like this post please share with other authors in your circle and don’t forget to subscribe to get more such wonderful blogging tips and tricks


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