7 Ways to Secure your WordPress Blog from Hackers


Hi Guys. WordPress hackers are very active nowadays, SO, you should secure your wordpress blog from hackers. It’s difficult to be 100% safe, But you can do something to prevent hacking.

secure your wordpress blog

If you have a WordPress blog, you should absolutely take basic steps to secure it against hackers.

Follow the below tips to secure your wordpress blog.

#1 : Install Security Plugins

WordPress plugins can help you to secure your wordpress blog. There are plenty of good security WordPress plugins available. Here i listed of some plugins

  1. Wordfence Security
  2. BulletProof Security
  3. iThemes Security
  4. Acunetix WP Security

We suggest these plugins due to their good practices and eligibility to strengthen your website’s security. icon smile Little Known Ways to Secure your WordPress Blog from Hackers

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#2 : Delete the  “admin” username

“admin” is the default username when you created your wordpress blog. Most of the users forget to change it. So, It became very easy to hackers for guest the username. So, Delete the user account with the name “admin” , If your blog didn’t have one, you should change your username now to a difficult one to secure your wordpress blog

#3 : Use Strong Passwords

Password is the another thing which hackers can guess easily. Hackers have so many softwares to test your password easily.  So don’t use your real name or any other words in any language as your password. you should add Upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols in your password.

Every one will think that, Hackers can’t hack your blog by making their pet’s or relatives name  as password. But, Hackers can find those passwords easily. You can use this Password Generator to make killer and secure passwords.

#4 : Use Secured Hosting

Yeah! low quality of your Web hosting provider is another reason for wordpress hacking. If you are in a FREE hosting provider or a low quality hosting provider that didn’t have SSL certificates.

Your WordPress hosting provider should have these things,

  • Support for the latest PHP and MySQL versions
  • Account isolation
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Intrusion detecting system

#5 : Keep all WordPress Stuffs up-to-date

Every one say that WordPress is a secure platform. But, why hackers can easily hack wordpress blog easily. It is due to one reaseon. WordPress is not secure if you didn’t update wordpress in time. Hackers can  find loop holes in your site through outdated files, themes and plugins.

So, you should update WordPress version, All plugins, themes in time.

#6: Install Limit Login Attempts Plugin

Limit Login Attempts is the plugin i installed first on my blogs. It is very essential to secure your wordpress blog. This plugin will help you to limit the number of login attempts. So, hackers can’t hack your blog easily.

#7: Don’t use Nulled WordPress themes or plugins

This is another mistake every newbies do. They search for “premium theme free download” on Google and download nulled copies from some sites. Nulled theme or plugins contains scripts that contain malware. It will make your blog in danger. So, didn’t use any nulled themes and plugins.

Final Words

I hope this article will help you to secure your wordpress blog from hackers. You should follow these tips to make your wordpress blog secure. Also take backups every day. Cheers!



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